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by Sharné Heuvel, published 15.08.2019
Good dayDue to the fact that I don't have enough credits to contact people interested in this phenomenal company, I decided to create this business announcement.I am a proud independent affiliate with Karatbars International, a company helping people save their money in Gold and getting paid to do so.Karatbars International started in 2011 in Stuggart Germany and has grown to about 145 countries worldwide and we have over 800 000 affiliates with us. Continue reading →

by Philip Giocondi, published 18.07.2018
Are you frustrated trying to get people interested in your new business opportunity? Are most of the people you are speaking to in other MLM businesses or have been in one and are burnt out and do not want to hear another business pitch? Are you finding that most of the people you recruit are a business people simply looking for the next best company and there is no guarantee they wouldn't jump again to another one? Continue reading →

by Rosella Wise, published 14.08.2019
A True Ground floor OpportunityI never thought in my lifetime that I would be a part of a company that hasn't even launched yet let alone launch into 200 countries ALL AT ONCE and SOON!And yet here I am! The excitement is bubbling below the surface waiting in anticipation. It's like watching a baby taking it's first steps and as the parent you are over the moon and crying happy tears.Well, that's my team, crying happy tears because they know like me, that QuiAri is ready to hit the world. Continue reading →

by Tanya Detering, published 14.08.2019
I have been searching for something I could do from home while taking care of my 2 year old daughter at home. After searching for 2 and a half years, I came across a FREE workshop to watch, either a replay or a live session. Right after watching the workshop I asked myself: What do I have to loose? I only live life once, and when its over it is over. I asked myself do I have enough to provide for my family? Continue reading →

by Blake Litton, published 14.08.2019
Hello There!My name is Blake Litton and I was born, raised and currently reside in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. I am married and have 2 children, a son and a daughter. We also have 3 dogs, 2 guinea pigs and a fish, if you want to get technical, as they are just as part of the family as anything!I have been involved in network marketing for about 4 years now and if you really think about it, we all have been involved in network marketing throughout the course of our life, it’s just whether we are getting paid or not for promoting things we like. Continue reading →

by Chad Nicholls, published 14.08.2019
Hey everyone, my name is Chad Nicholls and this is my first announcement. I'm a passionate investor who is in constant need of more working capital. I don't have much of a background with work from home businesses that are MLM based and involve selling products or services. I'm not here promoting any products or sharing any links to external websites. This is not to say I won't share things privately, but from this public announcement I will simply state that I am here to give that which was given to me. Continue reading →

by Mikhail Ikpoma, published 14.08.2019
BUSINESS FOR LIFE (B4L) is one of the two viable structures initiated by SECODI; the other being multi-level Crowdfunding and reward system--See my announcement about SECODI.B4L enables Secodians to earn for life. The multi-level Crowdfunding and reward system that I wrote about in my last announcement has 6 stages per account and once the last stage is attained, the cycle is completed and wiped out except if you want to reapply for another account and start the whole process once again. Continue reading →

by Rockit N Rebel, published 14.08.2019
Hey, what is going on? I am down here in, shoot, I'm pretty close to Sun City, but we can call it Phoenix.I look at this, there's weather out here. It's freaking amazing, nice and warm. This is what I'm talking about. I don't think you need ice in any place but a cold drink. And I've been running around doing my thing with the truck today. And I had this load where it was cardboard, and the shipper did not secure the cardboard to the pallet effectively enough. Continue reading →

by Chantale Davis, published 14.08.2019
I am a consultant with Sipology by steeped tea. Sipology by steeped tea is a Canadian company dragon den approved. Yes they have two dragon on there side. Such a great story of strength and courage to start this company. On a journey to BC after a tragic event lead them earl gray de la creme the tea that started it all. This journey took them on a study of tea they went to Japan and learnt all they could before starting as small company. Continue reading →

From the desk of Robert Mandel Attention: Homeowners and those of whom have loads of Student Debt, You recently completed a purchase and put a mortgage on your new home. Or completed your schooling. Well done and congratulations. Owning your own home feels great doesn't it? Getting that degree or advanced degree is great. This is of what America was founded on. Hard work and completing a task. Continue reading →

by Tod Long, published 14.08.2019
Hello, I'm part of an organization that offers FREE membership. You can start your CBD business with zero out of pocket. You can market all the products and services and receive 20% on everything you sell from your provided website. You can build a downline all without ever having to pay for a product, pay a monthly fee, pay or to join.We have the most lucrative pay plan in the industry. In fact, a portion of it is copywritten. Continue reading →

by Grace Mathebula, published 14.08.2019
Hi guys my name is Grace. I would like to invite you to join NOVUS.You invest a minimum amount from R1700 then you earn 116 rand each week on Sunday.If you want to grow your income you can recruit but if you are not keen to do that you just invest and earn your income. If is important to 5ake note that the trading on the stock market can go bad and the company can ooose some trades. So that will affect payment Let us look onto the positive side and hope for the best. Continue reading →

by Dickson Elibe, published 14.08.2019
Max International present to you one it's breakthrough product in medical science called CELLGEVITY, The most advanced product by Max International. CELLGEVITY is a dietary supplement with active RIBOCEINE. It's main function is the production of GLUTATHIONE which is the world most effective anti oxidant that is produced naturally in the body. The many benefits of Glutathione in body are, Maintenance of energy production, Strengthens the body immune system, detoxify toxins in the liver and cells, protect against oxidative stress, Reduce cellular inflammation, Enhance sexual performance. Continue reading →

by Pamela Weir , published 14.08.2019
What does an ordinary debit card and Hi Tech have in common? The new RevvCard! You won't want to be left behind! rnetwork is focused on saving people more than they spend and paying Charter Members to help them do so.What is a RevvCard? A merger between a regular debit card accepted internationally and these Ai / Hi tech features; fingerprint security, GPS, Blue Tooth antennae, Mic, Touch Screen, and will store all your other bank account and store loyalty cards. Continue reading →

by Femi Oyebola, published 14.08.2019
IN A WORLD, where people struggle every day , in a rat race just to make ends meet, JamalifeHelpers Global(JHG) offers a way out of the drudgery. IN A WORLD where people are toobusy to listen to one another and yet yearning to be listened to, JAMALIFE provides just whatpeople need- listening ears, tremendously based of share value, understanding and caringhearts, and reliable companion in a happier walk to a better life. Continue reading →

by Pavel Rocas , published 14.08.2019
HelloA new company with a different concept was coming to the world called ibuumerang.The new concept help any people to save money on travel up to 70%Please take a few minutes to discover the unique powerful concept from ibuumerang.Tale a look to this interactive video motto is: you can make money when a customer saves money. It's totally free for the customer.No Limits on earnings! Continue reading →

by Joseph C. Tetteh, published 14.08.2019
Happy Charity Donation Global is a Charity organization established in the USA which is being operated in about 210 countries with the aim of helping the underprivileged.HOW DOES IT WORK?This program is a MLM that operates on a Single Leg Mode of Registration. This, basically means everyone who joins after you in any part of the world is under you or is your downline.HAPPY CHARITY EARNING CHARTWeek Total Downline Direct Expected Earnings ($) World Wide Referral Referral 1 20 1 1 102 40 1 2 203 100 1 3 404 200 1 4 805 400 1 5 1506 1000 1 6 2007 2000 1 7 5008 3000 1 8 7009 4000 1 9 1,50010 5000 1 10 2,80011 7500 1 11 3,50012 9000 1 12 4,00013 12000 1 13 6,00014 15000 1 14 8,50015 18000 1 15 10,00016 21000 1 16 12,00017 25000 1 17 20,00018 30000 1 18 30,000 Total $100,000Note: The total amount you receive from all the 18th stages is $100,000All you need to do is to introduce just one person in a week for you to qualify for your withdrawal every week. Continue reading →

by Barry Hake, published 14.08.2019
I once read a book called the Richest man in Babylon. It was so close to the truth it was almost unbelievable, It did much more than inspire changed my whole way of thinking about how I handled my finances, like Saving at least 10 per cent of everything you earn and not to confuse your necessary expenses with your desires. It’s simple to say, and I'm as guilty as the next person but most people never achieve a serious measure of wealth because they never seek it. Continue reading →

by Sunganani L Manjolo, published 14.08.2019
Here is what network marketing really is, the way I understand it and from my involvement in different companies over the years. It is not complicated. Really.1. The CompanySomeone somewhere starts a company which produces products or services. I will stick with products. Let's say a food supplement. It is a great product that is going to make your skin look as young as a 16 year old's and it is proven. Continue reading →

by Sunganani L Manjolo, published 14.08.2019
I have been involved several network marketing companies over the years and I have learned that success is something that remains elusive for many network marketers. Only in recent years have I began to see the success I have dreamed of and I want to share some things I have seen that have led to success.1. Define your “Why” Clearly However, I have learned to put this why on the back-burner and focus on something else: bringing value to people. Continue reading →

by Harikrishna Kundariya, published 14.08.2019
In today’s world, mobile phones have become a necessity rather than a luxury. These days, mobile phones have become mini pocket computers. People do their official work, play games, listen to music, and many more activities apart from calling and texting. This wave of mobile usage has led the companies to take their business to mobile phones in the form of mobile apps. Mobile app designing is a tricky subject. Continue reading →

by Glacia Matladi Mampane, published 14.08.2019
My name is Glacia Matladi Mampane, I'm 35 years old and a mother of two boys. I'm based in Pretoria, South Africa. My boys mean the world to me and I live to give them the best life possible. Unfortunately with the current economic conditions in our country that is really hard. I would need to work 3-5 jobs to cater to their basic needs. I'm sure you are saying it cannot be that bad? Well, it is not but the needs of my children are totally different from an average child. Continue reading →

by Randy Islar, published 04.03.2019
I’m a rep for Trumarts products & Trumarts cash back company called Trumarts , it’s the company to Trumarts! (We have access to all). What you would do is super simple! You simply share our products on social media. We help friends try the products & they will get our huge discount as customers only! And we help others who could use the extra money becomes reps like us! And I will help you learn & work your business! Continue reading →

by Randy Islar, published 11.07.2019
�� You GUYS Asked n I LISTENED ���‍♀️�‍♂️� !!!You Wanted Something � NEW � ... SOOO, I’m Dropping the �� HUGE �� News Soon � !!! .. I’m ONLY Letting 200 People in on This and Then I’m NEVER Posting about it Again � Because This is an 100% OFFLINE Business ‼️� Easiest Way to Make Money from Home �� No Recruiting Involved Whatsoever �� Make Money 100% OFFLINE ❤️� You DO NOT Need to be Online at ALL ‼️� THIS IS MIND BLOWING �� All the Work is Done for You �� BIG MONEY To be Made �✨✨ KEEP A LOOK OUT FOR IT ! Continue reading →

Test drive the company/business for 30 days - To make sure this Business will be a right fit for you, you are given a 30 day cooling off period like with all of our products we offer a 30 money back guarantee.Be involved in the Hair Industry worth around $58 billion - This is rapidly growing year after year. Predicted to rise over $70 billion in the next few years.Help people with their Hair Care issues - Thinning - Dry - Brittle - Hair-loss - Greasy - Thirsty - Flat - Dull - Mattered - Knotty - Frizzy - Undernourished - Over processed - Oily - Sun damaged - Heat damaged - Ageing - Menopausal - Stress - Postpartum - Over styling - Receding - Dandruff -Work from home on you phone, tablet or computer - Choose hours to suit you and your family. Continue reading →


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