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by Evgeniy Kleshchenko, published 22.08.2019
Investment gold bullion from 1 to 100 grams and gold coins of the highest standard - 999.9 - the best tool for saving and accumulating your capital. High liquidity of gold will allow you at any time to exchange it for any money, any country. Over time, gold does not lose its value and solvency. Investment gold is such a product, buying that you do not spend money, but change, fiat - for real, gold. Continue reading →

Hello, my name is Casper du Toit and I am the founder of LUNVA, a direct selling company specializing in vitamins and supplements. I have been in sales my whole working career. I never intended to get into sales. In fact, I wanted to become a hotshot attorney. Those of you who are old enough to remember the popular television series L.A. Law will know exactly what I mean. Well, as we all know, things don’t always work out the way we plan. Continue reading →

by Tina Smith, published 22.08.2019
The network marketing industry has been a revolving door for many, especially those that give up after they think they found the perfect product to be successful, but fail because they chose the wrong company behind it. Or it could be a great company, but only offering this or a few products alone can pigeonhole your opportunities.Here's a little secret....“Sometimes success comes when you open your mind, then pull back � RE-THINK and RE-AIM � to hit the right company experiencing massive momentum. Continue reading →

by Chuck Holmes, published 22.08.2019
Today, I want to talk about the 4 biggest challenges in network marketing, as I see it.Network marketing is a simple business, BUT it is not easy. If someone is telling you it’s easy, they’re probably trying to sell you a course, marketing system or affiliate product. Before you achieve lasting success in this industry, you will experience setbacks, disappointment and temporary defeat. As you succeed, you will continue to experience these things. Continue reading →

by Deon Christie, published 22.08.2019
True story and I was just as shocked. In fact at first I was hesitant to share these results because it may appear a little overboard. Struggling to increase a few hundred visitors per day, I was actually hoping for around 1000 visitors per day. But 2 – 3 weeks later when checking my Google Analytics.My blog traffic increased to as high as 7000 visitors per day! While I was just getting started with the best traffic tool I have ever used. Continue reading →

by Yvon Bourque, published 22.08.2019
HI TO ALLCloud Token is a free "Crypto Currency"financial Asset Management App for your smart phone. If you don't have a smartphone, you can't join Cloud Token. MY name is Yvon BourqueI recently came across a tech company who specializes in Intelligent Finance,Consumer Mining Arbitrage Trading, and Economy Payment Eco Systemsamong other things.Anyway, they also created a Crypto Currency SUPER e-walletto hold securely ALL your valuable crypto's people are accumulatingin various ways on the internet these days. Continue reading →

by Hans Elhauge, published 22.08.2019
We are a help organization that gives away money to real networking business.It will never cost you anything, but you will be helping lots of people, and in the process get loads of friends and leads.Please help by joining:Free networking, helping others.Want to know more?Well, it's as simple as we tell, join our group, and we will show you ways to earn money, at absolutely no cost to you, and at the same time, you support our goals. Continue reading →

by Erica Floyd, published 22.08.2019
Hey all! I'm excited to be able to reach out and offer you all the opportunity to join my team!Are you passionate about having a healthy home? I LOVE being able to help people make the change and have a healthy home!The first step in making your home a healthy one should be to eliminate as many toxic substances as possible, especially toxic chemicals in cleaning products. Household cleaning products are among the most toxic substances we encounter daily. Continue reading →

by Stefan Classen, published 22.08.2019
Hello, I'm Stefan,in March 2017 I got to know an incredible product, LAVYLITES!LAVYLITES has changed my life in a very short time! I got to know the products at a one-day seminar. The cell and its structure and function were discussed, and water is used as an information carrier. Each cell consists mainly of water, vibrates in its own frequency and the cells communicate with each other! As a communications engineer, I am very familiar with frequencies and vibrations. Continue reading →

by William Gomez, published 22.08.2019
How would you like to have access to unsecured lines of credit at 0% interest for a year and loans for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking to start or grow their businesses. Fundwise Capital is that company, they can be an option for you and your business. Their team are easy to work with, honest. You can see their online reviews. Over $150 million in funding have been secured for their clients to date. Continue reading →

ABOUT US⠀Our shop AT Golden sells gold of the highest 999.9!He in turn offers us participation in the bonus program ,which allows us to earn from 20.000€\ per month.⠀The company itself is registered and has been operating in the United Arab Emirates since 2012 .The store is interesting for people who want to buy gold at the best price and without VAT (VAT 18% in Russia, in Europe from 12 to 15%). Continue reading →

by Ibrahim Al-Musty, published 06.08.2019
Thinking outside the box you need confidence, patience to implement your potentials you need to get out of the square box of the nightmare "fear" . As a sophomore who isn't financially bouyant looking nooks and crannies for a bussiness that would explore without stress,A bussiness that doesn't require your presence and yet you still receive, why?cause it always engage you in setting up system ,A bussiness that conglomerate two of the best things every leaving soul desire and wish to acquire (i. Continue reading →

My company offers highly discounted travel, restaurantand grocery certificates to be used by your business to increase sales or use as employee incentives! If you have an online business, you can offer a certificate to the people who sign up at your website. If you work with a home party business, you can give a certificate to the host who books and keeps their party date. The certificates are a fantastic incentive for your hostess to entice more people to come to the party. Continue reading →

by Brenda Koenig, published 20.08.2019
Pawtree is a natural pet food company offering a unique product called Pawpairings. Made in the U.S.A by veterinarians and animal nutritionists. You don't eat the same foods everyday and neither should your pets. Shake up your pets mealtime with our variety of Pawpairings superfoods seasonings. No fillers, only ingredients you'd love to eat with 10 tasty seasonings available, freeze dried meat, poultry and fish and a proprietary product. Continue reading →

by Anna Dyachkova, published 19.08.2019
Dear Friends,I'm writing this article to share with you a unique opportunity to join elite business of gold and top-travelling. What do you get by joining my team? Strong online support from the very start and forever, real chance to earn up to 20 000 euros in reward for your efforts, access to top cruises program that will allow you to travel all over the world being on board of elite cruise liners. Continue reading →

by Marquis Staton, published 20.08.2019
Do you ever think about traveling to some of the most exotic places without the financial strain or pressure? Do you ever think about earning a full time income working part time? It is now possible to do both. Imagine traveling the world at affordable prices on your schedule. If this sounds too good to be true think again. I invite you to go to vacation sooner to see what life can be like for you and your family. Continue reading →

This is easily the most transparent BLOCKCHAIN Project I have ever seen. If you have an iPhone or Android device, you can be making money PASSIVELY from the Crypto markets.Whether it's a BULL market or BEAR market...ALL the trades are lucrative & visible directly from the app. This Crypto wallet trades for YOU & delivers profits you can WITHDRAW at any time.Over 800,000 members have joined over the last 3 months alone! Continue reading →

by Rockit N Rebel, published 21.08.2019
Hey, how's it going?The other day I was talking to a friend of mine and I was explaining to him how I'm going to get out of the trucking business.I like doing it. I just don't want to do it forever. And the thing is, I would really like to stop doing it before I don't like it.There are a lot of people out there that hate their jobs, and I think that's really tragic.If you're doing something that you hate, you should change as quickly as possible. Continue reading →

by Prakash Kunjeer, published 21.08.2019
Shocking facts about your money....Did you ever wonder why you are not rich?It is not all your fault.Since the great depression of 1932 and under the federal reserve banking system, the dollar has lost it’s purchasing power by 98%.But gold, once backed the US currency, has gone up by 4300%.To understand better, perhaps you can look at this way-A loaf of bread has gone up 1496%….A pound of Burger meat has gone up 569%…. Continue reading →

by Warren Contreras, published 21.08.2019
Stop and think about this statement and ponder if it rings true for you.Unfortunately for most inexperienced marketers, it is just the opposite and the results they get are closer to a molehill (or maybe even a gopher hole).The problem I have noticed is, too many people only run free ads that pitch the next big thing that seldom even get read, let along considered. Next time you post an ad for anything, ask yourself if you were in the shoes of the visitor what can you see that would get YOU to respond to this offer? Continue reading →

by Wale Jones, published 21.08.2019
Ten years ago, I had to change my diet due to health reasons. I came across the benefits of Hemp through a friend who is a practicing Rastafarian. To say I was deeply shocked about the benefits of this plant is an understatement. I started using Hemp oil with my food, eating the seeds for protein, making my own milk from the seeds. I had a hooded top, jeans, boxers, socks and even trainers all made from Hemp. Continue reading →

by Michael Connell, published 21.08.2019
Serious Inquires OnlyLooking for motivated people who understand the value and potential of networking marketing and team building. We have formed a group called Advance Yourself Platinum Club. Join our forward thinking group of successful professionals and mentors, and Accelerate Your Plan B with like-minded network marketing veterans. AYPC will meet both locally in the Boston area, as well as online with regular zoom meetings, so location is not a factor. Continue reading →

by Yevora Britt-Mosley, published 21.08.2019
Business opportunity!Work from home. Your choice getting paid by check or direct deposit. 1099 available. Highly rated by the Better Business Bureau. What we do is a necessity to you. Are you searching for something to become your own BOSS? I have a great opportunity for you to start. We all need and we all use energy daily who wouldn't want to save money on their bill. We all would love to save if we could. Continue reading →

Hi there, Hello everyone…I hope you are all doing fine…Let me introduce myself….Im Orlee, I’m 55 yrs old, a family man, a dedicated husband and a Father to 2 daughters and a son. Im originally from Philippines and now have been here since 2001 in the beautiful City of Brampton, Ontario .I’m working as a Telecom technician for the last 19 years and now I’m also a Digital Entrepreneur.I put up this page at so I can document my journey as a new online Business owner and also to motivate and educate people should they wish to start their own online business. Continue reading →

by Alvin Caulleechurn, published 21.08.2019
Once in a lifetime opportunity to get involved with a business in the pre-launch phase that just happens to be the 10th fastest growing company in the �� Over 30,000 active Ambassadors� Over $10 million in commissions paid� Over 1,700 Ambassadors to be recognized at the upcoming Vision 2019 event� Over 215,000 servings of proper nutrition to severely undernourished children� A community centre and playground renovated in Colombia that serves over 4,000 childrenAND WE ARE STILL �� IN �� PRELAUNCHThe CEO, Holton Buggs is a true icon in the world of Network Marketing. Continue reading →


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