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Back in 2013, I was at the lowest point in my life.My wife at the time divorced me out if the blue leaving me in a situation where I had to leave my two sons, ages 17 and 9, behind.It was the scariest time in my life as I was then going to have to start a whole new life.However, things got even more complicated when the divorce agreement I signed was a shared custody agreement, but the ex-wife wanted no overnights with my sons. Continue reading →

by Peter Roklur, published 20.04.2019
TIMING AND MASSIVE ACTION IS EVERYTHING!Have you ever wanted to be part of a Founding team for a new MLM model that is being launched around the globe without selling high priced products and services to friends and family? Let's face it, it's time to see the MLM industry change once and for all. This company and model that is being released is designed to address that things in the MLM industry that we hate and to make this business great! Continue reading →

by Robert Pugliese Jr, published 10.04.2019
I won't be trying to convince anyone to join any of my Businesses in this publication. In reality we are a website, dedicated to, and made for and by Online Businesses and Entrepreneurs. The world wide web is attracting more and more new people who are becoming First time entrepreneurs every day. Many of those people join an online business with dreams of getting rich, the quicker the better. Continue reading →

by Lynn Drewett, published 01.04.2019
Hi, Folks, I don't know if you can relate to this but for years I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to build a successful home based business, a place where I could actually make some money. Who would think it would be so hard to get one person or even two people to join what seemed a good business model. You name it, I've tried everything type of advertising under the sun including safe-lists, solo ads, classified ads, newspapers, ad-words and expensive social media sights. Continue reading →

The first and best network marketing and direct selling company in the world,Qnet,is changing lives and creating the greatest avenue in creating business opportunities for the employed youth in the world especially Africa. Qnet sells products online in the fields of nutrition,health and well-being,education,holidays,watches and jewellers,telecommunications,engine maintenance,personal care and beauty products and other variety of products. Continue reading →

by Slie Ndlovu, published 20.04.2019
I am silindile ndlovu i live at hluhluwe area in kwazulu natal south africa.Network marketing has changed my life for good.i started it last year i can now do and buy alot of things that i couldnt before. I now take my kids to better schools. Take trips everywhere around the world. Crypyocurrencies (bitcoin and leocoin) are the best.if you are a network marketer u need to hustle strong you need to bd a hard work most importantly you need to be a good listener. Continue reading →

by Ralph Kelly, published 20.04.2019
Don't miss the opportunity as I did. Act now and help yourself and others.Call it a mid-life crisis if you will. I'm 44, on my second and final marriage, and have 5 kids between the two marriages ranging in ages from 21 to 1. Oh yeah, I have a 2-year-old granddaughter as well. I've spent over 20 years in the cleaning industry from cleaning houses to offices, to public schools. I helped my mom start her cleaning business, moved to cleaning a Christian high school and church to eventually working for a public school system. Continue reading →

by Richard Mccurdy, published 20.04.2019
When a Door Closes a Window Opens! Well my friends I took the leap! I had previously joined a Company that sells CBD Oil and was getting ready to start marketing it. Before I get real serious I like to experience the product first. That way I can get passionate if the product is as good as they say. I joined the autoship because I could then maximize thier Pay Plan. Well I did not get to experience the products for 2 months. Continue reading →

by Pete Ade, published 20.04.2019
If you heard today that a storm is coming, how would you prepare yourself for it? Would you get an umbrella, stand in the open to wait for the storm to come or you would look for a solid shelter? Well, this is what I am going to day. I have been in storms before, and I know that an umbrella is certainly the worst thing to use during a storm, so to me, that option is totally out of question. Worst of all, it is uncertain yet, what kind of a storm it would be. Continue reading →

by Peron Browne, published 20.04.2019
You’re already taking the next step to embracing your greatness. This is the most Amazing Sharing Program that I have recently seen. Totally transparent - Totally honest.Check out the founders. They do not hide behind words like admin but presenting themselves in full. They are a group of top marketers. I feel very safe following them they know what they do. They call it the first 100% sharing company. Continue reading →

by Kate Wanschek, published 20.04.2019
Hello, my name is Kate Wanschek I am 62 years old business woman. I have dabbled a little in Network Marketing over the years, while raising six fantastic children but never found the product I was truly passionate about. I have now found that product! I have always believed in a more holistic approach to medicine and health. I don't like taking preion medication unless deemed absolutely necessary! Continue reading →

by Brandy Diehl, published 20.04.2019
Monat is an amazing company with an unmatched compensation plan in the MLM industry. The products are naturally based and are the only hair products on the market able to penetrate the hair follicle to heal the hair from the inside out. Silicone, sulfate, paraben, fragrance and dye free; Monat has an amazing ingredient profile. Ranked in the top 30 direct marketing companies only being 4.5 years oils there is room to grow in the industry. Continue reading →

by Sigei Erastus, published 20.04.2019 much I have trotted the net looking for a business worth idea is a wacky business I don't fancy anyone out there to do it again!About 2 years ago I was fired from my job and it was the worst feeling of my life.In the blink of an eye I went from “able” young energetic man who was a family breadwinner and on top of the world…to a broke church mouse who couldn’t leave my house. Continue reading →

Hi Attention Everybody, Just click my site below for complete information- This "VACATION" Opportunity pays you instantly to your PayPal account by providing you and your family with Massive discounts on Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment, PLUS some free gifts AND just added > NOT 2 Vacations a year!!! YOU get 2 Vacations every month!In the link, there are a few videos that explain the program. Copy and paste my SITE Here:: www. Continue reading →

by Monique McIntyre, published 20.04.2019
Travel is an 8 Trillion Dollar Industry �Recruiting is NOT required to make money partnering with me. It's truly a choice!��� I’m partnered with a 27 year veteran host travel agency (Inteletravel) and a 3 ½ year marketing company (PlanNet Marketing).Inteletravel has a stellar reputation in the industry and are the originators of the Work from Home travel agency! We pride ourselves on top notch training and excellent relationships with top travel suppliers in the industry. Continue reading →

by magnecia basani, published 20.04.2019
*Term Deposit*So money online investment has long and short-term investment services that obviously potentially generate income; let's dive in.*Long-term* > these are the shares that one can invest in, these are companies that offer shares to online marketers, it's the initial service that moi offers, these are recommendable because most of them start from as little as $3 with monthly, weekly or daily dividents, long term shares pay in three ways;1. Continue reading →

This is certainly the reason why most Marketers Remain broke.Most Marketers or those that come online to make money remain broke, not because there isn't enough money to be made in this industry, but simply because they are probably selfish, period.But, that is going to change, and I will tell you why and how.Many want to get it all, without giving. Worst of all, some come online, even without saying “hello”, they start pushing stuff to others (you) to buy. Continue reading →

If You thought You’d Missed Out on Bitcoin and other high valued Cryptos, you would be right, only, if you do not know about Markethive. Even, if you did miss out on bitcoin and other valued Cryptos, many did too, yet are very happy today and feel blessed to be in Markethive.. What may be separating you from others that also missed out is that, they are now busy making the loss up and beyond, with Markethive Coins, and what are you doing? Continue reading →

by Katharine Hemingway, published 20.04.2019
Please email for more information on this opportunityTo join my team please goto look forward to hearing from you about this opportunityAlso find me on Facebook katharine HemingwayThis is a amazing opportunity and with passion and drive you have no limits to what you can do we have amazing training from the like of Eric one of the most iconic names in network marketing. Continue reading →

by Samantha Anniee, published 20.04.2019
Want to earn legitimate income (passive income) from home use the link bellow's a new application like facebook and Whatsapp, and other social media but it is designed in a way that the users can earn by using it to chat, make free voice and video calls, play games, read news, and other interesting activities in it. You can also use it for networking bussiness. Continue reading →

by Samson Mayowa, published 20.04.2019
Are you looking for a PROFITABLE PRODUCTS BASE MLM?, If yes kindly join me in a 3month old new company in Nigeria. Our approach is to deploy a paid media adverts to get targeted business partners onboard and making it a stressfree method to recruit new business partners.In short, we help you build a TEAM under you without struggle. first come, first serve. WhatsAPP me via my contact +2349053511570WELCOME TO JC PREMIERE PRESENTATION. Continue reading →

by Dennis Young, published 20.04.2019
How would you like to participate in a global shift in health and wellness?Do you ever get that feeling that there has to more to life, even if it's good already?Are you tired of feeling powerless to make a difference in a way that is meaningful to you?Who I'm looking for:Compassionate, coachable, and driven dreamers who are ready to take action; and willing to do whatever it takes to live the life they desire. Continue reading →

by Mary Nkoane, published 20.04.2019
Building your own business online is not EASY, but it’s easier than having to work 9-5 every day. Everyone wants your money before you see anything they offer, it’s irritating…Now before I get started, I am going to walk you through in FULL detail on what the company offers, so you can make the right decision whether to join Wealthy Affiliate or not… START THE AFFILIATE MARKETING TRAINING/COURSE FOR FREE: CLICK HERE! Continue reading →

by Sean Aldridge, published 20.04.2019
With the understanding that we are facing another, global, financial meltdown and that Cryptocurrency/Precious Metals are nearing a bottom, I made up an easy Process for such an occasion. You would not use your money to start, you would need zero marketing chops, and it would self-finance itself over the course of 2 months. It, literally, could be started amongst a small group of friends. It's simple and fast. Continue reading →

by Alision Bellamy, published 20.04.2019
May is Tupperware's 71st Birthday month. We have some amazing offers just for hosting a party with me in May. I set the party up online via Facebook, You add your guest, I do all the work and you get all the rewards... Nothing could be easier. Message me to get on my calendar at (706)286-6254. Would you like to join my team? I can sign you up for that also. I have been with Tupperware for 14 months. Continue reading →


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