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by Thomas Tucker Jr., published 26.02.2021
Hello Everyone, First off i want to say a Great BIG thank you to Ivan Miric and his Team for creating this wonderful program that i know in time will help many people when they need it most and will help small local charities that are located around its member base. On to the program "BITCOIN ASCENSION" this is a very unique program in the fact that is it not MLM or any kind of forced matrix program. Continue reading →

by Nicole Herrera, published 01.03.2021
Hello! My name is Nicole Herrera and I am so thrilled to share my journey with you. I have always been goal driven and find myself seeking interactions with others with the drive, determination and willingness to be their best! I am a full time mom, wife and registered nurse at local elementary school. My kids are 14 and 19...yes... a college kid!I began my journey in Tupperware in May of 2020, thinking it would be a part time hobby since the pandemic had shut down schools and I needed something to do. Continue reading →

by Mike Bond, published 01.03.2021
Creating a real connection with people makes a big difference in your personal life and for your businessOur digital world and mass social media have taken away that personal touch. Each and every day we share and receive 100's of text and email messages. Many of those are never looked at or even opened. As a matter of fact, I am sure I delete more emails each day than I open and read. I am sure you do the same thing. Continue reading →

by Tiaan Nel, published 01.03.2021
You've probably seen some of the chatter about being paid to do basic tasks on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These are referred to as 'Social Media Jobs', and they are currently a very hot trend in the job market, but what exactly are they? How do people earn so much doing this?It's a very simple concept that can create a passive income for anyone that is willing to browse on social media for a few hours a week. Continue reading →

by Bob Schwartz, Jr., published 27.01.2021
Anything seen in print automatically carries with it a certain level of prestige and credibility. Here at Home Business Advertiser we are very aware that our readers view stories in a much different light than advertising. That’s why we are ALWAYS on the constant lookout for brand new success stories that we can bring forth to our readers so they can see that all of these opportunities that adorn the pages of our magazine really do produce true results. Continue reading →

by Jonathan De Ridder, published 01.03.2021
There has never been a better time to join Newage Ariix. I joined the company about eight months ago. I have never seen a company like this! The field leaders are willing to help anyone This company just does it deferent then any company that I have been with. There is a Bill of Rights. There is a rewards programs and so much more. The products are amazing. We are a house of brands. Find a product that you love and share it. Continue reading →

by Dr Oladimeji Afolabi, published 01.03.2021
Digital Coins - Cryptocurrency. A Leader In The Global Crypto Space The Place To Be Coinbase - Everything You Need to Know Choosing the perfect cryptocurrency platform should fit what you really need. Before signing up for any platform, learn the pros and cons of it. Ever stumbled upon Coinbase? Yes, it is the notable cryptocurrency exchange portal, wallet, and more. Want to know more? In this article, we will present Coinbase Review and everything you need to know! Continue reading →

Hello there,My name is Tracey and I run a business with Energetix magnetic jewellery and Wellness products.Energetix is a well established company in Europe and Scandanavia and has been running for 19 years. However, in the UK, we have less than 30 active business owners.It is £35 to join and that includes your first piece of jewellery. The company has all of the usual perks, like a car programme, holidays, incentives and annual training events. Continue reading →

by Michele Badders, published 24.02.2021
Hi, I'm Michele Badders and I'm an Independent Designer with Chalk Couture. Chalk Couture is still a very young company and many people aren't familiar with us. It is less than four years old. This means we are far from a saturation point! Chalk Couture is a private company and is debt-free. Chalk Couture gives you the ability to create beautiful home décor, custom tee shirts or other fabric items for your personal use, gifts, or to sell your finished projects. Continue reading →

by Caron Hallett, published 02.02.2021
Hi my name is Caron,I’m a Mum of one, work full-time & am an Ambassador for Jesper Nielsen Jewellery as well as a Sales Leader for AVON so you could say that I’m pretty busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.Jesper Nielsen is a former Co-founder of Pandora Central Western Europe, part of the Pandora Group. Jesper has recently launched his own stunning jewellery collection with ranges for Men, Women and Children which is currently available in 16 countries around the world & will next be launching in the USA on 15th February 2021 with more destinations to follow with the aim to be a successful Global company and a household name. Continue reading →

by Marie Follows, published 01.03.2021
If you are looking for a truly flexible earning opportunity with low cost start up, often free, high quality free training and the support of an award winning leader then look no further. Earn from the first £1, no minimum to sell. Theres 2 FREE deliveries per month (over £30) then just £1.50 on subsequent orders. Of course if you run the business digitally there are no charges to you, just commission! Continue reading →

by Carla Di Salvo, published 01.03.2021
Hello everyone,I am an independent consultant for Arbonne!! March 2021, will mark my 1st year anniversary starting my business with Arbonne. We have amazing skincare, body care, nutrition and makeup products.My new adventure started when I was invited to a presentation. I got hooked on these amazing products at my first trial. I fell in love with the creams and I got intrigued by their protein shakes. Continue reading →

by Jennifer Lee Biles, published 01.03.2021
do you love to make your self look and feel beautiful and like showing it off to the world ... well i got a business for you you can do that and make money at the same time with amazing benefitslooking for 10 amazing people to sell with me who loves to do their nails and show them off it is super easy to join and we have awesome graphic groups on Facebook if you follow me on there .free to join the amazing business40% commission which is more them most companynext day pay which is amazing they pay through paypal, zella, and cash app40 % off personal products ( you'll receive your own code) which you can easily use for samples , free gifts / prizes or ever for your own personal useno website fees which is amazing most businesses cost to keep your page openno monthly quota . Continue reading →

by Sheri Tufaro, published 01.03.2021
I love this companies mission statement. It's to Enhance the Lives of Those we Touch by Helping people Reach their Goals!! It has always been a goal of mine to find a company that I can join and be apart of that just makes sense.. I've found just that.. I'm a stay at home mom of 2 and had always wanted to work from home and help others do the same. When I came across this company I was sold right away. Continue reading →

by Tina Findleton, published 01.03.2021
Hi I am looking for new team business partner if you are interested please message me it’s a free opportunity so you have nothing to loose and everything to gain we have over 1000 products. Our favourite products are our fragrances for men and women as well as unisex fragrances that are inspired by designer fragrances but at a very affordable price to health and wellness to weight loss in the home products. Continue reading →

by Phyllis Dawkins, published 01.03.2021
Are you on a fixed income and want quality cellphone service ? Are you on SNAP or any other government assistant program? Lifeline is affordable cellphone service for people with low income. The prepaid plan is available nationwide and Lifeline is in 34 states you can also make money telling people about this great service Talk, Text, and Data each month plus free International Calling to Select Countries including Mexico, China Vietnam and China TruConnect Direct is that everyone wins. Continue reading →

by Kenneth Lee, published 24.02.2021
Hello Gateway members. I am announcing the launch of a NEW MLM company that is now in its pre-launch phase, and planning to go public on March 1st. This company has a product that I believe will make it one of the hottest MLM companies of the 21st century in very short order! I have been in contact with the founding members of the company, and they are competent and experienced. They have opened this pre-launch to select MLM pros and the people they refer to the program. Continue reading →

by Kate Stimpson, published 04.02.2021
Hi, my name is Kate, I am an Ambassador for Jesper Nielsen & I would like to share my opportunity with you.Jesper Nielsen is a hugely successful, but unconventional businessman. A former Co-founder of Pandora Central Western Europe, part of the Pandora group, he has launched his own brand new company selling high-quality jewellery & accessories online, currently in 16 countries around the world & launching in the USA in the next couple of weeks with a view to expand into many, many more countries. Continue reading →

by Jon Jamieson, published 12.02.2021
Calling all resident in ICELANDHave you ever wanted to know what it would be like to have joined an MLM at the beginning? Be a pioneer and helped to shape the way forward for future levels in the business?Now you can !!!!We launch our Iceland Retail Section at the end of this month and you will mark our 20th Country that we trade in. But we need a strong team ready for that launch and we need YOU now. Continue reading →

by Kimberly A Arnold, published 26.02.2021
Hi and Welcome my name is Kim Arnold, I am a Tastefully Simple Consultant/ Leader, I currently have 1 active and 1 TS perks Consultants under me. I love sharing and teaching my love of food and our delicious products. My passion with Tastefully Simple is its simplicity and how easy it is to provide flavorful signature seasonings that will enhance every meal. When I first had Tastefully Simple it was at a Tasting Home Party , I fell in love with Our Bountiful Beer Bread , and delicious dips, specifically,still my favorite Fiesta Seasoning Mix Dip,but it was not the only dip,oh so many dips and how crazy most of the recipes call for 2 items or less . Continue reading →

by Shawn Duncan, published 26.02.2021
Zyia Active is a company that provides activewear for everyone!! From size 0 to 24! Women, men, and children! The quality of their leggings, tanks, hoodies, joggers, and much more, are worth every penny! They are committed to giving back to the community and have several products that are eco-friendly to or environment. If you are going to spend your money with a company, make sure it is a company that gives back! Continue reading →

by Catia Farias, published 28.02.2021
Hi,My name is Catia, I am 36 years old , Portuguese living in UK for the last 6 years.I have a great business to show you, that you can earn a passive income from 1.4% on your investments. If you already have a crypto coin wallet (like bitcoin) be ready for this. I will send a YouTube link video with Portuguese guys explaining in English the business, watch it and then let me know if you want to be on this business. Continue reading →

ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!! ATTENTION!!HAVE I GOT YOUR ATTENTION!!!STOP AND READ THIS ANNOUNCEMENT!It Could Be The VERY Best This You Do TODAY!Have You Ever Heard Of ANYTHING As Crazy As Being Paid To Comment, Post, Like And Engage On Facebook?Like Really?!And I'm Being Deadly Serious With YOU!!Have You Ever Wanted To Learn How To Become A Master Of Facebook?Do You Scroll, Comment, Like And Share Online Each Day But Would Like To Get Paid For It? Continue reading →

Are you looking to make extra cash, a stay at home mom that's needing a boost of confidence while making money at the same time, or just need a change in your life and extra income no matter the reason I HAVE THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY!! You can work part time or full time depending on how much money you want to make!  ONLY $19.99  to join which includes your starter kit (we also offer other starter kits at different prices) 50% off products, 50% commission just starting out you can work your way up to an additional 25% which is a total of 75% commission, free website, free training, no inventory needed, no monthly quotas! Continue reading →

by Vijay Kumar, published 28.02.2021
A Beginner's Guide to Successful Email Marketing was designed to teach someone who's looking to learn how to send profitable emails the exact steps and strategies that are working right now in my business. Whether you're looking to build your own email list or take someone else's list online, I aim to show you exactly what you should be doing in order to achieve success so that you don't have to make the same mistakes I did on your list. Continue reading →

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