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by Kelly-Ann Cassidy, published 20.04.2021
Hello, my name is Kelly and I’m the founder of Simple Digital a young company still yet to earn its stripes. My background is NZ born, Maori with 3 sisters and a brother. Currently living in Melbourne moved here in 2007 with my ex partner and my two beautiful angels Kaleb and Maia. Worked as a Commercial Agent for CityLink for about 3 years went through a messy break-up left my job and changed to warehousing. Continue reading →

by Bryony King, published 20.04.2021
Hi everyone, My name is Bryony and I am new to MLM Gateway. I have recently set up my own Virtual Assistant business back in November 2020. To increase the services I offer I have become an independent travel agent with Inteletravel. Are you looking for a full time income, part time income, side hustle or new career? This travel business opportunity is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a different income stream. Continue reading →

by Elaina Mcdonald, published 20.04.2016
I don't have... ...enough money to get something to eat ...enough time to spend with your family ...the money to pay my cellphone bill, can I make arrangementsI used to say, I don't have to whatever it was that I didn't have, but wanted... Sometimes we have to do something different in order to start saying ... Yes, I can afford... Yes, I can afford to buy my food and yours today Yes, I can afford to go to Disney World (cause I wantto go with my daughter & her family when they go) Yes, I can afford to pay all my bill lsNow I saying Yes to getting whatever I wantAre you ready to Stop Saying No and ready to say YES more? Continue reading →

by Vanessa Wilson, published 19.04.2021
Hello, my name is Vanessa and I work from home. I get to spend time with my kids while making money on Facebook. I get paid to sell products that I love. It's so easy and you can do it too. How much time do you spend on Facebook? You can get paid to party on Facebook in your spare time. Its so easy to make money while doing what you do every day anyways. If you enjoy what you do, you will never workk a day in your lifre. Continue reading →

by Regina F, published 19.04.2021
Want to learn tips on manifesting the life you’ve always wanted? Wealth building, best practices.... Join the Facebook group Wealth Manifestation 2021 Join us as we share tips and techniques to encourage growth.what kind of growth you ask? Well the answer is different depending on who you ask.  Entrepreneurial growth and personal growth have been the most successful in helping people create the life they want because it requires just unlearning bad habits and relearning new ones. Continue reading →

by Dana Banks, published 19.04.2021
Travel is a billion dollar industry. During the pandemic, my travel business continued to profit. Be your own boss, travel the World and assist others as they embark in the travel industry. Very minimal fee to join a team of winners and a company that will provide all the tools necessary for success. If you are committed and serious about growing a business and reaching incredible success, now is the time! Continue reading →

by Harold S Mccorkle, published 19.04.2021
Promoting your business is one of the most important activities for any business. It may not pay dividends immediately but if you are running a business that does not get enough market exposure your business will not be able to survive for long. Therefore, if you want to promote your business and make sure that it gets the best possible chance of survival then you should follow the tips given below. Continue reading →

by Harold S Mccorkle, published 19.04.2021
If you have been reading "How to be a Winner", then I believe you must have already found out about the benefits of winning. But have you ever asked yourself, how is it that some people become winners in their lives? This question is still in your mind, so I will try my best to answer it for you. Being a winner has been described differently by different people. So I will give you an outline on how to become a winner in your online business. Continue reading →

by Zanele Mngomezulu, published 19.04.2021
My name is Zanele Mngomezulu originally from a small dusty village in the Free State called Mamafubedu. I’m currently residing in Pretoria the Capital City of South Africa. I’m an independant, present single mother of a 2 year old baby boy. I met Herbalife back in 2015 and my reasons were that I wanted to supplement my income and also the position I was holding at my previous employer had become redundant and the company was following a retrenchment process. Continue reading →

by Tom Block, published 19.04.2021
What do you want to change about your life? When you check out HBA, you will be in the right place. I know that sounds incredibly cliche, but it’s true. I don’t know what exact pain or struggle that you have in your life right now that made you look for an online income. Maybe you need more money. Maybe you have little to no time with your children. Maybe you hate your job. Maybe you have massive debt piling up and can’t see how you’ll ever possibly pay it. Continue reading →

by Marcia Harris, published 19.04.2021
Searching for the perfect opportunity to enjoy your life, be free of the corporate world and not only make a profit, but have fun?  Come join me in my Style Dots jewelry business!Style Dots is a unique jewelry line that offers top quality products and exclusive designs at affordable prices. The premise is foundation jewelry pieces with patented recessed settings that our "dots" "snap" into.  You can change the dots as often as you want by using our patented dot-key to remove them. Continue reading →

I love helping people and every business opportunity that I get into is all about helping people. That is the main reason when I say what Viv did, I just had to join as a consultant. When I am not promoting my online businesses then I am either spending time with family, camping, fishing, cooking, baking or grilling. I am involved in is called VIV which comes from Latin the mean translates to "life; alive; lively. Continue reading →

by Lisa Herron, published 18.04.2021
I am Lisa Herron a former HR Executive. A pretty thankless position but when you sincerely love to help people, it doesn't matter. My favorite part of my job was employee relations which I was limited with what I could and could not do.I could not fix the salary of those deserving more.I could not fix the bad attitudes and unfair treatment coming from managers and/or supervisors.And I surely could not fix the layoffs & terminations. Continue reading →

by Joshua L Johnson, published 18.04.2021
What is SMU? You will just have to find out for yourself. lol What this is about is an AWESOME business that you can use to help your business get more leads organically. There is more then 1 way to make real money too being apart of this business! The president of the company is also really caring and a GREAT guy! I have been following him for along time in every business he has built. This one is the best though! Continue reading →

BRIEF INTRODUCTION ABOUT THE APPLE REVOLUTION:THE APPLE REVOLUTION is the careful conceptual output of its CEO, KENNEDY Fai. He has always had passionate for western fruit cultivation in sub Saharan Africa to reduce the huge cost of especially apple and other fruits importation from the west thereby boosting the GDP of these various countries by creating jobs for the citizens.THE APPLE REVOLUTION has been existing for about nine years but thanks to globalization which helped us to be known now worldwide for our enormous results in the field of apple cultivation. Continue reading →

by Romano Smit, published 18.04.2021
*Gameas is a crypto manager.they are one of the best when it comes to the financial profitability market.they a great team of traders in cryptocurrencies,forex, harbitratoin and multi-market.They have a team of developers and managers with experience of more than 10 years to offer you security and unbelievable results.when you become a investor at Gameas prepare yourself for the high valuation that crypto have had so far and is still very close to what is to come. Continue reading →

how to generate fresh leads for year online business How to generate leads for year online business seems to be a secret only the big dogs are willing to share. There is a right way to do it and a wrong way. In this article I will reveal one of the secrets that will set you apart from the pack and make sure that your leads convert into sales. It is the most important piece of information that I can share with you. Continue reading →

by Keith Brewer, published 18.04.2021
Hello Everyone,For this product launch, we are looking for leaders and anyone who wants to add another stream of income to their portfolio. This is a proven company that has everything that you want in an opportunity. The owner and the advisory team members all have decades worth of leadership and industry experience. Presentations and weekly trainings are in place. It is a global opportunity. It is affordable for anyone to get started. Continue reading →

Hello Everyone,The home based business I belong to is a Wellness Company with a focus on eco-friendly, organic products. They are selling over 400 products ranging from household cleaners to skin care, from Vitamins and weight-loss supplements to energy drinks and more.Our mission is enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals. Those goals vary from person to person, but often require added resources, whether it’s time, money, or Health, to be achieved. Continue reading →

Building your email list is important to developing your online business. You need to build a list of people who are interested in what you're promoting. There are a lot of different ways you can accomplish this. It's important to remember that there are two parts to building your email list. The first part is to get your subscribers to opt in to your list. The second part is to get them to click the links within your newsletter or email to make a purchase or sign up for your offer. Continue reading →

by Yves Noumedem, published 18.04.2021
OPPORTUNITÉ À NE PAS RATER ️️ PLAN D'INVESTISSEMENT PETRONPAY ️️Inscription dans le pétroleDurabilitéInvestissez 25 $Recevez 0,38 $ par jourRecevez 1,9 $ par semaineRecevez 7,6 $ par moisRendement total = 75 $Atteindre 300%Investissez 50 $Recevez 0,75 $ par jourRecevez 3,75 $ par semaineRecevez 15 $ par moisRendement total = 150 $Atteindre la limite de 300%Investissez 99 $Recevez 1,49 $ par jourRecevez 7,45 $ par semaineRecevez 29,8 $ par moisRendement total = 298 $Atteindre la limite de 300%Investissez 249 $ Recevez 3,74 $ par jourRecevez 18,7 $ par semaineRecevez 74,8 $ par moisRendement total = 747 $Atteindre la limite de 300%Investissez 499 $ Recevez 7,49 $ par jourRecevez 37,45 $ par semRecevez 149,8 $ par moisRendement total = 1498 $Atteindre la limite de 300%Investissez 999 $ Recevez 14,99 $ par jourRecevez 74,95 $ par semRecevez 299,8 $ par moisRendement total = 2997 $Atteindre la limite de 300%Investissez 1999 $ Recevez 29,99 $ par jourRecevez 149,95 $ par semRecevez 599,8 $ par moisRendement total = 5997 $Atteindre la limite de 300%Investissez 4999 $ Recevez 74,99 $ par jourRecevez 374,95 $ par semRecevez 1499,8 $ par moisRendement total = 14997 $Atteindre la limite de 300%RETRAIT MINIMUM 25 $FRAIS DE RETRAIT 10%IL PEUT PRENDRE JUSQU'À 24 HEURES POUR ATTEINDRE VOTRE PORTEFEUILLEInscription https://petronpay. Continue reading →

In today’s scenario, technology is involved in our life some way or the other. Whether you are working in your office or sitting in a restaurant, technology plays an important role. An excellent example is your mobile phone. Yes, you heard it right. With the help of your phone, you get connected with your friends and family. Apart from this, the apps which are present are present on your mobile phone make your life easier. Continue reading →

by Brian Garvey, published 26.01.2021
Manifest FX using AI technology not 1 losing day in 15 months while trailing the software's a truly first class company that I spoke about recently it is totally new like when Google and Amazon when they started I believe this is a similar company that is earning money like the banks do. It is totally flying now. HERE IS THE OFFICIAL MANIFEST PROMOTION EXTENSION OVERVIEW: http://reveal.paid2live. Continue reading →

How To Get over a 3000+ channel TV on your Android phone or Tablet as well as your TV using an Amazon 4 K Fire stick!Plus movies, films, sports also etc.Learn how this concept can work for you to be able to get these channels on a 48 hour free trial first..Learn all about our amazing refer a friend system. More information about that can be found here if youJust Take A Look!So to be able to be apart of this learning process, once an interest has been shown and after taking the new free 48 hour trial you will more than likely want to become a paid member within the platform on offer, insofar as we are now a private members referral club with certain rules involved that in itself obviously those particular rules need to be followed to enable all concerned understand just how all this idea works! Continue reading →

by Jeff Bjune, published 15.12.2020
Rat Race DemiseAre you tired of the rat race?  People wake up early to get into their jobs they hate.  I hear people complain all the time about their jobs.  They complain about not making enough money.  They complain about the hours, their boss, and the work load. The sad fact is they don't do anything to change their situation.  You've Been DupedWe go through life duped thinking we have to get a degree. Continue reading →

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