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Hello, thank you for reading my business announcement, if you read on and you think this is something you would like to do, please contact me on the links at the bottom of the announcement. My business in called The Power of Reading, my aim is to get as many books as i can into the hands of children and young adults. I would love you to join our team and help me achieve this aim to children in your local area and beyond. Continue reading →

by Claire Dolan, published 28.07.2020
IXglobal provides you with the opportunity to reinvent yourself.What are you looking to change in your life:Better your financial situation Make more money Better relationships Sense of belonging to something bigger than you? Ixglobal can help you with all of these things and more. We are a self development platform with content aimed at improving all of the above aspect of life.If you are looking to change your financial future we can help you to do this. Continue reading →

by Omoise Kenneth , published 28.07.2020
Hello everyone Do you know in few months time the price of 1ethereum is going to sky rock to more than $300. So this might be the only time we have to accumulate as many as we can now before it's too late. For those who cant buy alot now and stock up that's why we have smart contract platforms. One of them we have and am into is the lionshare smart contract.With the help of lionshare smart contract you can accumulate as much ethereum as you can within a short period of time. Continue reading →

by Patrice Gregory, published 28.07.2020
I have been apart of MLM on and off for several years. I joined numerous companies and found myself frustrated when I experienced little to no success. The key to success in MLM is the power of duplication. I found myself under a successful upline; however, they didn't have a system in place for me to experience the same level of success.I have had more success in my first 30 days with my current company, than my previous years in MLM. Continue reading →

by Andre Tribolet, published 08.07.2020
Carnival offers the Future Cruise Vacation Program, which allows passengers to book a new cruise in the two weeks after departure. The confirmed booking business offers a 50 percent down payment, also excluding the cost of the ship, the cruise line and any additional fees for the first two days of booking. Passengers who opt for a confirmed Conf booking will receive a $50 discount on their next cruise, up to a maximum of $1,000, depending on loyalty level and line. Continue reading →

by Elizabeth Jackson , published 28.07.2020
Ibuumerang We are currently running a campaign started on the 23rd July till the 31st July at 19h00 in the evening: African expansion – Zoom meeting ID: 567 615 5284 All countries are welcome. Ibuumerang is a Technology based company which consists of travel and a rideshare company called Vibe Rides, which is currently operating in Florida, Houston & Texas. Vibe Rides will be launching soon in the UK and various other states/cities. Continue reading →

by Kelsie Games, published 28.07.2020
Free Sample Packs Available Plant Based Weight Loss Coffee ️ , Cocoa Or Capsules For Energy, Focus And Appetite Suppressant..Detox Tea For Relaxing And Detoxing In Your Sleep..Sleep CBD For Sleeping And Insomnia..Just Pay $4.87 For Shipping! No Catch! No Obligations!Please Message Me For More Information Or Click Here! I'd love to send you a free sample of my coffee to try! Continue reading →

by Nadege Kanah, published 28.07.2020
Hi All, my name is Nadege Kanah and I am new here. I’d love to connect and grow my new business in making new partnerships.I started my journey with Herbalife international this year in April and it has been amazing! The products are great for any fitness and wellness lover.I wanted a chance at a better future to be able to help my family and grow my success as well help others to achieve their goals. Continue reading →

by Yosmany Martinez Acuña, published 28.07.2020
Trustinvesting es una compañía cuyos líderes son Fabiano Lorite de Lima (Director de Marketing), Diego Chaves CEO de la empresa y Claudio Barbosa(Directo de tecnología). Trustinvesting es una oportunidad que surgió hace poco más de un año y que se dedica a la gestión con criptomonedas más específicamente el bitcoin. Sus líderes son fácil de contactar pues se muestran en todos lugares, no solo ellos sino sus familias también. Continue reading →

by Ghar Cheung, published 28.07.2020
Everyone is now turning into a computer genius this pandemic has help other people to find a different way of earning money, it will never be the same again for a long time!Hospitality are hit very hard same as holidays and airline that have been around for 100 of years has now disappear like that even shops and branded one are finding it difficult to see the future forward.This is a very hard time for everyone never seen anything like this in my life time truly feel sorry for the boy's and Girls and students that is working on their last year at school or college or University it must be so difficult for them not seeing there friends and not be able to celebrate their Graduations or not to be able to go to the proms. Continue reading →

by Heike Wheatly, published 28.07.2020
With my essential oils business opportunity you will earn residual income in a way you never expected. By joining our team you will have access to unlimited FREE education and support. Help others by showing them the benefits of essential oils. We stand out because our products are safe, natural and effective. We offer education and support around the clock to our members and customers. I joined this company because I was looking for more natural health solutions. Continue reading →

by Ronald Mutai, published 23.07.2020
Crowd1 is a network marketing Company, it’s a year old and we are more than 7.250.000 members worldwide Crowd1 offers many ways to earn, a lot of different bonus and most important is the binary model.rowd1 the thing you just got to chop your Euros and do I say come join me for just 99 euros and get financial freedom .In Crowd1 you earn 36 euros for every refferal you makes once you have 2 people one on the left and other on the right. Continue reading →

by Donna Williams , published 28.07.2020
Hi, my name is Donna and I am an Independent Representative for PlanNet Marketing. Have you got spare time? Are you interested in making additional income alongside what you already do? If you like to travel why don’t you consider owning your own home-based online travel business as an Independent Travel Advisor? I promote and sell a product (travel) as a rep that allows anyone to become and Independent Travel Agent (ITA) and own your own online travel business. Continue reading →

by David Thomas, published 28.07.2020
It is rare that something this good comes to the market, where you have the opportunity to join whilst it is in pre-launch! It has taken over 18-months to get to this point and you really do not want to miss out. So, what is this opportunity that has everyone so excited? Simply put this is a platform that has made available specialised online courses and unique services that utilises a massive 3x10 matrix. Continue reading →

by Ettiene Booysen, published 28.07.2020
Good day My name is Ettiene and Im involved in a business that is changing lives daily. This business has been running for almost a year now and is hitting the online business by storm. There a various options when choosing to join the business. Let me go through a couple of highlights about the business. is transparency, honesty and respect to all members.And there are various options when getting involved in the business either through the training academy to learn more about online trading. Continue reading →

by Brenda Matsibi , published 28.07.2020
Hello everyone my name is Brenda I'm from Polokwane, and I’m a network marketer, and we all know that since this pandemic started it hasn’t been easy for everyone, it is a crisis that we are all facing, people are losing jobs everyday things are getting worse and worse the future is not promised at the moment. While jobs are being lost there’s still hope, the only thing that will rescue us in this whole pandemic crisis is by joining a network marketing business. Continue reading →

by Jose Miguel Bermúdez , published 28.07.2020
Crowd1 #NadaEsImposibleCAPITÁN - Empezaste la carrera y has tomado una buena desicionCOORDINADOR - Eres ejemplo e inspiras a tu equipoMANAGER - Estás en el rango dónde los *INGRESOS* te animan a ser *PERMANENTE* y el negocio yá no es un juego para tí. *SE DEFINE TU CHEQUE, O SUBE Ó SE CAE.*DIRECTOR - Tu negocio yá está en PILOTO, ganas en AUTOMÁTICO, has alcanzado *ESTABILIDAD*. Te estás capitalizando*PRESIDENTE - *ESTABILIDAD ECONOMICA* vaya que has ascendido en tu carrera. Continue reading →

by Talicia Evans, published 28.07.2020
Earn while you learn! Have you ever heard of crytptocurrency? We’re you interested but didn’t know how or where to start? Well with Auto BTC builder you can invest In bitcoin with just a one time payment of $55 and make unlimited income! Get entered into a two by two matrix and make sure your two people get two people of their own. Once you reach six people in total you’ll start making money! Continue reading →

by Erryn Mcgrath, published 28.07.2020
Whether you need extra income to pay off debts, bills, that home remodel, or whatever else it may be. With Style Dots we have the flexibility to work our business how and when we want to. You can work online, offline, or both. Work it Full time or Part time whatever fits into your lifestyle the best for YOU!We have a unique patented interchangeable jewelry that you can change in a snap. Style Dots is Cadmium, Nickel, and Lead Free with a deep silver or gold finish. Continue reading →

by Marlon Cole, published 28.07.2020
The human body has to fight pathogens, cancer and other diseases on a daily basis. But, did you know that there is a Cancer Assassin within your body? This Fighting machine when properly fueled and tuned up is the number 1 defence against autoimmune diseases, inflammatory conditions and pathogenic agents.Our company is the leader in Transferceutical Science and our Flagship Product line directly supports the Internal Sniper that Assassinates Cancer Cells. Continue reading →

by Robyn Garris, published 28.07.2020
Hello! My name is Robyn and I have two main online businesses that pay my bills. I am a wife, a mom, and a full time dispatcher. I wasn't making enough to cover my bills at home, so I tried MANY Direct Sales online businesses. The following two are amazing, and they were the perfect fit for me. These two businesses, which I do in spare time and minutes per day, pay my cell phone bill, my car payment, and ALL of my utility bills! Continue reading →

by Kayla Neely, published 28.07.2020
First I would like to tell you all my WHY for joining this company. I am a Army Wife and Mother of 3 children. My oldest was born with multiple disabilities. She just turned 11 years old and she is nonverbal. The fact that my daughter is unable to speak is a burden on her because she has no way to express herself to me. She is also mentally delayed, has intellectual disabilities and is Autistic so she's unable to learn ASL. Continue reading →

by Prakash Kunjeer, published 28.07.2020
You are likely to be overwhelmed by new opportunities every day. So why Stuff My Inbox (SMI) is unique? Believe me, it is. It is for anyone wanting to earn money online. As a matter of fact, this ought to be your lead into your team to collect leads and earn money quickly. In one click, the SMI system automatically does everything all from its main page. It will get you leads and earn commissions.Start Stuffing Your Inbox Now! Continue reading →

by Bruce Martin, published 28.07.2020
Hello My Friend'sIt’s never been more important than it is today to protect ourselves...and I’m not talking about wearing a mask...I’m talking about protecting our very identity. Long before the current events of covid started effecting our world...there was a horrific threat that effects every human being on the planet. A threat to steal from of our most valuable assets and that is our personal information. Continue reading →

by Emmanuel Onen, published 28.07.2020
FITPRENEURSHIP OPPORTUNITY BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN TIMEWORK FROM HOMEHELP PEOPLEGROWN AN ONLINE BUSINESSUSING JUST YOUR CELLPHONE OR LAPTOPGET YOUR NUTRITION IN CHECK AND EARN WHILE DOING ITFITPRENEURSHIP - Our unique branding for when fitness meets good nutrition and getting your financial goals in check. Powered by Herbalife Nutrition. Herbalife Nutrition is the current NYSE listed No.1 Nutrition Company in the World. Continue reading →

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