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by Rockit N Rebel, published 08.10.2019
Chicken Little is at it again.Only this time, the sky isn't falling. The Earth is burning to a crisp!By some estimates, the ocean could rise 3 feet every hundred years for the next few centuries!Hold the phone.3 feet per century? And this is a global catastrophe of Biblical proportions?The end of life on Earth as we know it?Hardly.Whatever happens, we'll muddle through.There have been several such calamities (that never happened) in my lifetime already. Continue reading →

by Amy Burcham, published 08.10.2019
Get started for free!! Not just for a limited time, but whenever you're ready! Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life, I have been trying program after program for years only to keep hitting dead end SCAMS or more money needed to continue the programs that I didn't have!I was actually working on a program when I closed the page by accident and was unable to locate site. I went on Google search on a mission to find it, what I found was priceless! Continue reading →

by Einar Reitan, published 08.10.2019
What if you could sell a very easy-to-sell product only once to each customer - and at the same time you KNOW that this will give you a daily very interesting passive income for the rest of your life!?This truly is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to join from the "first day" a revenue and corporate concept where you also can become a shareholder and co-owner of the holding company behind it all! A company that will go on the stock exchange within a short time! Continue reading →

Hello Entrepreneurs,UpCrowdMe has over 4800 members in the first month. This wonderful opportunity is just in the beginning stage. The real growth has not even begun yet! As we move into October, we have released our new Pinterest Software. This software will be a gamechanger. Even the biggest newbie should get ten clicks per day. That is 300 clicks per month on the UpCrowdMe page. That should be at least a sign up a day. Continue reading →

EEK! This offer is just to good to be true! But it is true, TODAY until Midnight October 13th, you can join the Jordan Essentials Family for just $79.00! That is $20.00 off the regular starter kit. This is the perfect answer for those that are looking for Healthier Products for a Healthier Life.How many companies do you know that will provide you a Started Kit, valued at over $300.00 when you join, and also provide you the opportunity to earn more products FREE in your first 100 days valued at hundreds of dollars. Continue reading →

by Marc Drouinaud, published 08.10.2019
Reason 1: Not Understanding the Needs of The Target Audience According a survey conducted by Design hill, it was found that 42% of startups fail due to the online business owner not doing enough research to find out what their market wants. One of the best ways to understand what your market wants is to go on a search engine and read some articles pertaining to what your market wants. For example, if you are selling weight loss products, you should go on a search engine and look up the "Pains" of your market and the keywords that will trigger them to buy your product. Continue reading →

by Ricky Pleasant, published 08.10.2019
Hello my name Ricky most people call me Rick, I would like to talk about this life-changing opportunity that we were blessed to join and learn about called IM Mastery Academy, I and my wife heard about this opportunity from a close friend, he ask us have we ever heard of Forex? We said yes but don't you have to have money to participate in it. He said no, things have changed!!! We were skeptical at first, but we trusted him because he has always been a stand-up kind of person. Continue reading →

by Jacob Irvin, published 08.10.2019
IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO GET IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR OF A GROWING COMPANY, LOOK NO FURTHER.WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT?WITH A 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE ON ALL PRODUCTS AND THE BUSINESS, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN!!!REVITALU is redefining the way direct sales are done, with the revolutionary SAMPLE FIRST approach to selling. There's no pressure to sell to your friends, family, or every neighbor you can find. Continue reading →

by Suzanne and Carl LaFlamme, published 08.10.2019
Hi, we're Carl and Suzanne LaFlamme. We've been Shaklee distributors for over 25 years.When looking for a business to build a stream of passive residual income we wantedto find a company with a proven track record. One that would pay us for the rest of our life. After all, we thought what's the point of building a business to create passive income if the company is going to be around to pay it? Continue reading →

by Kayla Pugh, published 08.10.2019
Are you tired of the same mlm pay plans that make you spend money on joining fees, outrageous product packs, and you cant seem to keep up because you get busy doing life? Join me in my exciting journey with a new growing company for absolutely free! It will always be free to join. We just launched and products are flying off the shelves with all natural, anti-aging properties and can replace your energy drinks. Continue reading →

by Jim Johnston, published 08.10.2019
Residual income. What is it? In layman’s terms it means that you have a re-occurring, consistent inflow of money that comes to you on a regular scheduled basis – it’s going to be there every month (for example) and you can count on it. What can you do with a residual income? Let me answer that with a question. How different would your life be if you had an established residual income? You see – it’s different for everyone. Continue reading →

by Giovanni Lefaivre, published 08.10.2019
I) the companyThe P2S Travel Private Travel Club is an international company (based and registered in Murrieta, California - USA) offering several services to travel cheaply and earn money. The private travel club P2S Travel has developed for 6 years mainly in the USA and Canada, before gradually opening up to a hundred countries including France in November 2018.Ii) the opportunityThe first service offered by the private travel club P2S Travel to travel less expensive, is an online booking site, reserved for customers and members of the private travel club P2S Travel, and offering far cheaper rates than the sites of Online booking called "public", like Expedia, Booking, Hotels. Continue reading →

This offer is now FREE! The same offer but I am making it free! Please visit to see all the available certificates we offer. Look them over and decide which one you would like for FREE! Do not purchase the certificate off of the web site. Contact me here on MLM and please provide your name and email address. I will then send your own personal link of the certificate you chose. Continue reading →

by Carolus Magnus Konou, published 21.10.2018
VIRTUAL CURRENCY INTERNATIONAL NETWORK (VCI) company was founded in January 2018, with the objective of developing a global commercial network in the field of virtual currencies and traditional assets based on different markets (financial markets and the online gaming market)Eugene ROSENMEIER and Vladimir GALABOV are the founders.Uwe Reym and André Kampfer are the co-founder, they are all present on FB and visible to all! Continue reading →

by Icc Publications, published 07.10.2019
ICC Publishing ICC Publishing's mission is to assist writers or would be writers uncover the inner novelist in themselves. Based on the seminar "Developing your first novel" by Tasha Lewis author of Searching for the Perfect Place. Link Everyone has a story about their personal or professional life. How this story is told is the question. Continue reading →

by Casonia Smith-king, published 07.10.2019
Mia Bella’s Premium Scented Gourmet Candles are manufactured in United Sates by Scent-Sations, Inc.Mia Bella’s candles are clean burning, highly scented candles that come in a long list of fragrances. In the beginning, Mia Bella’s candles were made from soy. But since then, Scent-Sations, Inc. has created a proprietary natural wax blend made from Palm Wax. This proprietary natural wax blend was created to allow the fragrance to be evenly dispersed throughout the wax so that you get the same incredible sent from the time you start to burn your candle till it has burned to completion. Continue reading →

by Memory Chimunhu, published 07.10.2019
Karatbars is going to be listed in the following stock exchanges. This is too big1. Frankfurt Stock Exchange ��2. London Stock Exchange ��3. New York Stock Exchange ��4. Johannesburg Stock Exchange ��5. Singapore & Hong Kong �� ��What will happen to the value of the coin?They will obviously skyrocket and those who secured the coins by buying *PACKAGES* will sell their kcb coins high and make their millions. Continue reading →

Why collect salary 12 times a year when you can be paid 4 times a month. Yes, it is very possible to earn every weekend. Permit me to introduce you to a business model that pays weekly, “Longrich bioscience“. Longrich bioscience is a company that that started 33 years ago in Asia. It has branches in Africa, USA and some other parts of the world. Longrich manufactures over 2000 products which comprises of skin care products, health supplements, daily cosmetics like toothpaste, soap bodywash, shampoo etc and household equipments. Continue reading →

by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong, published 07.10.2019
HANDLING OBJECTIONS IN YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS.have you gotten to the end of your presentation with a full conviction that your prospect is going to sign up instantly, and suddenly the person starts coming up with objections??Has that happened to you before?If it hasn't happened to you, I have faced it countless times.There was a day that my prospect completed the registration form with his details, just to make payment, he started coming up with objections. Continue reading →

What is This WONDERFUL Crypto App? It is Cloud Token? (CTO)Cloud Token is not just a crypto wallet. It’s your GATEWAY TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM!Cloud Token is a decentralized mobile electronic wallet dedicated for storing our cryptocurrencies. But that's not all. The intelligent Cloud Token wallet is also connected to a trading bot (AI Jarvis bot), which carries out automatic trading and arbitrage transactions on various cryptocurrency exchanges and generates us income daily and is added to our balance daily. Continue reading →

by Adeola Dominic, published 07.10.2019
Hello,Hi,my name is Adeola Dominic.I live in the uk,I’m a wife and a mom .I love my family with my the whole my heart and can do anything to keep us happy .I have so much love for fashion , love meeting new people.You can call me the networking babe lol.Two months ago a lady reached out to me telling me about how can make some extra cash whiles on maternity leave and that if possible I do so well in the business,I might not even go back to work and to be honest I really don’t like my job. Continue reading →

by Qaim Khan, published 07.10.2019
Do you understand that right now you are in the drivers seat of how much money you can be making. Any other time you would probably have problems building a team and getting others to join your cause, but not now! Not Anymore! You see, our Pay it Forward team build at : works for any and everyone because all you doing is giving away free Lifetime memberships with a free credit banner ad pack that cost $1. Continue reading →

by Dr Chester Coston, published 07.10.2019
Hello, If you would like to earn between 500-1500 per week copy and pasting ads from the comfort of your home then you should click on the link to watch the Presentation and here is a video of one of our members who is showing you what is possible with this system this is just a sample of what is possible with hard workThere are 4 Different membership OptionsBronze for 100 DollarsSilver for 200 DollarsGold for 300 DollarsPlatinum for 500 DollarsIf you choose to become a Platinum Member you can resell all of the lower memberships . Continue reading →

by Harald Halsch, published 07.10.2019
In the last 6 years I did some different online businesses. Unfortunately most of them are no longer running today. Whether intent or not, no one can say it. But I never gave up and a few weeks ago I got to know a new business. It's not something that's not there yet but the way it's run is unlike any other business. For this I only need about 10 minutes a day. And everyone can really start here because it is possible with only 1 package – and every package costs 1 USD. Continue reading →

Is your weight leaving you frustrated? Have you been struggling with loosing weight? Feeling run down, no energy, and have lots of health problems? Have you tried diets upon diets and hit the gyms, or perhaps your health is causing you not to be able to hit the gym? If you are answering yes, I may have what you need! With the holidays coming we need all the help we can get! It's called Truvision this stuff is a miracle let me tell you! Continue reading →


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