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by Ignatius Ahula, published 23.08.2019
Tarhe Business Ventures is a new business enterprise located at 22 mechanic village of Makurdi in Benue that is designed for community health services, general merchandise and general contracts. It is also engaged in agribusinesses such as poultry, piggery and fish farming etc. It is run by a competent management team headed by a CEO who is a well trained and knowledgeable in healthcare issues, marketing, management and administration. Continue reading →

Every level of education has its significance. No matter if it is an elementary school or high school education, each level is extremely important for the overall growth and well being of an individual. In this article, we would be discussing the significance of visiting top schools in one’s life. School is that institution that prepares an individual for the future, prepares him or her for facing the real world. Continue reading →

by Serena Pawluk, published 23.08.2019
Are you looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity? Look no further! Provide LegalShield as a solution to solve legal problems for families, individuals, businesses, & entrepreneurs. Promote as a solo associate, or lead /create your own team. The flexibility of our business model means however you choose to market, you define your business opportunity. You determine how little or how much time you want to dedicate to your business. Continue reading →

Passive Income is money you earn that does not require you to trade your time for money as you would while working 8 hour days in exchange for $12 per hour. There are many advantages to having a steady income you don't have to work to earn. The following are just a few: A passive income allows you the time freedom to pursue your hobbies and interests,you can spend time with your loved ones doing the things that you enjoy, you have freedom from long commutes to and from work, and freedom from stress caused by workplace politics and the fear of being terminated. Continue reading →

Hello ,my name is Gilles Langlais ,i am semi retired. After 30 years of loyal services to the same international enterprise, start to work as a technician growing up the level to finally reached the position of sale and operation director for 2 branch simultaneously, the enterprise get involve in a major acquisition and a year later they THANK'S me showing the door with s small legal package to legally get rid of me. Continue reading →

by Chrissy Sylvester, published 23.08.2019
Scout & Cellar was formed in 2017 by a lawyer turned sommelier. We have been thriving ever since! Clean Crafted wine is about small batch wineries who hand pick their harvest and refuse to use chemicals or pesticides in their fields. No sugar or other agents are added to the wine like mass produced wine. Each varietal is just that, a varietal all their own.Sarah goes to each winery and vetts out each winery. Continue reading →

Email me since I can not reply to any messages I’m so very sorry to everyone that has tried to message me and I couldn’t answer!!! So email me at trying to get everyone started on there journey to either start another job and make up to 2,000 or more a week instead of that 9-5 job BORING reach out to me and I will get you started on your weight loss or that other job you wished you had. Continue reading →

by David Williams, published 23.08.2019
Why Bother With Gold Or Karatbars?Somebody asked me this today and I quickly thought…. That is an incredible title during the current week's bulletin…We have to possess gold, not should… need! On the off chance that you can manage the cost of ounces and kilos at $1200 or $39,000 a go that is incredible.In the event that you can't, prefer the other 99% of the populace, Karatbars is the answer for owning physical in your grasp 999. Continue reading →

by Nicole Brunette , published 23.08.2019
Want to be healthy and happy AND make an income?!?My names Nicole and I want you to join my team!Let’s chat for a sec about what’s in your cup!Let’s compare shall we Mine provides me with:-Clean long lasting energy (because kids take all of mine By 9AM)-No jitters (because mama don’t got time for that)-Enhanced mental clarity (because well, kids suck my brain from me too)-Oh, and let’s not forget this refreshing and satisfying drink also provides me with: �-Hunger and sugar craving control and probiotics with healthy maintenance for my glucose levels (because I used to be a slave to sugars, snacks are my favorite and hypoglycemia ain’t got nothing on me anymore). Continue reading →

by Linda J Parsons, published 23.08.2019
Dreaming of Owning a BankOh MYGoodness when you joinwith this company you will owna piece of a bank. You canearn moneywhen people swipe theircard. How much will you earn? You will also be able to save fromover thousands of places and stores. How much can you save?People are saving thosuands of dollars when buying a car. Howmuch will you save? You will have multiple streams of incomewith one business. Continue reading →

by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong, published 23.08.2019
Do you know that if you able to build a pipe line that supplies 3 leads to you every day you can be recruiting 2 people constantly every week??The secret to recruiting constantly is by having a constant lead flow.There are different ways of generating leads online but in today's training, I'll be introducing you to one of the simplest yet effective methods of lead generation. Many networkers are using consciously while others are using it unconsciously. Continue reading →

by Tasha Lewis, published 23.08.2019
The ICC Group By Tasha Lewis The ICC Group, (ICC, ICC Group, International Connections Consulting) began as an educational advising company in 1994. We have provided counsel to individuals locally and internationally. Our focus is on empowering them to be their best self or organization or both. We know firsthand how important it is to have access to critical and timely resources that help us reach our short and long term goals. Continue reading →

by Johnny D. Little, published 23.08.2019
Weight Management COFFEE ☕️ / Core Nutrition / HEALTH / WEALTH / TIME FREEDOMLadies and Gentlemen, We have a Family culture atmosphere here at VALENTUS ...Absolutely incredible growth since JAN / $8.2M finishing JUL19 / Currently Up $750K from JUL mid AUG19 / Company Hit $125M in its first 60 months 20JUL19 / 5 year mark and the future looks extremely Bright / Featured as the number one MLM Company In Growth 2018Company / Products / Vision / Leadership with a compensation plan second to none in the industry today . Continue reading →

by Phil Schaefer, published 23.08.2019
You were in the Right Place at the Right Time ... We say Great Location, or LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION when deciding on where to set up shop. However we often refern to Timing as Perfect ... PERFECT!!I share this because You are in the Right Place at the Right Time, and IF you Take Action IT will be a great thing.LifeWave* STEM-CELL Patches have just been launched to the world from this 15 year old company. Continue reading →

by Charlene Gee, published 23.08.2019
The best lead generation system on the market is here now, and waiting for you to join. Not only can you get leads by making your own lead capture pages, and more, you'll have follow up emails sent to all your new prospects immediately following sign up into your business. The best part about this system is the lead follow up emails in my opinion, so you never have to worry about what to write to get your prospects to join you. Continue reading →

Hi,We are Farmers Insurance, providing multiple services insurance for you and your client. We are looking for a business partners to work together. Worker Compensation, Life, Health, Home, business, commercial insurance, many more package all in one at low price.Please give me an opportunity to expressed our special promotion services with Farmers where is a strong reliable insured business can protect you and your clients. Continue reading →

by David Williams, published 22.08.2019
I have chosen to give a voice to the numerous partners out there who work with Karatbars on an everyday premise. Simply conventional individuals who spare in gold and help other people do likewise. In the event that you are searching for a Karatbars Leader who will keep you educated and who is in the business for the long haul, I recommend me 100%.In the same way as other individuals, I buckled down for my significant other and youngsters yet I needed to invest more energy getting a charge out of life instead of working the 9-5! Continue reading →

by William Frick, published 22.08.2019
There are many products that promote relief that just don’t work. Some of the side effects are not worth the risk. CTFO has formulated, tested and launched what we call “Natures Miracle”. 10xPURE™-GOLD SUPER 1000mg is specially formulated for extra strength relief. CTFO leads the future of CBD botanical science with our patented 10xPURE™ oil process and is enriched with CBDa. It has a proprietary blend of full spectrum cannabinoids. Continue reading →

by Carol Medina, published 22.08.2019
I came across this product because I love coffee and I need to lose weight. What an opportunity for me to do both, feel healthy & make extra money! I love the coffee! I'm already losing weight and feeling better. I just started doing the opportunity on the side because I believe in the product. It actually works. I think this is a good opportunity for someone who would like to make extra income or make it their full time income. Continue reading →

by Casper Du Toit, published 22.08.2019
Hello, my name is Casper du Toit and I am the founder of LUNVA, a direct selling company that specializes in natural vitamins and dietary supplements. I am super excited to give you a brief overview of the business opportunity we have on offer. First of all, it’s FREE to join. We don’t believe in charging you money for you to join our program just so you can help us grow. Vitamins and supplements are a billion dollar industry. Continue reading →

by Evgeniy Kleshchenko, published 22.08.2019
Investment gold bullion from 1 to 100 grams and gold coins of the highest standard - 999.9 - the best tool for saving and accumulating your capital. High liquidity of gold will allow you at any time to exchange it for any money, any country. Over time, gold does not lose its value and solvency. Investment gold is such a product, buying that you do not spend money, but change, fiat - for real, gold. Continue reading →

Hello, my name is Casper du Toit and I am the founder of LUNVA, a direct selling company specializing in vitamins and supplements. I have been in sales my whole working career. I never intended to get into sales. In fact, I wanted to become a hotshot attorney. Those of you who are old enough to remember the popular television series L.A. Law will know exactly what I mean. Well, as we all know, things don’t always work out the way we plan. Continue reading →

by Tina Smith, published 22.08.2019
The network marketing industry has been a revolving door for many, especially those that give up after they think they found the perfect product to be successful, but fail because they chose the wrong company behind it. Or it could be a great company, but only offering this or a few products alone can pigeonhole your opportunities.Here's a little secret....“Sometimes success comes when you open your mind, then pull back � RE-THINK and RE-AIM � to hit the right company experiencing massive momentum. Continue reading →

by Christopher Cherilus, published 22.08.2019
I work as a division manager for a very large Finance/asset management company on the NYSE. We help businesses, corporations, and individuals with many areas of finance, we are going through a major expansion in the Orlando area. We are looking for people that are willing to be trained and developed to work with us part-time/posifull-time. Our part-timers make an average 1500-2000 in a monthly basis by working 4 to 6 hours a week or are you looking for a way to own your own business. Continue reading →

by Chuck Holmes, published 22.08.2019
Today, I want to talk about the 4 biggest challenges in network marketing, as I see it.Network marketing is a simple business, BUT it is not easy. If someone is telling you it’s easy, they’re probably trying to sell you a course, marketing system or affiliate product. Before you achieve lasting success in this industry, you will experience setbacks, disappointment and temporary defeat. As you succeed, you will continue to experience these things. Continue reading →


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