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by Darlington Chinyadza, published 23.08.2021
Network marketing is a self driven business when you do not work it does not work its as simple as that . There are also flaws in the system as well, especially training we receive from those already established in the business. Hype is good and bad at the same as it gives the wrong impression that network marketing is easy and new recruits often go in blinded by the hype which to me is a pitfall to the business and rather unnecessary. Continue reading →

by Lisa Cidela, published 23.08.2021
My name is Lisa, I'm an Independent Business Owners with Life Activated. I’ve worked many different direct marketing companies throughout the years but when a friend introduced me to Life Activated Brands I knew this was the MLM company that I was going to stay with due to the numerous benefits.Some of the benefits include: getting my health on tract, being able to help other people get their health and well-being under control along with having all the training we need at our finger tips, knowing that our products go through numerous testing's and more . Continue reading →

by Alex Galli, published 23.08.2021
Hello My Fellow Awesome Entrepreneurs,I Hope This Finds You All Well!There's So Many People Going Through Hard Times Financially Right Now, To Include Me and Mine, That's Why I Went On A Search To Find An OpportunityTo Make Some Extra Money, But I Didn't Want To Join A Company That I Had ToBuy Expensive Products Every Month That I Really Didn't Need and Could Live With Out Let Alone Probably Not Be Able To Afford To Buy The Products Every Month and Having It Become More Of A Financial Burden On Me and I Certainly Did Not Want To Promote A Company andProducts That Others May Find A Burden To Buy Every Month. Continue reading →

For many years I joined several MLM businesses, but I didn`t have the results I was looking for. I made some money from time to time, but I never could quit my job.  So after some time, I was almost a passive member. Then I went more and more online to look for a way to build my MLM business online. I attended online seminars, webinars,  courses... everything I came across that I thought could be the solution to success with my network marketing business. Continue reading →

by Raymond Ebbeler, published 23.08.2021
Been there done that...and still no closed sales??? Then this may be the opportunity that you have been looking for: catch the the wave...Lightwave that is...We are in one-hundred countries and have over 80 patents. The company has been in existence for 15 years promoting their flagship product X-39...and rightly so.X-39 is the NEXT WAVE IN HEALTH AND WEALTHNESSabout...BY using stealth technology, the stem cell controversy is about using therapy that is invasive, toxic, and not always 100 percent successful. Continue reading →

by Amanda Savino, published 23.08.2021
Let's talk about POMIFERA! This opportunity was presented to me June 2020, 3 months after I had lost my bartending job due to the nationwide lockdowns. As a mother to two little girls, I was terrified of what the future would hold but little did I know that losing my bartending job (that I already hated) WAS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE!I started using this line of skincare products and was incredibly amazed at the results it had given my skin after years and years of trying just about every single product in grocery stores, Ulta, and Sephora. Continue reading →

by Tia-Lionie Cassidy, published 23.08.2021
I am 24 years old, I have been trading in the foreign exchange market for 4 months and it has changed my life. I've always wanted financial freedom and this has been the best investment I have ever made. I saw a friend of mine making money and minutes through this opportunity and I immediately joined no questions asked and I am not looking back. I'm searching for like-minded people with the same mindset to get the most out of life, come and learn a new skill that will set you up for life. Continue reading →

by Nardya Febina, published 23.08.2021
Looking for people who are genuinly interested in being apart of the biggest blockchain platform worldwide. Offering a generous rewards program, with 3 times the rewards on any purchased rewards pack.HYPERFUND- is a rewards program,were you purchase a rewards pack and benifit by tripling on those rewards.With help- to join you must sign up on the free account from your referers link.Then you would create a binance or coinspot account. Continue reading →

by Marlena Burton, published 23.08.2021
Would it be okay if you could lay a firm foundation for a 6 figure income from the comfort of your home or phone?Our Full Time Freedom team is ready to help more people lay a firm foundation for Freedom. You see I earned 5 figures in a relatively short time, keeping my business super simple. We blew the company up by just sending people to a website.This week, I was talking to a friend and I said "people seem to be trying to figure out what works and I refuse to complicate a simple system. Continue reading →

by Melissa Nelson, published 23.08.2021
Imagine this: everyone has been cooped up in their homes for 18 months, a day out for some has been going to the Supermarket or around the block for their allowed exercise.More and more people are being vaccinated, Countries are unlocking, people are feeling safer, and now some Countries are being given the Green Light to travel!People are booking travel, other people will be booking travel. You can get 60% off of your own travel and member only trips! Continue reading →

by Hassoun Biggs, published 23.08.2021
Hello looking to change the future outcome then CTFO is it. CTFO is a nutritional and wellness company that offer the best top quality products and business opportunities to consumers and business minded people break into a new healthier lifestyle and stop your financial struggles today for free. Some of our best-selling products range from our CBDa relief cream to our 10xpure coffee as well as immune building essentials and NON CBD products even CBD products for your beloved pet's CTFO offers anyone to join FREE and receive a ten percent discount within your first ten days of joining the company. Continue reading →

You've probably heard this many times before from many networkers who are creating results in the space.That being "the fortune is in the follow up"And of course they're not lying. But why is this such a true statement?Well let's say that you introduce someone to a business opportunity and they say no.People will typically take that as the concrete answer and move on to the next person. Continue reading →

Lookout Builderall 5.0 is coming with so many improved and new tools.You CanRegister here and join the $20,000 launch giveaway.There are so many tools included including the superfast cheetah website builder, an all-new powerfull email autoresponder. You also get custom emails included for any domain you have.You can get a dedicated server to host your WordPress sites.Also included are a powerfull chatbot tool, web site bot and webinar tool to design and host your own webinars. Continue reading →

by Mulyawan Sukarmo P, published 23.08.2021
Hello leaders!Let me introduce myself, my name is Mulyawan Sukarmo P from Indonesia. If you haven't known about my country Indonesia, it is located in South East Asia right on the equatorial line with only two season and more than 250+ million people live in. It's huge! We are welknowned with our happy life with a lot of smile no matter the situations are. And network marketing industry is growing very well as an option of making money whether for main or side income. Continue reading → is a Brand New Online Auto Accessories Store with Free Shipping! English Language Definition of -ster : someone who does or handles or operates something : someone who makes or uses something : someone who is associated with or participates in something That’s what Car Shopster is: THE website that handles all your car accessory needs. THE website that makes it possible for you get what you want and need for your car. Continue reading →

by Raichal Fernandez, published 23.08.2021
This business is Not for you if your answer for any of these statements is “YES”I am living the life I dreamed ofI am happy with my current Job and get paid enoughI am able to spent quality time with my familyI have enough savings for my Kids’ education / my retirementI get to travel whenever and wherever I wantI have the financial freedomAnd if your answer is NO, then I have a perfect solution for you. Continue reading →

by Gary Neece, published 23.08.2021
Vasayo has Partnered with Nu Life International to Enter the Mainland China marketplace There are less than 100 Companies worldwide that are legally licensed to do business in China, which is the largest retail market in the world. There are twice as many women in China as there are citizens in the U.S. The Vasayo founder, Dallan Larson (, is a who’s who in the direct sales arena. Continue reading →

by Karli White, published 23.08.2021
I honestly have no desire to leave my property much but for basic needs these days.Is anyone else feeling this too? Or maybe just me?I’m not great at navigating crowds of people while shopping.I like my space and others seems to always be in mine when I go out shopping.Now with covid, it’s seems even more challenging than before.Everyone around me feels like they are in a rush and they rule most important in that moment. Continue reading →

by Jeff Celani , published 20.08.2021
As the title of this announcement indicates,  I have found the best home income, at least the best home income I have ever been involved with.  The product, REDOX CELL SIGNALING MOLECULES,  is what makes this business so exciting.  This is a revolutionary product perfected and stabilized in 2008 by the company, ASEA based in the Salt Lake City area, and is spreading the product around the world with the help of Network Marketing Associates like me, and the thousands more everywhere in 32 countries. Continue reading →

by Maria Mallet, published 20.08.2021
Hi I'm very excited to show you a brand new way to invest money with little to no risk. I have been investing for a number of years now in Bitcoins and trading but finding it hard to get a steady stream of money coming in. I still had to to work a full time job that would lead me to having not a lot of time to spend with my family. I am someone who loves to splurge on my family, friends and myself, so I am always looking for ways to invest. Continue reading →

by Demix Wilson, published 20.08.2021
If your looking to get into Passive income then I mite just have the opportunity for you. If your interested to know how you can:-Make Passive Income-Start a business with a just 1 time payment (no monthly fees or hidden fees)-Make money while you sleep-Earn within 72 hours of signing up-Money on Autopilot-350,000 around the world earning money-Can be done as a side hustle or you can grow it to a full time business-Recruiting is optionalOn top of that it is definitely affordable. Continue reading →

by Ceirion Skym, published 20.08.2021
Have you ever found that you have too much month at the end of your money?Are you saving up for something new? New car? New Home? Holidays? New arrival? More Free Time or simply for a more secure financial future.For any of the above, how much extra would you need to earnIf that sounds like something for you then becoming a partner with us at UW is what you need to do. Be part of a FTSE250 company and help others to help you. Continue reading →

Have you been searching for an opportunity that allows you to make an impact while earning an income?Ever want to be an influencer that works with internationally known brands seen in magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, allure, Forbes and more?I'm looking to expand my team internationally with an amazing opportunity with my business. If you are coachable, determined and ready to run, you are exactly who I'm seeking! Continue reading →

by Kayode Ajimoko, published 20.08.2021
The internet provides an avenue for people to make more money from their businesses than they would ordinarily make from it offline, it doesn’t matter what product or service you’re trying to sell, millions of people are looking for it online and you can reach 100’s or even 1000’s of them with a click of a mouse. This is what makes it possible for lots of people to earn their annual offline income in a month, or in a week or even in some few cases in a day online, which is why a lot of online marketing millionaires are springing up every day. Continue reading →

by Zarabeth Golden Quinn, published 20.08.2021
This business is a place to inspire increases in self-worth, self-care, freedom, and financial abundance. It is a community for people who want to:● Have Great Skin without sacrificing a lot of time or money ● Or for those who want to Create gorgeous makeup looks that areactually good for your skin ● And lastly, this is a place for those Boss Babes that want to Have aBeauty Business You can Run Right from Your PhoneMy name is Zarabeth Golden Quinn and I have been building my business for 11 years. Continue reading →

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