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by Patricia Francis, published 28.06.2022
My area of expertise...Licensed in NY, CT, NJ, MI, and FL, but not limited to those states.College planning 529, UTMA/UGMAReduce Auto/Home insuranceCommercial Insurance Home AutomationSenior Healthcare WILL preparationBuilding Generational wealth Life Insurance: o Understanding your life insurance policy. Is it the best value for your family?Are you under insured? o Term vs. Whole Lifeo If you don’t have coverage, why not? Continue reading →

The ConceptMany affiliate programs out there promote the big money tease to get people to stop and take a look. There are however some programs that not only help the opportunity seeker earn some extra cash, but they offer help for those less fortunate, thus pulling on the heartstrings of people like me!Can most people afford $3.99/mo.? I say probably. If that $3.99 could help feed 5 families, would that allow for practitioners of benevolence to take part in helping those in need, every month? Continue reading →

by Victorie Armstrong, published 29.06.2022
Hello, my name is Vickie Armstrong. I want to tell you a little bit about why I started on this business called Changing The Outcome (CTFO).Well, a couple years ago , right during the beginning of COVID I'd say, I was the biggest, out of shape that I've ever been. I had no energy and was eating non-stop. I was not the happiest.Along came my father....he had noticed that I was not my usual self and asked me if I was feeling okay. Continue reading →

by Myron McVea, published 13.06.2022
If you've been looking for a wonderful and very easy business opportunity to join, you've come to the right place. Free training, a marketing website, tools, and more have all contributed to the low-cost business. However, this $4 business opportunity is an app that has the potential to produce $5,610 or more per month in 30 to 60 days simply by sharing the software with others. Oh, and did I mention there were NO sales experience, NO inventory, NO nothing but a burning desire to succeed! Continue reading →

by Emma Terblanche, published 30.05.2022
What is Farmasi? Farmasi is an opportunity to change your life.I am looking for people that want to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others. so whether you are looking for a little side gig or something full time, Farmasi might be just what you are looking for!Farmasi is a family owned and operated cosmetic company that has been in business for over 70 years developing and retailing cosmetics in over 125 countries around the world. Continue reading →

The ConceptDo you realize that your mobile phone holds apps that track your locationwhen you go to a restaurant, or to the grocery store?You have, in most cases chosen settings to track your whereabouts, though you may not realize it. Other apps will continue to snoop and track even when you think you have turned them off.Even more notable, while you sleep, some apps share information with companies you have never heard of. Continue reading →

by Emmanuel Soubou, published 08.05.2022
BTCs BTCs BTCs BTCs At this point, if you have the opportunity to refer more people to allow you to accumulate more BTCs per block, please start today! A project that gave out over $50,000 worth of BTC every week as an incentive through mining rewards and BTC Giveaway through BTCs mining is no joke. Although they advised the miners to keep a clear mindset about the results of the BTCs project, but the truth is that the team came fully prepared. Continue reading →

by Nada Shehadeh , published 01.07.2022 amazing company just celebrated its third full year in business and has been paying people week after week after week for 3 consecutive years. With a proven track record of those weeks. Surround yourself with people that are on the same mission as you. Join us on the road to success and Learn more about how you can invest in your future with Novatech. *If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you but if you are willing to learn, no one can stop you. Continue reading →

by Arlene La Vigre, published 01.07.2022
All over the world fuel prices are skyrocketing! Our product gives you the ability to address the biggest pain point in the world right now and earn a commission while doing so. To increase fuel efficiency, improve vehicle performance, lower maintenance costs and reduce carbon emissions, use B-ECO Fuel Tabs prior to re-fuelling your vehicle. Used by commercial fleets for years, now available to the public, B-ECO Fuel Tabs is an amazing fuel catalyst and engine cleaner. Continue reading →

by Ronnie Corder, published 01.07.2022
The essential part of building any network marketing business is consistently having team members duplicate under us. We found a way to consistently increase duplication rates from 10X's to 20X's We constantly see and hear of the heavy-hitter in network marketing who are building a big business. there is only one way this can be achieved by duplication. that is how they are doing it with a duplication system that works for them and their team How is the duplication rate going for your business. Continue reading →

by Jonel Laguerre, published 20.03.2022
Atomy: Atomy is a Global online shopping mall that started in South Korea in 2009. The company distributes daily necessity products: Health supplements, Beauty products (skin care), Personal care products, Living products, Foods, and Many more. The company philosophy is to provide to its customers with the highest quality product possible at the lowest cost possible: Their motto is” ABSOLUTE QUALITY AND ABSOLUTE PRICE”. Continue reading →

Why is Data so Valuable?Did you know your data is being sold? Most free apps are not really free. Someone is getting paid to share your whereabouts.Most of the time, you have chosen to share your location, but have not turned off the permissions.You are not getting paid for that location information being sold to advertisers. There is a lot of money being transferred for our data. But today there is an answer for us all. Continue reading →

by Tony Kelly, published 30.06.2022
Hello,If you could get instant commissions of up to $2,000would you want it?I silly question! cause of course you would right?Well you can get that here!Introducing the Genesis Lifestyle NetworkGLN is a complete "done for you" marketing system with everythingyou need to be successful online with digital educationproducts to help you make money online plus the abilityto earn instant commissions up to $2,000 for referring others. Continue reading →

by Don Evans, published 17.06.2022
Hello,My name is Don Evans and this is an idea I have to design and document what I think would be one of the top 10 best Network Marketing (MLM) companies ever created! In fact, I think we would be on top of that list. No, I have not seen all of them. However, I have been involved with one Network Marketing (MLM) company (or program) on and off now for more than 30 years so I have seen a lot of them. Continue reading →

Post-Covid, 37% of the working population are seeking Side Gigs, Side Hustles, or extra Income sources. A large number are seeking independent careers with unlimited Income and the freedom to earn from home or anywhere in the world. In today's world of the high cost of housing and living in general with no ceiling insight, we need unlimited income opportunities to maintain and meet changing demands. Continue reading →

by Snacky Galagwe, published 29.06.2022
I am excited and happy to introduce this amazing premium first class fuel (petrol and diesel)catalyst tablet product that saves fuel consumption and cleans the engine. Gasoline or diesel fuels are hydrocarbon molecules of different lengths and sizes. When combined with Boost Fuel Tabs the hydrocarbon particles instantly become broken down into nano size, making it easier to burn. The product is unique and different as most fuel additives on the market have five basic ingredients - sulfur, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen which are same constituents as fuel. Continue reading →

This present time is the best opportunity to contribute as benefits are high a financial backers are blissful.We can ensure most extreme this week, one week from now, and one month from now. Contribute now and say thanks to me later. 100 percent Legit 100 percent Real 100 percent Recover Your All Loses 98% Accurate Signals 100 percent Profit Guaranteed Safe and entirely ReliableContribute with us and get your benefit inside 4hours immediately. Continue reading →

by Jan Jemmott , published 29.06.2022
Coming from the field of event management/project management, I wanted to find a way to create my own empire. I was constantly on the lookout for an opportunity that can truly showcase my abilities to run my own business and win.But you all know starting your own business is not easy and take more than effort and hard work to win. It takes a team and roadmap to success. When I discovered Symmetry Financial, I was 100% convinced I had won the lottery. Continue reading →

by Pham Hoang Nam, published 29.06.2022
Step 1 you join Leadsleap free 2 Upgrade your LeadsLeap accountOf course, this step is optional but I strongly recommend you to do it. As a PRO member you'll get UNLIMITED landing pages, FREE referrals, DOUBLE commissions and FREE traffic! Thousands of views to your websites or splash pages. We'll discuss about the importance of traffic later on. And let's not forget about the free referrals. Continue reading →

by Tracey Montgomery, published 29.06.2022
With the increase in all household bills and the effects being seen on all shopping purchases you can take action and be assured of the best energy tariff out there.By saving on your bills you can then easily show others where they can save on theirs and gain a residual income by doing so.Utility Warehouse is UK based and has an amazing support system for those who choose to become partners in the business. Continue reading →

by Sylvester Moshoeshoe, published 29.06.2022
It was designed for people who are tired of their current financial situation and are looking for a RELIABLE | SUSTAINABLE way to earn PASSIVE INCOME. Virtual AVS is the biggest innovation that features unique software that is already benefiting many people worldwide. It is going to change the financial lives of billions of people globally! All you need is $144: That is $69 for your business license and $75 for your business account upgrade. Continue reading →

by Lee Mckenzie, published 29.06.2022
Partnership to success is a superb coaching program which teaches how to tap into the Trillion Dollar ELearning Industry by creating, launching & selling unique digital products.The program was created & is taught by John Thornhill who is a successful & respected digital marketer. To date Johns students have generated in excess of $20 million dollars.My name is Lee McKenzie. I have been learning about affiliate marketing & exploring strategies for little over a year to date. Continue reading →

by Andres Riva, published 29.06.2022
J'ai deux (2) projets super intéressants et facile à promouvoir. Les deux sont des investissements dans la Cryptomonnaie. Il ne s’agisse pas du trading. Un projet va commencer dans environs 2 semaines. C’est un projet international (basé en Angleterre) qui va connecter le monde Crypto avec la réalité de nos achats du quotidien à travers l’utilisation d’un Token de fidélisation, émis pour donner des remises au clients et soulager la trésorerie des commerçants. Continue reading →

Location Data - NOT The New Oil, Better!Did you know your location data is valuable? You go everywhere with your phone and app developersare right there with you! Free apps aren't really free. You pay by allowing your data to be sold.Right now there are 50 plus companies already using your data. They are selling it to advertisers, but you don't get a dime.You along with thousands of other mobile phone users have given permission for multiple apps on your phone to share your data. Continue reading →

by Emilie White, published 28.06.2022
It takes only 26 seconds for toxic chemicals to get inside your blood stream! That is just insane! Unfortunately, these toxic chemicals are in our everyday products we buy from big corporations. Walmart, Amazon, Target just to name a few! Be careful and do your research! Most big corporations hide and get away with not having to put all the ingredients onto their labels. The FDA also lets all these corporations have a certain percentage of chemicals in their products. Continue reading →

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