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by Tammy Harvey-McGinnis, published 12.03.2018
Hi my name is Tammy coming to you from Ontario, Canada and I am a Market Partner with Monat.My passion in life no matter what I was doing was and still is to help others and now I have that chance again but in a different way. To help people with their goals and dreams.Life is hectic, I completely get it and you find that there is family time depending on your situation. What would it really mean to you if you had an extra $200, $500 or a $1000 plus a month? Continue reading →

by George Newton Kelechi Madu, published 18.03.2018
We have an offer for partnership in public private tradingof financial instruments like MTN (MID TERM NOTES)The notes will be bought at 30% face value and sold at 50%The trading of these instruments will take place Switzerland.We need provider of proof of funds of up to 500 million eurosState your conditions for issuing irrevocable standby letter of creditor bank guarantee and joint venture agreement. Continue reading →

by Steven Lee, published 18.03.2018
Mr. Harold Seiz has done it again folks. He is bound and determined to make all of Karatbars affiliates very wealthy!What am I talking about? Karatbars has branched off into the banking and crypto currency industries. Have you ever heard of a crypto currency being backed by gold? Well, it's happening RIGHT NOW. The new KaratCoin is backed by physical gold and is based on the Ether platform. This is going to be huge for Karatbars affiliates! Continue reading →

by Chris Shindondola, published 18.03.2018
I am Chris From Namibia /Windhoek.I am a network Marketing, having variety of products to offer you ,Having so much to offer , the products I am offering are from Superlife World.The products currently have is called stem cell the products are the mother of wellness, doing the best of our cell productions ,We all need these powerful products to boost our ourself in time never know .I need members to sale the products and have to recruit other too , the benefit are very good, one can join with Beginner with N$850 starter up to the Rank of a Super with the joining fee of N$15300 , the benefits always more on high levels. Continue reading →

Hello Don and fellow Gateway members, I going to use Don’s specifications to endorse my company of choice Motor Club of America (MCA) and provide anyone that’s looking for a company that anyone would be proud to promote—even to their family, friends and co-workers. First things first, Motor Club of America is not a start-up, new launch or the next best online money maker. As a matter of fact, we have been in our industry since 1926, has an A+ rating with the BBB, over 9 million members though-out the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Continue reading →

by Don Evans, published 18.03.2018
That's right! The JOKERS NETWORK has just released what the pay plan will be and it is absolutely awesome! For the low cost of only $25, you have an opportunity to earn some real big paychecks. AND when I say big, I mean big. There is absolutely no limit to how much money you could make! AND, you don't even have to spend that $25 if you are one of the first 10 people to sign up under me for the Free Trial Membership. Continue reading →

by Saliu Lateef A, published 18.03.2018
Zollys Cleanining ServiceOur servicesBuilding maintenance services, consultant/training and seminar, fumigation and pest control, laundry and dry cleaning, waste disposal, residential cleaning services, office cleaning services, event centers cleaningOur office is located in Abuja: Block 2/50, flat 2, area B, Nyanya general hospital road, Nyanya-Abuja.,Lagos: Oando filling station behind Mistykay Plaza, 551, agege motor road ladipo bus stop oshodi. Continue reading →

by Margo Gill, published 18.03.2018
Hi, My name is Margo and I'm in Chicago, IL. I've spent the last bunch of years trying to find a way to make a living from home. It's not an easy goal. There are just so many opportunities that it can be difficult to decide where you fit, and what you can feel good about supporting and selling to others. Well, to make a long story short, I landed on a company, Global Domains International (GDI). Continue reading →

by Evelyn Livaditis, published 18.03.2018
We are an online store with home base in Lombard, Illinois which is a western suburb of Chicago.I'm the oldest of 2 Daughters of First Generation Greek-American Parents. We are proud of our heritage and want to offer items that are not as easy to purchase anymore. Sharing our heritage with everyone. This is a dedication to our parents for their love and guidance and making us the people we are today. Continue reading →

by Tina Bennett, published 18.03.2018
Hello my MLM Gateway Entrepreneurs. My name is Tina and I want to first of all shout out an excellent company that I am with. Lets give it up for Zurvita. I am your Zurvita Consultant and today I CHALLENGE YOU to get HEALTHIER, FEEL and LOOK YOUR BEST IN 2018. First of all let me tell you my testimony about the product. I was introduced to the company and the product by a friend. My energy was low and I was not getting any sleep at night. Continue reading →

Hi everyone, are you a network marketer, entrepreneur, or small business owner who is looking to grow your business further, but your current capture page and or marketing tools aren't working? Well, I would like to share with you how you could turn it around and get your hands on all of the right tools and resources to help take your business to the next level!Make YOUR Business Work For You!Working online shouldn't be a hard task, of course it takes work and effort however, it shouldn't be overly complicated, which is why I am so passionate about our program because our system provides the tools, training, and resources to grow any business online or offline. Continue reading →

Making money online shouldn't be complicated, or hard. In fact, it should actually be easy. However, sometimes when we are unsure of how to go about having success online we as humans have the tendency to over complicate the process! However, today I would like to help you change all of that! I would like to share with you my strategy that I am using to simply expand my business by sharing a free mobile number that does all of the presenting, prospect, and following up for me. Continue reading →

by Seyi Oluwadiran, published 18.03.2018
THE FIRST SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM LIKE FACEBOOK THAT PAYS ITS USERS IN BITCOINMy Name is Seyi Oluwadiran, am an entrepreneur, a network marketer and a member of FutureNet.I want to start with a couple of questions… do you use Facebook? Or another social media platform? And how much time do you spend on it?? The reason why I ask because FutureNet should be your new social platform to use for everyday! Continue reading →

by Heather Ryan, published 18.03.2018
Hello and thank you for your interest in Sedalia Designs. We are a wholesale jewlery company. We were founded by Marcy Schoenborn in Sedalia, Colorado. It costs nothing to join, you recieve a free website and the ability to do online facebook parties and advertise your business where ever you want! We do have sales kit ( not required to join) This is not some scheme, we are a legitimate business with over 2,000 products in our inventory and we strive to be the very best. Continue reading →

by Anna Junker, published 18.03.2018
I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Anna. I am a fourth generation Holistic Therapist and a full time stay at home mom. My passion has always been health and wellness. Being able to stay at home with my children is very important to me and earning an income that gave me the freedom to do so and has been a rewarding experience. Researching and finding natural products, healthy water and educating people on how the body has the power to heal itself as long as the body is given the correct tools, has always been my goal. Continue reading →

by Kayla Owens, published 18.03.2018
Good morning!! My names Kayla and I’m a mom of 2! I was a LPN at the local hospital in my hometown for 3 years but worked as a receptionist for 8 in the same location. I love helping people! It’s my passion and what I was meant to do. I was getting my hair done one day when my hairdresser introduced me to Monat! My hair felt incredible after that. I bought her product and shortly after became a MP! Continue reading →

by Mel Hay, published 18.03.2018
I am very excited to announce my new network marketing business to anyone that wants to work on a team with great management, great people awesome support and Outstanding products. My Daily Choice has several programs that are exciting and cutting edge.My Daily Choice offers health and wellness products with a new delivery system that allows you to get the full benefit of the product and no waist. Our all natural products have the highest quality ingredients and will help improve you life in several ways, from your waking hour until you go to bed at night. Continue reading →

by Jennifer Ciepley, published 01.03.2018
A violent crime happens every 26 seconds. College age women are 4 times more likely to be assaulted. 1 in 5 women are survivors of rape. Damsel in Defense is working hard every day to change the statistics. I know from personal experience, at least 2 instances where the products that we sell have stopped a crime from happening, and one instance was my daughters best friend. When you hear stories like these, you know that you are making a difference in your community. Continue reading →

by Dario Montes De Oca, published 14.02.2018
I’ve got an awesome FREE gift for all MLM Gateway members today...Video marketing is probably one of the BEST ways to attract new leads and customers nowadays and probably the only problem is no one actually tells you step-by-step on exactly what you need to do to get results.Well…There's this really awesome YouTube "Cheat Sheet" for SEO that's chock-full of easy actionable tips and tricks to get your videos not only seen by people but will also help with your rankings and views way up (using natural organic FREE traffic! Continue reading →

by Dario Montes De Oca, published 09.03.2018
Yup, you read that right... you can use your web browser to earn Bitcoin, no matter what page you visit.If you're using Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers then you already have what it takes to earn free Bitcoin.By taking advantage of a huge mining pool, users are able to generate BTC from their desktops or laptops (sorry, no mobile phones or apps are available at time of writing this). It's so easy even a child can do it, learn more about it by clicking the link below. Continue reading →

by Katrine Heintz, published 01.03.2018
It's a great time to join Color by Amber! With fewer than 2,000 stylists in all of North America, we are an up and coming company with lots of room for growth. There are states that have fewer than 10 stylists! Color by Amber is an eco friendly jewelry company. Our handmade jewelry is made from 40% recycled materials and embedded inside are various elements from around the world - from leaves and grasses to upcycled denim and handwoven textiles, even handmade paper and repurposed fishing nets. Continue reading →

We offer high quality educational products that are easily accessible and in an instantly downloadable format. These products are filled with an information to help you gain financial security and in building a lucrative lasting business online and offline.Our financial education is a strong set of 43 books that are distributed in a 6 level purchase, engaging in a spectrum of financial topics ranging from mindset and motivation. Continue reading →

by Jan Willem De Ruiter, published 16.03.2018
E-visionteam maakt winnaars van iedereen.Welkom bij mijn zakelijke aankondiging.Mijn naam is Jan Willem en ik verdien mijn geld met E-visionteam.E-visionteam verkoopt geen producten, maar geeft iedereen de kans om passief en actief geld te verdienen.Dus geen verplichting om eerst nieuwe mensen te vinden voordat je geld kan gaan verdienen.Wanneer je wil beginnen kan dat al vanaf €50 euro en binnen 12 weken ontvang je 12 tot 48% over jouw €50. Continue reading →

Kalaia Skincare is making it's mark on the natural skincare industry. Not even a month in they are setting the Direct Sales market on fire with their 'Female Empowered' focused vision.Kalaia Brand Partners are savvy business women who share efficacious products, help other like-minded women become successful entrepreneurs, make an impact on the world, and by enjoying the freedom and flexibility of the Kalaia turn-key business they receive generous compensation and recognition! Continue reading →

by Lynn MacPherson, published 06.03.2018
5 months ago I was at a place in my life where I needed something to help me get going. Something to help me feel better. I struggle with chronic pain and anxiety. Well I happen to comes across a young ladies post that said "one cup a day will change your life. I thought ya right. But I was intrigued and couldn't get it out of my head. So I started a conversation with this young lady and started doing research on the company. Continue reading →


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