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by Joseph Kulutu, published 06.01.2021
Greetings Fellow Entrepreneurs, JKB Consultancy was founded by Joseph Kulutu to act as an intermediary platform that provides the best business opportunities in order to empower global citizens through technology. Its main areas of interest are: 1. Business Consultancy 2. Cryptocurrency Investment 3. International Projects Funding *We also provide a free space via the blog section where global partners can post about their own business(es) in order to leverage their exposure to a different global community as a member. Continue reading →

by Steve Horgan, published 12.05.2023
Are you looking for an opportunity to earn extra income and be a part of a community that values wellness and business success? Look no further than LiveGood, the wellness and business opportunity company that has changed my life for the better. When I first heard about LiveGood, I was skeptical. I had tried other business opportunities in the past and had been disappointed with the results. But something about LiveGood caught my attention, and I decided to learn more. Continue reading →

by Emeline L. Faaumu-Niutei, published 01.05.2023
Have you heard of the slogan, Health is Wealth!This famous slogan emphasizes the importance of maintaining good health, which is a valuable asset that cannot be bought with money. It reminds us that investing in our physical and mental well-being is crucial for a fulfilling life. Without our health, everything else in life is vanity. According to Ecclesiastes 1:2, everything is futile. "Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity. Continue reading →

by Emeline L. Faaumu-Niutei, published 01.05.2023
We live in a world where COVID has changed our lifestyles. If you all remember, the pandemic lockdown was the darkest time for many, including myself and my family. Many US cities were almost like ghost cities because people were restrained from going outdoors, business owners were forced to close their doors, and many doors were closed for good. However, during this dark time, some businesses were able to adapt and shift their operations online, allowing them to continue serving their customers and stay afloat. Continue reading →

by Robert Payne, published 15.05.2023
In the pursuit of financial success, joining the $7 Dollar Club has proven to be a game-changer for many. Recently, I had the incredible fortune of experiencing the power of spillover in this remarkable program. Two unexpected spillover members not only covered the cost of my upgrade to position two but also propelled my journey forward. In this article, I will share my personal account of how these spillover members transformed my experience in the $7 Dollar Club, highlighting the potential and opportunities that await. Continue reading →

by Jess Motto, published 14.05.2023
Hi my name is Jess and I am just so excited to share about my business opportunity and the products. I found these products through a friend and every single one I have tried I have fallen in love with. Whitening toothpaste, firming cream, body butter, collagen serum, collagen drink, self tanner, mascara, etc. the list goes on and on. There really is something for everyone.Check out these amazing skincare, beauty and health products. Continue reading →

by Elizabeth Sommerford, published 14.05.2023
I come across this opportunity on Friday and joined straight away. This is the best business opportunity I have seen for a long time. The opportunity with LiveGood is endless. The company is based in Florida, America and the products can be despatched anywhere in the world. Use this link now for your FREE Tour, you will never look back. We now have over 250,000 members paying their $9. Continue reading →

by Steve Horgan, published 14.05.2023
Hi Fellow Network Marketers!!Ok. You might be lost already. "Who reads newspapers to look for business opportunities anymore?" - would you be surprised to know the number easily exceeds a few million spread across print media in North America? Even though we're in 2023. A marketing company called Newspapers Alive will tell you it's actually booming business!! By the way, not only is their service phenomenal, you really need to check their site early every morning to see how many packages they have for the day. Continue reading →

by Karena Seaman, published 14.05.2023
Who wants an awesome Backup of your hard drive, computer, cell phone, tablet, ipad, ipod and so forth on up to 6 people total on one account? This is an awesome place to do so at. This is a spot to also earn as you learn and get paid if you do the work. It is a debt free company and own everything out right and have a back up of a backup and also it is a awesome place to earn at and use the backup of your precious files. Continue reading →

by Robert Payne, published 14.05.2023
Generating leads for MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) is a crucial aspect of building a successful network marketing business. Here is a list of ways to generate leads for MLM: Social Media MarketingLeverage popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to create engaging content, build a strong online presence, and connect with potential leads. Content MarketingCreate valuable and informative content such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, or infographics related to your MLM products or the industry. Continue reading →

Are you struggling to find new leads for your business? Is your customer base stagnant, despite your best efforts? If so, it may be time to try, a comprehensive lead generation platform that offers everything you need to grow your business.One of the biggest advantages of is its expansive database of leads. With over 100,000 leads added every month, you can be sure that you have a vast pool of potential customers to engage with. Continue reading →

by Ratefy Paulbruno, published 13.05.2023
Créer une liste de diffusion - Faire fortune​​​​​​​Tirez parti des autres pour créer une liste massive de gains d'argent pendant que vous êtes payé 200 % de commissions !SAISISSEZ VOTRE SUPER BONUS DE MAÎTRISE DU MARKETING PAR COURRIEL DE 500,00 $ GRATUIT AUJOURD'HUI !PLUS RAPIDE, PLUS RAPIDE, PLUS FACILE QUE JAMAIS !Voici les parties les plus importantes que je veux que tout le monde comprenne. Continue reading →

by Valerio Auguste, published 13.05.2023
On August 4, 2011, that is, almost twelve years ago, Roger Ver, also known as Bitcoin Jesus, introduced himself as the CEO of MemoryDealers and expressed his disagreement with people who claimed that Bitcoin was a scam or Ponzi scheme. In response, he offered a bet of $10,000 USD, or its Bitcoin equivalent, that, over the next two years, Bitcoin would outperform the stock market, gold, silver, and the US dollar by more than 100 times. Continue reading →

by Mascheria perduenabbs, published 13.05.2023
Hello everyone. I would like to share my new business in marketing Capital One. Capital One is the number one credit card besides America Express. It does not matter if your credit score is low as long it is not below 200. They will work with you in order to build your credit up. You also can get discounts on hotels if you have a captal one business card. There are not many compaines that I will promote it does not matter if I get a commission or not. Continue reading →

What we do as a business owner is we mentor everyday people from all over the world to help them get started with their own successful digital business. (And this is what you would do as well) We teach them how to use social media wisely as a tool instead of just scrolling through it aimlessly each day ( We have all been guilty of this before). We use an automated business system, with an automated funnel to bring those who are interested in starting a business to us directly- without us having to seek them out and send random messages (who wants to do that! Continue reading →

New Innovative & liability free concept start nowBusiness plan Activates $25 Only.10 Level Referral Bonus income to $91,60,275Fulfils your 2 level All user Activate start tradingRoyalty every month upto $1500The Autopool plan is a multi-level marketing (MLM) compensation plan that offers certain benefits to participants. However, it's important to note that MLM schemes can be controversial and have received criticism in the past. Continue reading →

by Mark Romero, published 12.05.2023
Most internet marketers suffer from information overload.  So how do these so called "gurus" make themselves stand out from all the internet noise?  By making false claims like "push some buttons and make $500 a day."  If making that kind of money was that easy we would all be doing it.  Or "let us do all the work while you get paid."  Right!  who is going to bust their hump and give any money they earn to someone who does nothing? Continue reading →

by Vivian Amoh, published 12.05.2023
I wanted to discuss with you why I believe GotBackup will be the fastest-growing business online in 2023.Despite being a brand new and revolutionary opportunity, is backed by a multi-million-dollar Internet Marketing Company called GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities).Where else can you resell products that every network marketer needs and collect 200% commissions on month one and up to 75% commissions in the following months? Continue reading →

Get the Financing You Need to Take Your Business to the Next Level From Either National Business Capital Or David Allen Capital Inc!Dear Business Owners In Usa,1. Do You Need Cash Fast & Other Financial Emergency?Through this loan broker, you can get an instant $1,000 - $50,000 within 24 Hours to meet your immediate NEEDS.Discover How You Can End Your Financial Worries The Next 24 Hours!Do You Need Quick Funds To Meet Your Personal Urgent Need Without Loads Of Documentations? Continue reading →

The $7 Dollar Club is an extraordinary program that empowers regular individuals to create substantial wealth with minimal effort. With its unique concept and simple compensation plan, this exclusive club offers a path to financial freedom and a life of abundance. At the core of the $7 Dollar Club is the opportunity to make a staggering $128,880 profit. This program is not about small change or incremental gains—it's about achieving significant financial transformation. Continue reading →

by Sue Collier, published 12.05.2023
I was NOT going to join another MLM company. I'm working on collecting crypto and a few passive programs online and was totally happy with that. I've just retired, moved house and got married to my long term partner so I'm busy!But I finally found a moment and read about a new company (December I think) that is changing the face of Network Marketing and I really liked what I saw. I did some research and got far too excited! Continue reading →

by Suzan Yumerova, published 05.05.2023
Help people look, feel, & perform their bestWhy be a Brand Partner?Free to Sign-UpSigning up is free and takes just a couple of minutes.Earn up to 35% in CommissionsYour commissions start at 12% on products purchased from your links, with the opportunity to earn up to 35% every month. Check out the commissions guide here.Sharing is Quick and EasySimply choose a product, create your link, and share it. Continue reading →

by Iteire Joy , published 07.05.2023
Become a consultant with the body shop at home with a wide range of skin care products makeup perfumes. Use the link below to join and follow my Pinterest linkEXCLUSIVE OFFERS FOR JOINING OUR COLLECTIVESupporting you by rewarding new ConsultantsWe’re all about inspiring others to join our amazing collective! Naturally it starts with you, because it is your passion for doing business and doing good that ultimately inspires others to join. Continue reading →

by Lindsay Ellis Oliver, published 09.05.2023
Are you looking for a business opportunity that allows you to work from home, work your own hours, and make a difference in people's lives, as well as have financial freedom?? Then look no further!!This is a beauty and wellness company that offers high-quality products at very affordable prices. With a focus on natural ingredients and sustainable practices, we are committed to helping people look and feel their best. Continue reading →

by Rodney Speights, published 10.05.2023
Let’s face it, generating leads can be a daunting task for any business. From creating content to designing engaging ads, trying to capture a prospect’s attention and convince them to take action is no easy feat. And just when you think you've found the right approach, you might realize that it's not yielding the results you were hoping for. At, we understand this predicament. Continue reading →

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