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by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong, published 19.11.2019
The best platform I can recommend when it has to do with closing a sale is WhatsApp chat application.I have been using WhatsApp to close my prospects for some times now and the results have been wonderful comparing with closing using other platforms.Many networkers are still yet to understand the efficacy of closing using WhatsApp.While I am much aware of the fact that WhatsApp may not be a good fit for closing a prospect for everyone, I consider it to be the best and the simplest platform for closing a prospect online. Continue reading →

by Nhlanhla Hlekwayo, published 27.12.2019
Crowd1 network marketing has a new epic promotion which is known as crazy promotion you purchase any packeg crowd1 automatically upgrades you to the next level this promotion ends at the 31th of DEC 2019Crowd1 network marketing has change peoples life so it could be you what are you waiting for? Start making money with your phone while you staying home it easy,fast..For more information you can contact me here _0634584125/e-mail hlekwayonhlanhla15@gmail. Continue reading →

by DOUGLAS ALLYN GILBERT, published 27.12.2019
Hello my new friends my name is Douglas A Gilbert I am a associate representative of Dream Big Network LLC and I wanted to share some thoughtful ideas with you and hopefully be able to team up with and make some commerce happen. I just wanted to say thank you for tuning into this announcement Please check out this video this will give you the whole presentation that you need to know about us https://youtu. Continue reading →

by Pat Mcg, published 27.12.2019
Hello and good day to you,today i am writing a business announcement to introduce you to my new business model holidaypaid.comThe business is an incentivised complimentary vacation provider.Providing any and all types of Business Sectors with a means to increase sales and reward customer loyalty.Incentivised Vacations have been around for a long time now and are indeed a very effective way to increase any business, imagine the impression you can make on your clients by providing them with a complimentary vacation when you sign that deal or receive a new contract from them . Continue reading →

by DOUGLAS ALLYN GILBERT, published 27.12.2019
Hello my new friend my name is Douglas A. Gilbert and I am an sale associate representative with Dream Big Network LLC. I am here to provide you with a travel opportunity to help you understand that they're other ways to travel around the world and benefit off of it while making a living. Today marks the return to the journey of helping others grow into the best person that they need to become for their business as well as their family. Continue reading →

by Paulo Correia, published 27.12.2019
Hi, my name is Paulo Correia and I come from Madeira Island in Portugal, I'd like to tell you about this business opportunity I'm developing in the online sales niche.I started working on the internet a few years ago, I tried a little bit of everything until I reached the world of online sales.In November 2019 I signed up for this sales platform and I am sincerely impressed with the results. Continue reading →

by Gareth Owen, published 30.08.2019
The Power Is In The NetworkrNetwork just gets better every day... you want to help others, and build what could be a life-changing income, what better way than helping others save and earn also?rNetwork is becoming a growing global force by changing the way that people all over the world understand money and crucially, how it works.The revvolution suite of products includes, a FREE revv com APP (yes, 100% free for everyone! Continue reading →

by Matthieu Muramutsa, published 26.12.2019
Dear All,we give you products that deliver a Balanced Body System,combining the best of Eastern and Western health principles.Dynapharm believes in a holistic approach to promote a good health and well-being from:1.Cleansind and Detoxifying: Chlorophyll,YeeGarlic,Yeegano,Kenzotakara,Wheet Grass Extract Powder,Instant chocolate Mixture with Ganoderma Powder,Instant Cappuccino with Ganoderma Powder,. Continue reading →

by DOUGLAS ALLYN GILBERT, published 26.12.2019
Hey Guys and Gals my name is Douglas I have a new fun travel business that is about to explode in this new decade. I am looking for leaders who know about network marketing and understand the business side of things. I have a couple of questions for you Do you like to travel or would you like to travel more? Then this business may be for you. Are you interested in making some extra money on a part time schedule? Continue reading →

by Tinah Osuchukwu, published 26.12.2019
Hi, my name is Tinah.I am in this platform to connect with people who are more concerned about healthy lifestyle than any other thing. I am connected with a company that sells high quality CBD oil that has been approved by USA(US Hemp Authority Certified).We also have different products like essential oils, healthy nutritional sprays, coffee and creamers, hair products,CBD oil for dogs, bath bombs,gummies and many more. Continue reading →

by Stuart Molyneux, published 15.11.2019
Hi. my name is Stuart Molyneux and I live in Southampton UK. What I am about to show you is real!! Something that is new and will take the industry by storm, so please have a open mind.I have been in work from home businesses offline and online since 1990 and GoFounders/ONPASSIVE is the most transparent opportunity I have come across. It started up around June 2018 and is about to launch any week now! Continue reading →

by Diana Cordero, published 26.12.2019
Hello!My name is Diana Cordero and I started my work from home travel business on June 2019! I book travel from home working hand in hand with companies like Expedia, Carnival Cruises, Disney, and more. Is an awesome oppotunity. I used to work for a city transportation contractor and I tought it was my dream job but I was wrong. I had to work evenings and weekends and never had time to go out with my husband and kids. Continue reading →

by Marta Tesfagaber, published 26.12.2019
A lot of people hate network marketing for two reasons,They hate selling, your friends and family start running away from you because you've tried to sell them something they don't needThey don't think they can recruit successfully.I'll talk more about the first point. What is you can give them a free access to something they're going to use anyways? I'll rephrase that ' what if you have access to save them money on something they pay money to use anyways'? Continue reading →

by Melody McDaniels, published 26.12.2019
Greetings,My name is Melody and I’ve been an entrepreneur for 7 years and counting. It’s been a journey of highs and definitely lows but I enjoy the freedom, the learning experiences, the connections that I’ve managed to build along the road and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Over my entrepreneur journey, I’ve been with MLM and marketing companies aside from my own Health & Wellness Coaching business. Continue reading →

by Ted Allen, published 26.12.2019
Newbies On Fire is a complete learning system that's clean, simple and easy to navigate. It wiil show you how to generate leads, increase sales, drive traffic and brand your business. It does exactly what the name implies by taking baby steps and teaching the beginner what to do and how to do it. It also provides tools, resources and stratagies to build and grow a successful on-line business. Continue reading →

by Scott Manson, published 26.12.2019
Seasons greetings to everyone in the MLMgateway community!Minerva TradingI'm here to share a passive income opp that has changed my life in a big way and allowed me to have another source of income for almost no work at all.Take a look at the Minerva Trading Bot, a hands-free investments system that offers;5% weekly return on your investments. 240% return after 365 days including your seed money. Continue reading →

by Kovács Zoltánné, published 09.12.2019
Ki nem szeretne élete végéig kedvezményesen vásárolni? Hát persze, kivétel nélkül mindenki! Ha kedvezőbb vásárlókat szeretne vásárolni, akkor csomagolva megnézheti, amikor a kapszul garantált, hogy „NYUGI! Ez az üzleti vállalkozás veszteség nélkül építheted fel! ”, Ez az egyik érdekes opció! Csak egyetlen napja gondoltam bele mekkora szerencsém van! Azt hiszem, hogy a legjobb döntési döntés hozható létre, amikor csatlakoztatható a FreedomXpress Global-hoz! Continue reading →

by Real Cbd, published 23.12.2019
100% Free online business selling products that people need and actually buy.20% commissions on your own sales as well as who you sign up as an associate.This is an established company and what we give you to make it successful is also free.The website we give you is a very professional site and there are no hosting fees.If you sign up under me, I'll send you a bunch of free marketing software, fully functioning. Continue reading →

by Chuck Turner, published 23.12.2019
Hello. Im a tsa with Ibuumerang, we help people by giving good will and helping people save up to 75 percent off on travel, hotels, beach houses, car rentals etc,  we just launched our vibe rides ride share service. Where our drivers can get paid and keep 75 percent of their fare. And you can even get paid on other drivers and riders if you wish. Hello. I wanted you to see this  WE ARE A TECHNOLOGY AND DATA ANALYTICS COMPANYØ WE HAVE A (PRIB) – PERPETUAL RISIDUAL INCOME BUILDER)Ø IN OUR VERTICAL WE HAVE:- TRAVEL- SHARE RIDE- TELECOMMUNICATIONS- WILL BE ADDING – GAS/CREDIT CARD/HEALTH AND GROWINGØ $20 MILLION DOLLAR SALES – 6 MONTHSØ $12 MILLION DOLLAR COMMISSION – PAID OUT IN 6 MONTHSØ 126+ COUNTRIES AND GROWINGØ CEO/FOUNDER – THE MOST SUCCESSFUL IN THE INDUSTRYØ COMPANY 100% DEBT FREEØ LEADERS – TOP IN THE INDUSTRY PARTNERING WITH USØ ONLY 130 000 ACTIVE CUSTOMERSØ ONLY 30 000 ACTIVE DISTRIBUTORSØ WE ONLY MAKE MONEY WHEN CUSTOMERS SAVE MONEYØ OUR PRIB WORKS AS (AI – ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE)Ø TRAVE INDUSTRY – 4. Continue reading →

by Paul Haycock, published 23.12.2019
If you are reading this it should mean that you are an online marketer of sorts. There are some of you that are full time marketers and some of you that are part time. Either way we are always looking to connect with other people to share ideas with and hopefully find new clients or those who see the same vision as us.There are several marketing network platforms, like the one you are on now, that can be an effective way to make this vision come true. Continue reading →

Today, Gold is more relevant than ever as people all over the world are now able to acquire it in small affordable units by exchanging their devalued paper money for Real 999.9 Gold Bullion thanks mainly to Mr Harald Seiz founder and CEO of Karabars International. Governments are printing more devalued paper currency to shore up their failing economy & central banks in developed markets are moving to normalise monetary policies – leading to higher interest rates – it is believed that investors may still feel the effects of quantitative easing and the prolonged period of low interest rates for years to come. Continue reading →

by Kyla Van Dyk, published 23.12.2019
Dear readerTHOSE THAT TAKE ACTION WIN.I have got EXCITING NEWS for you. I would like to share a massive lucrative business opportunity with you.I assure you when you take massive action now, success will be your outcome. Bold claim but nothing is impossible in this network.This is a real registered MLM business with the best service. Online gaming. The mobile gaming industry is expected to be worth more than $100 billion by 2021. Continue reading →

by LeAnna Hollins, published 23.12.2019
Hello Everyone ! My name is LeAnna Hollins . I am an independent consultant for Paparazzi Accessories and the CEO of Blessings With Bling. When I started this business, I had no idea how it would change people and how they feel about themselves! The jewelry that I sell is $5 and nickel and lead free, and great quality as well !Affordable right !  Also,  people with skin conditions or sensitive skin like me  can restore their confidence within themselves! Continue reading →

by Emily Halton , published 21.12.2019
The CBD industry is truly taking off and exploding beyond your wildest dreams! Forget face creams and nutrition diets, the hot product people are going crazy for is CBD oil. It’s legal and it’s high quality. It only contains CBD and the hemp oil as a carrier. It comes directly from the hemp plant and does not make you high or weird in any way. Try it for yourself for aches, pains, anxiety, stress and loads more. Continue reading →

by Jay Steeves, published 25.09.2019
I would like to tell everyone why I work with United Credit Educational Services. We are a company that helps people to get better lives. Most people never get taught the important financial rules and tools while in school. Most people may only get taught how to balance their checkbook from their parents. We at UCES offer a complete Financial Tool Box that offers 13 total services to allow for people in need to get the services and tools they need to build their credit. Continue reading →


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