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by Melissa Gordon, published 28.11.2018
Been with Paparazzi Accessories for a year and I can't say how many ways its changed my life. First and foremost, I have QUIT my 9-5 job!!!! YIPPEE!!!! FREEDOM! It took me about 6 months with this company before I felt comfortable quitting my steady income, but I did it & haven't looked back! I finally can be a totally engaged parent at all my son's school/sporting events. If I don't feel like going on vacation, I don't need to ask for time off. Continue reading →

by David Rubright, published 29.10.2018
True bovine colostrum ( the only colostrum not species specific ) is up to 100 to 1000 times more potent than our mother's Colostrum). It is delivered by a mother cow within the first 6 hours of birthing and is the most nutrient-dense substance known to science. Its benefit to human health is huge. With over 700 constituent parts, this amazing Superfood of Nature powerfully nourishes all of our body systems allowing them to reboot, repair, strengthen and function closer to original design as intended. Continue reading →

by Aisha Patel, published 28.11.2018
Hi there, thank you for reading my announcement, I would like to tell you about a couple of wonderful opportunities which could help you bring in an extra income or a great salary.I'm a stay at home mother and I have joined a couple of great companies which enable me to bring in an excellent income and allow me to run my own business. From home!CBD oil is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries at the moment, and this opportunity is free to join! Continue reading →

by Valencia Rowe, published 25.09.2018
Hello my name is Valencia and I want to tell you about this great life changing opportunity that I'm a part of.Its a Company Called MyEcon which is a Personal Financial Success service that's been around for 14 years. We are an A+ Rating company which has paid out to date over a hundred Million dollars in profits. WE showyou how to do an income shift by fixing your W4 and putting a few hundred dollars into your currentpaycheck, between $200-$600 plus. Continue reading →

by Sharnika Smith, published 28.11.2018
I’m an educator in public schools by day and an educator of intimacy and communication by nights! One of few Bedroom Kandi Consultants in the New York City area looking to expand my team. Hosting BK parties is a great way to earn extra income and have a little fun at the same time. We offer a generous line of bath and body products, luxury intimacy items, educational seminars, and our newly added cosmetics line. Continue reading →

by Barry Newman, published 28.11.2018
I was very lucky to join the best company in network marketing, ACN. We have partnered with some of the most important and profitable companies in the World. We have been in business 26 years and in 26 countries. We currently do over $1,000,000,000 a year. We partner with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Dish TV, Direct TV, Annovia Payment Processing, Vivint Home Security. We also partner with all natural gas and electricity companies in deregulated states. Continue reading →

by Nathaniel Abban, published 28.11.2018
Hello my fellow determined business pals. Am Nathaniel, a partner of the only glutathione company in the world. Max international is the name of the company and its seeks to help anyone willing to make an earns meet in addition to what is already available. This company with its amazing breakthrough products have changed the lives of many as a business partner I wouldn't want to fold arms to it. Continue reading →

If you're not aware yet of why calling your leads is so important, you will be after reading this business announcement.I am taking a break from making some calls to my leads, and figured it'd be a great topic to discuss on a business announcement.So today, we will focus on why calling leads is so important, and also, give you an idea of why you should embrace it instead of fear it!The Know, Like And Trust FactorWhat could be more powerful at helping a prospect get to know, like and trust you more then speaking to them? Continue reading →

by Heather Hoffman, published 28.11.2018
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a part of a company from the very beginning?Do you look at your current company and wonder how the top earners got there?Timing is everything! If you love skincare and beauty, consider learning more about Bellame! We currently have only around 5,000 Partners in the US and several states are still without Directors! Our CEO is very hands on, allowing us to help make decisions about the future of the company. Continue reading →

by Mashell Chapeyama, published 28.11.2018
The issue of crypto mining reminds us of the gold rush of the 1900s. Individuals and companies rushed to find gold. The laws then where still relaxed. We have a similar situation on the internet. Crypto mining is like a gold rush. People are mining various crypto currencies such as bitcoins and ethereum. By the way bitcoins and ethereum are the dominant crypto currency at the moment. But these are not the only ones. Continue reading →

by Kelly Ryan, published 28.11.2018
Join the luxury skincare company that has turned the industry around. Our founder was given an optimistic prediction of signing on 500 founding partners by December. The company now has 5000! Check us out at And we are just getting started! From now until November 30th Bellame is offering a $69 digital membership! I joined as a founding partner in August and I am in awe of all of the inspiring developments I’ve seen since I became a partner. Continue reading →

“Pyramid Scheme! Don’t you come near me with that scam” You must have heard this a thousand times right? Well, at least if you are very active talking to people about your opportunity. This is often one of the biggest objections when you are a network marketeer. And the internet doesn’t often help either as there are constant articles such as “Is {whatever your network marketing company is called} a scam? Continue reading →

by Patty Ray, published 28.11.2018
So why would you want this MLM company in your life? Because the product is helping people feel and look better. There are so many testimonies about this product. I was not looking to join a MLM at all. I was busy marketing my own product. This MLM just had its 1 st anniversary. The Gel has been around for 14 years but just brought to the MLM market last November.Have you heard about The Gel? If you haven’t it’s time to learn about this anti aging product. Continue reading →

by Milos Pavlicevic, published 28.11.2018
There is no doubt we are living in an age where things are shifting from one form to another.Some of the old ways that our fathers and grandfathers lived to tell us, no longer apply in everyday life but also business. Nowadays everything can be done faster. That is in a large part due to all the technological advancements but they are not the only factor.People's mindsets have changed. It would be a great study to see if mindset changes due to the life conditions or life conditions change due to a mindset change? Continue reading →

The century of the financial breakthrough (now or never!!) We are living in a digital century. Almost everything that we do has to do with internet. It can be whatsapp calling, chatting through Facebook and so on. There is also a big change in the financial world when it comes to transactions. Because of this change going on for some time now in the technology a lot of industries are being disrupted. Continue reading →

by Sharon Berns, published 27.11.2018
I remember the first time I heard of Younique, My best friend was raving about the 3D Fiber Lash +. I tried her’s and I really liked it. Then, I was invited to an online party and won a free eyeshadow. I made purchases here and there, so little by little, my collection was growing. After about a year, I finally purchased the kit. Originally, all I wanted was the product. Because $99 for over $300 in makeup was a great deal. Continue reading →

by Jim Farnsworth, published 27.11.2018
Don't Dig for Gold - Sell the Shovels During the great California Goldrush, tens of thousands of men and women rushed to CA to make their fortunes in gold....most found nothing..only a few actually found any gold, and only a fraction of them, became rich. Do you know who DID make fortunes? The shopkeepers, general store owners, stable owners, lumberyard operators. These were the people who supplied the miners, prospectors and dreamers. Continue reading →

by Juliana Beetge, published 27.11.2018
Looking for that extra cash each week? Interested in Network Marketing to determine your own time, own hours, be your own boss? Then Longrich Bio-Science is for you.Learn about our amazing Healty & Beauty Products how to drink yourself healthy with our PI Water cup, get rid of Mentrual pain and infections and sists by using our amazing SuperBCleain Magnetic Pads and Pantyliners! If you want to become a independent distributor all you need to do is contact me today to help you make the right decision for not only you, but your children, grand-children! Continue reading →

by Jessica Fleming Odom, published 27.11.2018
I am looking to build my customer base and my team! I work with a health and wellness company called Le-Vel. It’s completely FREEt to join as either a customer or as a Promoter. We have a program called Refer 2. This means you refer 2 people to me who order on auto ship and you will Thrive for FREE! We also have an Auto Bonus. Once you reach 12 K rank, the company will pay you for a new car or if you don’t want or need a new car, they will give you the money anyways to pay your car note or insurance! Continue reading →

by Zachery Macdonald, published 27.11.2018
Hi youre probably reading this because you are wanting to make more money and not work 9 to 5 everyday as a slave haha well if you want to go from 13 an hour to 50 an hour or even 180 a day its all up to you this is not a scam i wouldnt go through the trouble i want to help people make as much money as possible and see people accomplish their goals and be ambitious again! You can do anything if you put your mond to it and thats all you need for this your wonderful mond to learn a new set of skills to become a trader of currencies and stocks the academy that im about to present will teach you anything and everything you will need to learn to start being a currency trader or stock trader! Continue reading →

by Alyssa McCaw, published 27.11.2018
WELCOME TO YOUNIQUESo excited you’re here!I’m so happy that you have decided to join Younique. Starting a new venture and business can sometimes be a little overwhelming. The biggest question is always where to start. I’m here to help you understand the basics of Younique and our business so that you can begin building and earning right away and to show you the fun and rewards as well.The opportunity is huge with Younique! Continue reading →

by Brady Theodore, published 27.11.2018
Get in on The TOP TIER of a New and Exciting Companyin Health and Wellness.Have you ever said "No MLMs for Me there are to many people envolved" I would never earn any money.Here is YOUR Golden Opportunity (This only Happens Once Every 10 Years or So) that a new company with a new product line comes along that will be a DISRUPTERAvailable now in the U.S. and Canada with World Wide Marketing rights and new countries to be added in the future along with 10 plus new products waiting to be rolled out is the newest HOTTEST health trend Buzz word, 'Adaptogens", adaptogens are 10 plant based extracts that work at the cellular level to Reduce STRESS and INFLAMMATION in the body. Continue reading →

With Pink Zebra you have the chance to own your own business. Opportunity and flexibility become rewards. Rewards come in many forms, from incentive trips all of the world (this year in Ireland!) to free products. With Pink Zebra you get to develop your business to the degree you choose.Change your fragrance, change lives with Pink Zebra is our tagline. I have to say that at first, I thought it was a little cliché. Continue reading →

by Hayden Lennox, published 27.11.2018
Black Friday Deals! Ends Tonight at 11:59PM1) BOGO Body Wraps2) BOGO Facials �3) Buy 2 Fat Fighters Get A Thermofight FREE4) Buy 2 Keto Energy Get 1 Free5) Buy 2 Collagen Drinks Get Hair Skin, And Nails Free6)Buy 1 Keto Coffee Get One Free7) Confianza8)Defining Gel9)2 Day CleanseNew Product: Immunity�Our natural It Works Immunity Is made from the elderberry plants. It helps your immune system, it has a lot of great vitamins in it. Continue reading →

by Donna Catalano, published 27.11.2018
I would like to introduce you to the world of Monat Global. A Hair Care Industry based in Florida. Monat had open its doors four years ago and has been growing fast and strong in the industry. We have built millionaires in Only Four short years.Are youLooking for something to build a generous income? Would you be interested in getting connected with a Multi Billion $ Industry?We have a Cyber Monday Special to Join TODAY Only! Continue reading →


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