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by Colleen Brochu, published 17.09.2019
Hi There, My name is Colleen and I have been a Registered Dental hygienist in Canada for over 10 yrs, I have struggled with neck/ back pain and have worried alot about my future moving forward. I started looking online about a year and a half ago trying to find a online opportunity that would allow me more time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom. So then I found a wonderful group and started working as an Affiliate Marketer for a high ticket item. Continue reading →

by Jean David Renaud, published 03.10.2019
Have you already imagine having the five more lucrative industries in the world all in your hands? Technology, e-commerce, e-learning, Forex and travel, all those 5 industries united on a single platform backed by artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology where you can generate unlimited income? That is what MELiUSoffers you. It is an e-learning company located in Dubai and created by founders who believe in innovation and personal development and financial freedom. Continue reading → Ad Pro Ebook with free Affiliate Software for lifetime earningswith World's largest affiliate commission opportunity.This software will increase your earnings amazingly.This will increase your earnings as you have never thought.It's the time to grow up with your earningsLimited time period offer.Do hurry before offer ends.Get enrolled for high commission offers with one time low cost purchase and lifetime membership. Continue reading →

by Michael Tibble, published 05.10.2019
Hi, Welcome to Chari-Co Marketing Chari-Co stands for Charity Co-operative. Everything working together to help everyone especially those in need. Chari-Co is the first Marketplace of it's kind because it combines eCommerce, MLM, Multi Level Affiliate Marketing & Charity. This means that members may sell anything they like as they become vendors NOT distributors, subject to our Prohibited Products Policy. Continue reading →

by Ebony Ward, published 05.10.2019
Everybody is looking for ways to lose weight without have to do anything extreme. A lot of people have tried alot of different weight loss programs, and were never successful. There are alot of things that people do not know when it comes to using different things to help the weight loss process. There are people who are coming to realization that its better to lose weight the natural way, than to take stuff that have all types of chemicals in them. Continue reading →

by Chikeze Jessica, published 05.10.2019
Morning darlings!!!! I'm back with another opportunity and a better one in fact. Why? Because in this website YOU control your profits with how much time and money you invest in it. So I'll stop blabbering and get to the point.MyADSUP is website created to view ads and be paid for it.....using bitcoins. A lot of us probably have heard about bit coins.. Some are scared of it..some don't care and some of you (like me) are either benefitting from it or curious and interested in. Continue reading →

by Princess Johnson, published 23.09.2019
Hi, my name is Princess Johnson. I am a single mom of 2 young adults. I work full-time and found myself wanting to create a lane that was just for me. My full-time job as an executive assistant was not allowing me to be very creative and I needed an outlet... so I created my own lane, somewhere that I had creative control and could create experiences. So, the most creative space I could find was in the travel industry. Continue reading →

by Agnes Oladejo , published 05.10.2019
Everyday we face several health challenges directly and indirectly. Considering high rates of emerging diseases and sudden death, it is believed and the reality has come to stay that Preventive Medicine is key in all things. Numerous household materials are available and Business Opportunities abound! Many people may have had different views about this industries in the past but now and presently, they are evolving and keep improving in all ramifications. Continue reading →

by Line Lajeunesse, published 05.10.2019
Vous voulez un complément de salaire sans trop d'investissement au départ ? Pas de kit à acheter ni de quotas de vente à atteindre. Vous aimez les produits de beauté et vous voulez partager votre passion avec votre entourage ou tout simplement les offrir en cadeaux aux anniversaires ou dans le temps des Fêtes ?En vous inscrivant, vous obtenez une boutique virtuelle gratuite et vous pouvez profiter de 25% à 50% de rabais sur les produits. Continue reading →

by Saairez Ali, published 05.10.2019
Whale investments passive income 1-2 days accrual verses annual banks sign up here you want the laptop lifestyle where you can work and earn with just a couple of minutes each day this investment is going worldwide that is accrued on a daily basis you can invest from 20$ to 100,000$ and get your profits daily have an interest here https://whale-investments. Continue reading →

by Hope Chapman, published 05.10.2019
Love to travel? Start a work from home business travel more, earn more and experience more. Earn from what you are already doing anywayNo experience needed, all training and support provided.Hope Chapman, founder of Star Light Luxury Travels, where we don’t just book trips, we create Travel Events. As the founder of this organization, it is my mission to give you more than just a trip, my aim for you is to have an ultimate travel experience. Continue reading →

by Kurt Bruggeman, published 05.10.2019
hi, everyoneI look for help to work together on a project of mehere is my proposition it's in a very beginning stage I have always dreamed to help new people and people who live in poverty so I look for help first for free and later on we can talk about the payment but if we promote trough jvzoo we can split it fifty-fifty but my problem is on facebook I can not create email list and so on I will really appreciate if someone is willing to spend his energy together whit me on my project we get paid as we grow I even like to teach how to use the right mindset haw to get the right focus to learn marketing ore affiliate marketing ore mail marketing they are so many ways how we can help but I will not tell them you can earn like that if it is not I have tested so many in my way in the finest details that did not work there are so many scams out there this is what I working on https://www. Continue reading →

by Samantha Selik, published 05.10.2019
My business is doing huge things you guys!!! I have all natural nutritional sprays to help with sleep, brain activity, energy, wait loss, and more!!!! I just jumped out and launched a new brand of essential oils, that are amazing for the skin and make the house smell good! I also sell the top brand of CBD products with the US Hemp Authority seal! I have hemp hair care line. I have tincture with and without thc in 500mg and 750 mg and 1500mg and with different flavors! Continue reading →

How easy does an object fall under gravity?How certain are we that night comes after day.How surely is winter going to be followed by spring .And with what assurance do we know that autumn comes after summer.How did we predict with millimeter precision when and where man will land on the moon.How does man come to an understanding that all these are true.Simply by observation and the repetitive nature of these events we are certain there are laws and principles that govern them. Continue reading →

Technavio reported that the Skincare Industry is predicated to increase USD45 Billion between 2018-2023 this growth is attributed to the presence of premium skincare brands as consumers becoming interested in expanding knowledge about skincare which will help premium brands expand their marketshare by their digital presence. Join in on the marketshare growth with the No.1 Premium Skincare brand who is the No. Continue reading →

by Neil Shenton, published 04.10.2019
Hi I'm Neil, 54 yr old and live in Melbourne Australia, I'm from England originally, but feel lucky to live here in OZ. I was not particularly looking for an opportunity, however when I saw the ibuumerang opportunity, I had no choice but to get involved. It's and extremely simple concept to understand and a new business model. We give away free codes so customers can access a private website to save money on Travel, booking Hotels, cruises, Rental cars etc. Continue reading →

by Prakash Kunjeer, published 04.10.2019
I can't help but think of lyrics of Frank Sinatra's hit song, My Way:I've lived a life that's fullI've traveled each and every highwayBut more, much more than thisI did it my wayYes, at this stage of my life I am reasonably content. But I must say that being yourself is not easy.There is constant pressure from every sphere- personal, work, family, friends- to drift away from being yourself. Continue reading →

by Tony Lee Hamilton, published 04.10.2019
What is a Downline Builder?Do you want and/or need more referrals to your network Marketing and/or Affiliate Marketing Home Based Business?Silly question, right?Of course, all of us who are earning an income online would love more leads and referrals to our online businesses. A Downline Builder indeed can and will increase those for you & VIP Downline builder launched on 15 July 2019 so now is a great time to get started there. Continue reading →

by Kayode Ajimoko, published 04.10.2019
Having self confidence is very crucial to the success of whatever we’re doing, it’s extremely difficult to succeed in anything without self confidence. The good thing is that self confidence is a skill that can be developed because no one was born with an endless gift of self confidence. Below are 6 proven tips to improve the level of your self confidence.1) SEE YOURSELF AS YOU DESIRE:- It is very necessary to see yourself with your spiritual eyes what you want to be, because what you cannot see you cannot get. Continue reading →

by Beverly Alteri, published 04.10.2019
Have you heard that Magnolia Design Co. has joined the Direct Sales industry? Do it yourself projects are all the rage and Magnolia is growing fast with their high-end reusable silk screen stencils, chalk paste and inks. People all over the country are tired of paying high prices for their home decor items. We not only sell the products for you to do it yourself, we also teach make n take workshops in your home for one on one training in all the different styles that can be achieved with our chalk paste. Continue reading →

Would it be okay if I showed you how to get paid by the Telecom Industry when you buy your Airtime, Data or subscribe for DSTV, GOTV or Startimes?VTU (Virtual Top Up) Vending is a Highly Lucrative Business & Smart Nigerians are taking advantage of this.Have you ever asked yourself who benefits when you either buy airtime or load data on your phones from the banks or road side vendors?Or wondered why the banks and almost every company you know are now into recharging phones with airtime or data? Continue reading →

by Paul Thusius, published 04.10.2019
If you Are Willing to Learn and Earn, I am offering you a 100% Free Money Making Portal! Highlights: 1. Not MLM 2. 100% FREE.. No Monthly or Annual Subion 3. 100% Hands-FREE Fully Automated Trading Platform Manned By Real Traders. 4. No sending your hard earned funds to a third party other than the broker. 5. Monitor Trades 6. "Secret" HUSH/HUSH (Optional) Income Stream, not tied to MLM that virtually no one knows about. Continue reading →

by Tom Baker, published 04.10.2019
When I first started my network marketing business I was told to make a list, call everyone on that list and invite whoever sounded interested round for a home business presentation. Sounds simple right?Well you guessed it... no one was even remotely interested... and the one ones who were, told me I was being scammed and get out now! So by phone call 20 I gave up! I didn't want to call another person. Continue reading →

by Munesh Kumar, published 04.10.2019
Hi friends,If you are very serious to make money online? This could be the best earning opportunity for you. Because one sale recovers your purchased investment and all other sales will get you all 100% in your pocket. For example, to understand, suppose the product price is $25, you paid $25 and purchased it. Now you are eligible to sell it 100 time or 1000 times @ $25 each and keep all the money in your pocket. Continue reading →

by Hinda Bartoli, published 04.10.2019
Wow! I’ve got some a couple of new MLM businesses, network marketing coming your way and they’re really exciting. I wanted to expose and share with everyone to make some exceptional money earning businesses and companies that you can have a lot of fun with, will be earning tons of money and meet warm, friendly people who care about your success. First day I joined one of the head director of the company called me personally to welcome me to our business! Continue reading →


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