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by Derrick Mkandla, published 30.01.2017
In his very interesting book, Flight Plan to Success, former US Navy Pilot turned Business and Life Coach, JT Debolt, describes how, as ordinary individuals, we can use the Life GPS to chart our way to success in life, in the same way that aircraft pilots and motorists use an electronic GPS to navigate their way to their destination. The difference is that in the Life GPS, the letters G, P, and S do not stand for Global Positioning System, as they do for an electronic GPS. Continue reading →

by Norreese Haynes, published 30.01.2017
Daily Income Method is a new company that is taking the USA by storm. If you are tired of being left behind while other people are becoming financial free then it is time to join Daily Income Method. If you are tired like me then stop making the same mistakes by joining every MLM or network marketing company that just don't work. Daily Income Method is a proven business model that works and it was created by men that understand how to get you real success and results because they have proved it over and over again by their own success. Continue reading →

by Robin Tennille, published 30.01.2017
As a single mother of 5, I couldn’t help but think about what type of legacy would I leave for the next generation? The more I thought about it, the more it worried me and I decided that things in my life had to change. The income from my 9-5 administrative job was not bringing in enough for me to even think about saving extra money to put aside for my family, and course not for the next generation. Continue reading →

by Frank F. Mayes, published 30.01.2017
Hi Everyone, I don't want to give myself a bad reputation here at MLMGateway because I feel it's a FANTASTIC forum and one of the best, if not THE best platform for MLM'ers to gather and share ideas, tips, strategies and our business opportunities. The bad reputation I speak of is "Frank Mayes the Gloom & Doomer" or "Frank Mayes the Conspiracy Theorist." Carrying that tag will only cause you guys to take one look at your email and see that Frank Mayes has published another business announcement and say, "Oh him, I already know what he's going to rail on about today, so I'll just pass on reading whatever he has to say. Continue reading →

by Rockit N Rebel, published 30.01.2017
All of your marketing must have a target.Too many marketers start their journey by doing what everyone else does. They believe that the commercials on TV and the billboards they see while driving on the freeway are effective.Usually, they’re not.Those ads are created and distributed by people who are still playing an old, worn-out game. They think that “getting their name out there” and “brand recognition” are important. Continue reading →

by Brad Turner, published 30.01.2017
I’m so excited that the company I have aligned with have just announced that it will be launching in the U.K. very soon! It is anticipated to open in the UK within 3 months and expected that Europe will follow soon there after.Why am I so excited?This company has literally changed my life. Just 2 years ago I was a totally worn out retail manager, working 60 to 70 hours a week and really struggling in my personal life. Continue reading →

by Layola Adulai, published 30.01.2017
I am not an avid promoter of MLM but after joining I am singing a different tune.This business so simple and easy in such a way dat you see where the money is coming from.If you dnt work you don't work.You start with an intial investment of $25 and you can go all the way up $6400.Can u imagine.And all you need is an active team,an email address,a payment processor and of course Internet . Continue reading →

by Douglas Pettman, published 30.01.2017
Super exited to let you know about a business (finally) that really does what it says it will do. Is there work to do....YES!! From 9 to 5 we make a living but from 5 to 9 we can make a life. If that takes me a few nights a week sacrifice for even a few years its sooooooo worth it!! IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE TODAY!!We want you to #1 HAVE FUN, #2 get out there and make a difference in the lives of those around you who are hurting and in need of something to change their circumstances, #3 making money is of course of utmost importance to all of our survival. Continue reading →

by Fay Jones, published 30.01.2017
If you have searched the internet for a great work from home opportunity, then the one thing that you would agree with me on is that Network Marketing is one of the fastest ways to make money on the internet - it is skyrocketing!Find out how SFI issponsoring OVER 30,000 monthly worldwide without mailing, faxing, or making calls to anyone! If you are saying this sounds good so far but how much will it cost me? Continue reading →

by Maxime Lainé, published 30.01.2017
Reconnu meilleur club de voyages du monde par de nombreuses organisations certifiées. Dreamtrips saura vous faire découvrir les endroits les plus insolites de notre belle planète bleue!Cette société de 12 ans d'expérience fait enfin son apparition en Europe! Voyagez, atteignez l'indépendance financière et la vie sera un rêve! Let's go?Voyez par vous même : Continue reading →

by Alison Cassels, published 30.01.2017
Do you want to create the life you always pictured? Free of the constraints of working for someone else? Would you like to create a business concentrating on health, wellness, weight loss, athletic performance and healthy aging? Do you want to be part of team of like minded people who value health, wellness, and financial success? What if that business had proven results by real people? Would you like the products to be backed by science? Continue reading →

by Anitha Mohanan, published 30.01.2017
Do you want to make $84 per sale? We have 2 unique products which we would like you to promote and sell with us. You can join our program by investing $10, which will be refunded to you when you make your first sale. We are a company based in United Arab Emirates. You can be based anywhere in the world. We will provide you the links to post and the images. When someone clicks on the link you post, they will be redirected to our website and when they pay for the product at checkout you will get paid $84. Continue reading →

Do you know anyone who needs to lose weight? Do you know anyone who wants to manage their weight? If so, I have found the ultimate solution to our society's GREATEST PROBLEM: OBESITY! Being overweight is so debilitating & dangerous yet so difficult to overcome! At Skinny Body Care, we believe everyone deserves a chance to be healthy and fit. It is our commitment to help you get there! Are YOU up for the Challenge? Continue reading →

by Rockit N Rebel, published 29.01.2017
If your head ain't right, nothing else will be.Lots of people call this your mindset. Because I hate cliches (or worse, sounding like everybody else) I prefer the older term, paradigm.Your paradigm is simply the set of values, beliefs and concepts you carry around in your head that puts a spin on everything you see, hear or feel. Unless you think about it, you may never be conscious that you're coloring the world the way you wish to see it, and sometimes missing what's really there. Continue reading →

by Sam Britt, published 29.01.2017
This online toolcan sell multiple products at the same time from your computer and app for your Apple or Android devices.A lot of people now getting involved are taking their existing MLM and Affiliate products to the next level of sales with this online tool.We understand that a personal email is much more valuable than have 1000's of people following you on the social networks. We retrieve email address from the person giving it as opposed to buying it. Continue reading →

Hello, my name is Sharon Rhodes I live in west Texas and I am a marketing consultant with Ambit energy. The company is 10 years old, debt free, and based on integrity!! Something very important to me. I have tried network marketing before but it just was not for me. I love Ambit because I am HELPING people - not trying to sell them something they probably don't need or want. Ambit energy is based in Dallas Texas and was started by Jere Thompson, Jr and Chris Chambless. Continue reading →

by John Deleo, published 29.01.2017
I am with a company that is only available in the USA for now. Soon to expand to Canada and Japan. It is a company that has a whole line of non-psychoactive (THC free) CBD (Cannabidiol). It comes from the cannabis plant better known as hemp. Hemp and marijuana are in the same family.Hemp has many industrial uses, rope, RSHO, textiles and others, whilst marijuana is for recreational use pretty much only. Continue reading →

by Pearlelee Autos, published 29.01.2017
JOIN Eboss NG TODAY AND BE FINANCIALLY FREE... 10K ONE-TIME PAYMENT FOR YOU TO BE ELIGIBLE O RECV X3 IF U ARE UNABLE TO REFER AFTER 30DAYS U WILL GET 30K, NOT A SCAM OR FAKE STUFF.. CHAT 08100018739 ON WHATSAPP FOR MORE INFORMATION Eboss started few weeks ago and many people have earned from it, u either refer to get paid at different levels or you wait after 30days to be credited the amount for each levels, Eboss won't run away with your money, eboss has been registered with CAC ( Corporate affairs cOmmission) you need to invest just a one-time 10,000 and you can earn huge amount of money. Continue reading →

by Mack Buckley, published 29.01.2017
Yes! You can r-e-a-d. Generate 100% Commissions FOR LIFE! PAID DIRECTLY TO YOU! Before I get into all that...let me tell you how much I stand behind this product. It's what I was looking for as a network marketer. I've tried many things...this system nailed it. I'll be honest...when I first wrote this announcement I was 359 words short. Lol. I don't like to waste time. This testimonial came due to the fact I couldn't get you straight to the information. Continue reading →

by Dr Guy Etienne, published 29.01.2017
How many times have we tried and failed ? Was it the company, the product , the comp plan , our associates?Have you missed the other so called...Revolutions......this is your chance to redeem yourself because what I am presenting to you today has all the ingredients needed for success and I can also show you the blueprint to follow .This is a debt free, 6 year old , publically traded health and telecom company doing business in 195 countries , with sales of 157 Millions in 2015 , 320 Millions in 2016 , poised to become one of the premier 2 Billion dollar network marketing company. Continue reading →

by Kirsty Billings, published 29.01.2017
Hi everyone!I'm really excited to share my business opportunity with you all! I started my journey just over a year ago as a newly married mum of two. I worked 40-60 hours a week and all my wages were spent on childcare! I was searching for something that I could do at home around my family but not miss out on valuable family time. I was very quickly met by lots of people from different businesses pressurising me into looking at their business and trying their products. Continue reading →

by Erwin Schuler Junior, published 29.01.2017
Hi, my friend :)My business is to buy click for my blog that my webpage is higher in search ptogramms.200 clicks are 50$But the cashback of clicks is 300$I think that is great. You too? Let try it!So in my System you buy 1 click to 0.25 and companys pay 1$/click. So you earn money.Your profit will be 1%/day.You can by up to 1000 token (click packages) to 50$And earn each day 500$ as cashback!!Try it with one token and lern to have fast profit :)The registration is for free. Continue reading →

by Jack Cook, published 29.01.2017
I'm very excited to announce the New 3 x 7 Legacy Matrix from SBC. For those of you who have seen the 5 min video you already know that SBC has a fantastic pay plan! The Legacy will start on 1 Feb 2017! You must have 100BV by 01/31/2017 (midnight) to participate in the Matrix! This is in addition to the Compensation Plan already listed! This will help those who are serious about wanting a home based business, from a Company who has quickly risen to one of the MOST Admired on the Internet! Continue reading →

by Roy Canete, published 29.01.2017
I have been working on various business opportunity both online and offline for almost 20 years now but it was not until 2 years ago that I've encountered what I believe is the real foundation of success especially on the internet.It all started in my college days when one of my close friend invited me to attend a business opportunity presentation which open up my eyes to the entrepreneurial world. Continue reading →

It's not a secret (perhaps unknown by a few) that finding a common connection when you are speaking to a network marketing prospect, is crucial.But when is it a good idea to find the common connection with a prospect, and when is it best to just let them go quickly?That's what I want to focus on in this business announcement, and help you to know when you should "chat" with a prospect, and when to stay focused on the . Continue reading →


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