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An “OLD SCHOOL GUY” has learned the secrets of success it in the MODERN ERA...Please read carefully - I promise it'll be worth your time: Starting at the beginning is important: From a technical standpoint, I have been a website designer and had have run a marketing company for a long time. I’ve been an independent business owner for over 30 years. I was never a super "techy" guy, my strengths were business strategies and creativity. Continue reading →

by Tres Gemini, published 03.02.2017
I have been looking for a buyer of my TBC, i will selling same price of network marketing and you will not regret to buy with me, because every day is the price is going up and never go down,everyday is up 1 to 5 % everyday.. i promote my TBC because this is a first abundance crypto currency. TBC is The Billion Coin the first abundance crypto currency in the world.. 1 TBC Price 1,240 USD People keep asking me the same question! Continue reading →

by Phyllis Dawkins, published 03.02.2017
55 Safe and legal tax deductions is a great book showing you 55 safe and legal tax deductions you probably never heard about or even knew check it out on this link are some other titles your sure to enjoy check them out today65 ways to make your car last a lot longer14 Japanese recipes18 ways to make money on the streets50 Extra uses for Common Household items5 Things you never knew your cell phone can dojust go to barnes and noble. Continue reading →

by Calixte Kanani, published 03.02.2017
Questra Holding is a good opportunity to invest the capital (you can earn 4 to 6% of your capital every week during a year) but also to win interesting bonuses if you can build a team. The Holding is made up of 2 entities namely Atlantic Global Asset Managment (AGAM) which is the investment fund and Questra World which is the promotional company. It is a company that has proved its worth because it has existed since 2009. Continue reading →

My name is Walter, I am online marketer with an eCommerce company. Good day.You will get more information of this great opportunity, to join free and use the great ecommerce platform.I invite you to take a closer look into it. It is really easy and because of that very fast growing.Right after your free registration you immediately get the following benefits:- Immediately start with the ecommerce platform to offer more then 300million+ of products over the internet- get provision from every sale your platform creates-provision payed from every sale worldwide with any suppliers attached-more than 300'000'000 products already in the platform-more that 10'000 suppliers and name brand manufacturers-all important areas of possible sales such as trafels, flights, hotels, and so on- get great provision by recommending the eCommerce platform through your personal landing pages- Plus free back office-promote and sale your own products as wellSo why don't you take this chance and sign up right away? Continue reading →

by Frank F. Mayes, published 03.02.2017
The sad fact is that most of us were taught how to be broke. Brainwashed, really, to be stuck in crappy, low paying, stressful, dead end jobs. And if you were R-E-A-L-L-Y brainwashed, as most of us were, you entered kindergarten, went to elementary school, junior high school, then high school, encouraged to get good grades, graduate from high school, encouraged to go to college, cuz you GOT to go to college to get REALLY edgemecated to get a really goooooooood job. Continue reading →

Hi All, I have been involved with GMA (GetMyAds) for 2 months and boy I have just been blown away by the results. For those that are REVSHARE junkies this will be right up your alley including those that have big list let’s just say THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER. The best thing about GetMyAds is it has allowed me to make money continuously and effortless but at the same time it’s not a QUICK GET RICH SCHEME. Continue reading →

by Mary Barnette, published 03.02.2017
Hello! I'm Managing Director, Mary Barnette, with Stream Energy. How does not having to pay for a light bill or cell phone bill sound? That's right. Stream has a Free Everything program. When associates gather 15 energy customers, they get their bill paid for. And when associates gather 15 cell phone lines with Stream Wireless, they get an $85 check each month. That's two bills you pay each and every month you'd no longer have to worry about. Continue reading →

by Brandi Rollins, published 03.02.2017
Please allow me to tell you a little about the beachbody experience. I have personally lost 8 pounds since I started as a coach for beachbody. They have some awesome workouts that come with a specialized meal plan that suggests that you replace one meal a day with a shakeology shake. I was apprehensive about the shakes at first, but they're delicious! Also, you don't have to work the business side if you join, you can just enjoy the discounts on the shakeology. Continue reading →

by Melanie Silvestre, published 02.02.2017
I stumbled across this business venture via a social media platform. I have always been a candle and jewelry lover and loved the concept of a piece of jewelry unveiling from the wax at some point. I did a little, I mean very little, research and paid my fee to start a new venture. I had always wanted to do something to meet some new people and make a little extra money. So, I waited patiently for my kit to ship to my door. Continue reading →

Me llamo Renato y soy distribuidor independiente en Barcelona para PM-International FitLine y BeautyLine, productos que le ayudarán a lograr estos objetivos, incluso en una edad avanzada.Los suplementos alimenticios de nuestra serie FitLine son altamente nutritivos, incluyen un único Concepto de Transporte Nutricional NTC transporta los nutrientes a los lugares donde nuestro cuerpo lo necesita exactamente y cuando son necesarios, a nivel celular. Continue reading →

Everyday, I read on various sites, how home based business opportunity and work from home seekers get "Scammed". They get lured in with unrealistic promises, low start-up cost and guarantees to make a large amount of money in a short period. The list goes on and on.100% Free Work From Home And Home Based BusinessSeveral of these "Scams" begin with a short free video to attract you to the opportunity only to lead you to a payment section, where you need to pay a fee, if you are interested in moving forward. Continue reading →

by Duane La Touche, published 02.02.2017
Hello all, I have noticed in these announcement threads that no one either reads these messages or even respond to the long messages people take the time to write. So I am going to make this brief and straight to the point. If anyone has any questions or wants to know more about my opportunity, you are free to send me a message.The company I work for is a Network Marketing opportunity where we specialize in credit restoration. Continue reading →

by Richard Rondeno, published 02.02.2017
Financial Freedom Have you wondered how can you can get free from a stressful lifestyle and enjoy more relaxation while putting in your grind. I have set up multiple business opportunities where it can help solve people problems and instill more confidence in them. There are many ways to create solutions therefore I have a few opportunities where you can improve your life. Therefore one of the companies I am promoting are Easy1Up where it teaches you how to maket your business for all the marketers who want to extend there base where it can make making money or significant cash flow by expanding your other businesses a lot easier plus it offers you the resources and the video training to expand your business plus its an unique opportunity. Continue reading →

by Joseph Botelho, published 01.02.2017
How would you like to turn your spending habits into saving habits? You can also earn commissions and gold all at the same time. Do you currently have a financial plan for you to retire say in the next 5 to 10 years or less? Most people do not have a plan in place and live pay check to pay check, which one are you?Remember the numbers never lie, so when you review your portfolio, you will understand what you have to do. Continue reading →

by YUriy Kasatkin, published 01.02.2017
It makes no difference how you get into the office of the kirti-block site, at the invitation of a frend, casual touch of a button, by sending to social networks - IMPORTANT!!! - From that moment in your hands an instrument to earn money, which you need to "learn how to use" for example as a carpenter a plane, apparently not difficult, but on the little things... With these details, and will continue, to this point, you already have a good basis to start working, one Kirti-Block in the form of a bonus, the opening and closing that every day, you will earn on your balance money, as earnings growth (excluding its attachments) to grow your career with an additional referral percentage in case of you have invited or purchased from refferals system. Continue reading →

by Andy Colquhoun, published 01.02.2017
Heard this before? Yes so had I, but I'd never actually said it about any program I was involved in: UNTIL NOW.Trade Coin Club has been running smoothly in pre-launch since December and was finally launched last weekend in Belize (where the Head Office is situated).Quite simple, it gives everyday people like you and I the opportunity to join and get involved in trading in the most popular digital currencies out there, e. Continue reading →

by Frank F. Mayes, published 01.02.2017
I've been in the network marketing/home-based business arena for almost 20 years. But also, I've owned and operated my own income tax service even longer. Since income tax season is upon us I feel it appropriate to share a question I'm asked every year. Frank, "What can I do to save paying so much in taxes?" And I shake my head and respond the same way every year with "Start a home-based business! Continue reading →

by Pete Morgan, published 01.02.2017
Hi My name is Pete Morgan and I live in Western Australia and was originally from London in the UK. I have been involved in MLM for over 4 years but have been recently very excited to join the Isagenix team for three main reasons; Number 1, I know two people who have been involved with the Isagenix business for 6 years. I have known them personally for 8 years and I can absolutely trust what they tell me about their experience, the products and their income levels. Continue reading →

Hello! everyone, My name is Marie, I have a wonderful son and12 stuffed animals. I like to eat exotic food, I enjoy traveling,especially by air and I am very fortunate to be part of a wonderful network marketing company, WOR(l)D Global Network (WGN). Please read on and you will see why so many people are attracted to this publically traded company. The stock symbol is WRMT. WOR(l)D is in 195 countries. Continue reading →

by Brad Walker, published 01.02.2017
Hello, my name is Brad and I truly believe the principle that if you help others become successful, you will also be successful. If you are like me, there is always too much month at the end of the money. I have spent a lot of time searching for a way to make additional income without having to spend a ton of money on things like advertising and leads. In my search I have found and tried things that no sane person should ever attempt but not too long ago I came across a business that really makes a lot of sense. Continue reading →

by Tarziu Cristian Mihai, published 01.02.2017
You want to improve your health, and financial condition, with a product, exceptional 100% natural? Now's your chance with this amazing product, worldwide! This is simply hard to believe, but it's true. A brand new company called B-EPIC has an all natural energy, mood elevation, mental clarity, and performance enhancement product called ELEV8, and it is truly incredible. If you like energy drinks or coffee, you will love this product. Continue reading →

by Jessica Michel, published 01.02.2017
Hi, my name is Jessica from South Florida, USA. I am a creative newbie entrepreneur looking for ways to make money and to help others make money as well. I am also a freelance social media manager and like to post ads and content to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram. I also create sites using Wix and Wordpress like my company idea I have since 2012 - organization originally was called JHM's World Full Service Company, but now renamed to Humanitarian Angels, Inc. Continue reading →

by Kwame Johnson, published 01.02.2017
Hello, Do you like to help others? Do you enjoy being healthy? I know you answered yes to both of these questions. As a father, Husband, and brother I want the best for my family. I'm not here to "pull a fast one", nor do I have a bunch of "get rich quick" talk. What I do have is a genuine opportunity! The opportunity to be physically and financially fit. Our products are everyday products we buy for our households. Continue reading →

by Nadine Pierre, published 01.02.2017
I shall be moving to Cyprus in the next couple of months. I would love to behold and establish my business on the beautiful island. If I can do it, you can don’t be thatperson anymore!We’ve all done it, promised that we’ll exercise and adhere to a healthy diet, we’ve signed up at the gym and kidded ourselves that “the new fabulous me” will be along soon with family and friends showering you with envy and compliments. Continue reading →


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