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by Contrenia Fluker, published 26.07.2016
The excitement is palpable in the Vida Divina community. CEO, Armand Puyoult, who is an 8-figure earner and has more than 20 years in the direct sales/network marketing industry has started a company with his wife who is a medical doctor and has created an amazing health and wellness products. Vida Divina has its manufacturing plants as well as packaging plants so the company has lower overhead costs and can afford to have the AMAZING compensation plan that Armand Puyoult has crafted from the heart. Continue reading →

by Liam Howard, published 26.07.2016
The global health business I work is in over 60 countries and counting, in fact we just pre launched over in the UK. We have already impacted around 650,000 lives and aim to achieve one million+ before 2018.This business combines, social and internet marketing, MLM and network marketing all into one platform. Working from an app on my iPhone has not only provided me with a high income, it has given me the chance to spend more time with my family! Continue reading →

by Richard Wyche , published 26.07.2016
ARE YOU PART OF SOMEONE'S STORY: When it’s time for you to leave this earth, how will your story read? How many lives will you have touched and saved? How many people will you have inspired? Will you be looked at as selfish or as a servant leader? How many unhealthy people will you have helped get their life back? How many people, because of you, will get a chance to live a little longer, look their best and feel their best? Continue reading →

by Joseph Botelho, published 26.07.2016
I have been with Karatbars since day one; we do not sell lotion or potions. Karatbars is not MLM business it is an E-commerce business. We do not have levels we all get paid into infinity, what attracted me to this business. We are providing the opportunityfor everyday people to have the ability to purchase 1 gram, 2.5 grams or 5 gram of 999.9 24 karats LBMA approved from an accredited refinery. Karatbars International will not charge you for your website; there are no fees to become a partner if you decide to upgrade to one of the fourpackages,Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP each one has a different commission structure. Continue reading →

by Dennis Chikwayi, published 26.07.2016
How would you like to save up enough money in the next 6 months on clothes and accessories that will make you stand out from being an average person? That would be pretty epic, right? Well, this is entirely possible, and in today’s press release; am going to show you how you can do that. Do you want to be the best dressed man or lady in the room and make money out of it? You are not going to break the bank to get started just with minimal fee of ZMK 150. Continue reading →

My 24 Hour Income is the hottest Rev Share business ever launched! The King Of Revshares Drew Burton has finally created his very own Revshare company. This fantastic opportunity has a very unique never done before Commission Pool System that pays every member referral commissions everyday even if you have NO referrals. Being the top recruiting and top earning guy in other major Revshare businesses Drew Burton knows how to build a Revshare and how to run a Revshare effectively so that it not only performs for its members at maximum capacity but also has maximum longevity. Continue reading →

by Greg Wilson, published 26.07.2016
FINALLY A COMPLETE MARKETING SYSTEMS.If you are tired to marketing your company provided website all over the place and having people go to google and end up joining with another sponsor, then you have to give this system a try...I have been using this new marketing system and it Rocks.All the companies that we belong to have great intensions however every one of them run their sites through a bank of Lawyers and they don't offer a complete Funnel System that will allow you to market a business opportunity. Continue reading →

by Latoya Mah, published 26.07.2016
I would like to introduce you to my business opportunity.It's the fourcornersAlliance group.Maybe you've already heard about this business opportunity and yes it's awesome!The only thing you have to do is signup and refer 4people or more.The work can be done right from home.Are you a stay at home mom or you don't want to go everyday to work?So this is an opportunity for you.You can have more time at home with your family and friends. Continue reading →

by Shelley Turner, published 26.07.2016
Hi am looking for motivated people to join my team am independent distributor for Antiaging,health,beauty and weight management programmes. To join my team you can become a distributor or work your way to the top there is no upfront cost and I will give you full support and guidance along the way all you need to do is be able to use social media for at least an hour a day. You can work around your other work commitments or if your a stay at home mum or dad and don't want to miss out on your little ones growing up then this is perfect as you can work from anywhere as long as you have wifi. Continue reading →

by Kelly Luinstra, published 26.07.2016
I am looking for people who are serious about building a profitable home business and who are willing to commit. You get to work with some of the top directors in the company, one of whom made director in 90 days of joining! Experience is not necessary but must be willing to learn. I started with no experience, and love what I do now! Plus, I don't have to carry inventory if I don't want to. Continue reading →

Hey, MLM Leaders! I'm excited to introduce and EXCLUSIVE oppertunity to partner your MLM with Online Sales Pro to create... Your own Online Marketing System! This is what we have all been waiting for, and it's finally ready! you can use this system to market your MLM for you online 24/7.• Sign up for the 7 Day Free Trial, • Take a look around and get familiar with the system • Go through the Getting Started Training and check out the features. Continue reading →

We believe that to Catch Freedom is to have True Freedom. True Freedom is having both Time Freedom and Financial Freedom at the same time. Many people have the Time Freedom, but don't have the Financial Freedom to allow them to enjoy their time. Many others have obtained Financial Freedom, but don't have the Time Freedom to enjoy what they've worked so hard for. Most though, have neither Time Freedom nor Financial Freedom and are spending their time earning barely enough to keep going, or at best, not as much as they should be earning for their efforts. Continue reading →

SKINNY BODY CARE programs intention is to help each SUCCEED .... THROUGH the company's POWERLINE..teambuild where they place people below you...and other..members advertisings that also add people to your list.As a member...I have placed many pre-enrollees in othermembers genealogy. Many of the people who saw my advertisingand entered as a pre-enrollee are placed in other membersdownlines. Continue reading →

by Donald Lee, published 25.07.2016
You can earn 100% commissions in this business that come in every month residually! That means you get paid for one sale EVERY MONTH. You don't have to worry about continuously working for sales to make the money that you need. The more sales that you make, the more your income grows each month. With 10 sales you can potentially make almost $2000 and with a company that puts you in a position to succeed that gives you amazing marketing tools which will have people calling YOU to join your business there is no excuse to not make the income that you want and the income that you deserve! Continue reading →

Hi Future Global Entrepreneur,Stephen here so glad we could connect. I know your time is just as valuable as mine. I bumped into you by accident, very impressive profile. I’m always looking to connect and network with other sharp, powerful leaders. If I can introduce you to someone in my network that would be valuable for you in your world, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know. Looks like you’re having a great 2016. Continue reading →

by Griet Baelus, published 25.07.2016
"Independent Entrepreneurs of the 21st Century"Why is it that I am so enthusiastic about this business concept? Through this note I want to give you the summary of my perspective, the fuel for my passion. “Why” – why are we, am I, doing this, what is the deeper reason behind all of it? This business concept facilitates a life-style based on freedom. A situation where time and income are available for you to live your life as you want to live it. Continue reading →

by Edward N Balli, published 25.07.2016
Hello Opportunity guests. I have found a multi-level marketing company that offers income opportunities and quality in their products. This company has grown from “0” sales to over $1 Billion in revenue in 5 years. This is a solid company with strong marketing tools. Please see this YouTube Video on Dr Nathan Newman and Stem Cell Technology. and USA opportunities available. Continue reading →

by Dr Oladimeji Afolabi, published 25.07.2016
Good Day Friends.It's a New week and a New Day and I want to remind you of this fact.There is more to your life than you are currently experiencing right Now.Are you really living or just getting by, are you comfortable in your comfort zone thinking you are living your best but still feeling inadequate?Come on wake up now get out from that rot and begin to live life like you are meant to live by starting outNow and don't leave it till your last days and be filled with the feelings of regret- watch the video HERE NOWMake a conscious deliberate decision to make the required changes to your life Now. Continue reading →

If you really want success I will show you how you can guarantee it if you read this article! It is a well documented fact that most people struggle when they try to build an MLM business. In fact over 90% fail to ever get into a regular profit situation. I know these facts are true and accurate because I have been in MLM since the 1980's and a top producer in 3 different companies. I've even started (and sold) my own MLM businesses and I have tracked the success/failure rates carefully. Continue reading →

by Malcolm Mills, published 25.07.2016
Our normal registration fee is £100 which gets you free training forever, websites, mentors, some business cards and brochures plus telephone support from head office and me. Signing just 3 customers in the first 30 days gets that £100 back and lots more bonus payments in the first year. For example another 3 customers within 90 days in total gets another £150 and £500 is available for just 1 customer a week for the first year. Continue reading →

by Richard Wyche , published 25.07.2016
ARE YOU A GREAT PLACEMENT SPONSOR: Being a “great” Placement Sponsor is probably one of the most important leadership roles in network marketing, but sadly… too many people in this industry have no idea what that means. If more companies taught the following strategy, everyone on the team would be much better off. A Placement Sponsor is a person in an organization who has 1 or more people in their level 1 positions, either directly sponsored by you or placed as spillover. Continue reading →

by Jodie Pettifor, published 25.07.2016
Hair lovers, I need you,I have been a hairdresser for 17 years and in that time I have never found a product I have fallen in love with untill now, BEEVER Haircare is a range packet full of natural products locally sauced and made in the uk,it is free from SLS and other harsh chemicals and synthetic detergents, I have had the most amazing experience from clients that have now bough from me, it is a professional salon based product and will never be sold in the high street shops, this is a big point as most professional products end up their and the product ends up been bad and cheap. Continue reading →

by Donald Lee, published 25.07.2016
With a company that will give you access to marketing that will have people asking YOU to join your business, how can you not get paid fast?! We have all of the tools and training that you need in order to be successful in this business and a family-like community that will help you along the way. You may be in the business for yourself but you aren't by yourself when you join us! With a 100% commission compensation plan and the ability to earn up to $175 residually per person who joins your business, you'll be living the life you've always wanted in a short period of time! Continue reading →

by Moses E. Jacob, published 25.07.2016
Financial Freedom Is a choice, if you don't choose it, it will not choose you, but i advice us to join one coin that bring revolutionThe first thing to realize is that financial freedom is more about your mindset on money than having the money itself .Freedom is of many things to different people. depending on how you look at itFreedom for me, is the ability to do what you really want in life, get what you want to get, 1. Continue reading →

by Sandra Scott , published 25.07.2016
Hello everyone, my name is Sandra Scott and I'm a Franchise Owner with a health and wellness company called Vida Divina which is Spanish for Life Divine. We're currently in Free Enrollment until July 31st 2016. The CEO of this company Mr Armand Puyolt wrote the number one compensation plan for another company announced this year. He has spent over 33 million dollars into buying his own company which will launch on Aug. Continue reading →

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