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by Ellis Hathaway, published 14.04.2016
Hello, Im Ellis and a Yellow status qualified younique presenter. I am fairly new to the network marketing business having starting in February this year. Skeptical at first, I joined hoping to earn a few extra pennies and meet a few people along the way. However, as my business has started tobgrow, so has my passion for network marketing and I now couldn't imagine my life without younique!I am looking for enthusiastic and exciting members to join my growing team of younique presenters! Continue reading →

by Jason Alva, published 14.04.2016
Looking for three key individuals wanting to improve their health with our three simple to use, all organic, all natural health products that all work well together. Our products have won awards for our quality and have so many health benefits. These products help with a wide variety of health issues. Three individuals that would like to create residual income for themselves using our incredible system that is already been done for you. Continue reading →

by Beverley Smith, published 13.04.2016
We are a franchise company looking to expand.The name is Juice Plus,however our franchise is called Team tansform. Our products consists of 3 main products each benefit with weight loss, energy boosts, help with hair growth and nail growth, skin conditions,muscle gain and weight gain plus so much more.I work from my phone from where ever I am the general rule for me is if there is wiFi I work! You can work from phone computers lap tops or any device that has the Internet. Continue reading →

by Fikiswa Mabandla, published 13.04.2016
Hello my name is Fikiswa ,I have been involved with network marketing for about two years now. I like MLM because if you work you are rewarded. I am involved with a company called Vizionary that is international. Vizionary is founded by entrepreneurs with more than 35 years combined experience in network marketing ,leadership and business.Vizionary use MLM to market a cryptocurrency called Capricoin. Continue reading →

by Miss Anna Monks, published 13.04.2016
Since joining FM, I haven't regretted taking on this has been the best decision I have made, I am my own boss, work the hours I want and I have made some lovely friends along the way, I am onFacebook so if its easier for you to get in touch with me I will enclose my links for both my profile and group page so you can have a browse on my group page so you get an idea of what FM sell and along the way you will have 100% of my support. Continue reading →

There's a popular phrase that says the best things in life are free!! To me what's even better than free is to get residual income and 50%commissions every month from a business that is absolutely free to start. Just to be clear, there is no sign up fee, no website fees, no join fees! As a matter of fact, I won't even ask you for any payment information to get started and set up.These products are absolutely life changing and people from all over the country are seeing results from these unbelievable health and wellness products that come back with a 100% 60 day money back guarantee if you don't see the results you like. Continue reading →

by Hayley Louise, published 13.04.2016
Hiya ladies,Im hayley and im a younique presenter in united kingdom. Are you trying to look for a business that works around family time and to work in your own time? I have a great oppurtunity here for you. You choose your own hours to work, Your you own boss, You can get paid daily. This oppurtunity is for ladies who like to make other ladies feel good about themselfs. This involves selling make up online to your customers who show intrest. Continue reading →

by Craig Sutton, published 12.04.2016
So I am very please to announce that i have a new website open. please feel free to visit my site and learn about life tree world. You can also contact me with any questions you have.www.ltwnortheast.comWith in the website you will can preview a couple of video, this will give you a over view of the business, and more importantly how you can make unlimited income fromn life tree world. Continue reading →

Hi My name is Debbie and I am working with a fantastic company called Forever Living! we are a$2.6 billion + global business in over 150 countries with an impeccable 35 year track record and are cash-rich and debt free. In the UK our turnover exceeds £40 million and we are holders of the prestigious investors in people accreditation. We are the largest grower of Aloe Vera in the world and the products from fitness and nutrition to makeup and skincare are second to none. Continue reading →

by Brian Adamz, published 12.04.2016
In 35 years online I have never had such success at getting signups. I also made $142 in first two weeks. I have 4 5 new paid members and 121 downline on 4 levels. I never ever had this in any MlM I was in. It was somewhat confusing to understand everything as my mind was constantly telling me that everything online was a scam. THEY HAVE PROVEN ME WRONG!!I would like to invite you to join for free and then ask you to review the entire site. Continue reading →

by Karl Siewertsen, published 12.04.2016
I work with this AMAZING health and wellness company called FuXion. It's a wildly successful Latin American company that is just now expanding into the United States, Australia and Europe. Randy Gage (yes THE Randy Gage... Multiple best selling author of the books on how to succeed in MLM), the incredible Ann and David Feinstein and a team of other GIANTS in the MLM world are leading the expansion. Continue reading →

by Hayley Brown, published 12.04.2016
Hello ladies, My name is hayley im 25 years old and im based in dover kent but i recruit ladies from all over. Im looking to expand my younique make up team and need some more lovely ladies to join me, It could change your life just like it has mine for the better. Its costs just £69.00 to join & £6.95 delievery charge.Its the bestest thing ive done!Could it be the bestest thing you do by joining my team? Continue reading →

by Debbie Garbutt, published 12.04.2016
Hi My name is Debbie and I am looking for ambitious, hardworking , committed people to join me in an amazing opportunity with Forever Living .This is my story .... I have always worked full time with a sales and marketing background and I enjoyed my job the wage was good I liked being under pressure and loved the interaction with people on a day to day basis. All this changed however when I had my daughter and i no longer wished to work full time and my current employer was not willing to look at any other than my full time hours. Continue reading →

by Jeffrey Balbuena, published 11.04.2016
One day I understood that the job system would not provide me with the essential tools needed to accomplish my goals. I decided to step out of that road and place myself on a road where my dreams could be seen as a reality.I started to study the industry of network marketing. While analyzing hundreds of companies ended up with the right one that perfectly works for me. Out of all those great, magnificent companies that forms part of this wonderful industry, I went with the one that is going to contribute to my life on a day to day basis and not only financially, but also contribute the most to my health. Continue reading →

Wouldn't it be nice to be apart of a company and a team that is not only based on work but also building relationship, trust and a support system. Many people join network marketing and struggle, mainly, because there is no support system. Our company is called Wealth Generator it is a financial based business that focus on Forex trading, building a team and providing people with opportunity that will change their life. Continue reading →

by victoria hall, published 11.04.2016
I joined forever living because im due to have my son in next couple of weeks and needed to have money saved up for him. Although i work full time i still wanted to feel like my son has everything he needs. At first i wasnt sure but i got a lot of support from other forever living members and straight away saw my hard work pay off. I made my money back on my starter box i bought in the same month i bought it. Continue reading →

by Debbie Garbutt, published 11.04.2016
Hi My name is Debbie and I started my business at the end of last year , I now have a global business which will offer me total financial security in 5 years not many jobs can say that !. I am ambitious and dedicated to my team and would like to help more people achieve their own dreams and aspirations. Forever living offer the most amazing compensation plan with incredible incentives. If you are willing to put the work in and be dedicated to your goals whether they are short or long term this company will definitely reward you with everything you can desire! Continue reading →

by Tamara Browne , published 11.04.2016
Hello! My name is Tamara, I am a NICU nurse, and have recently started my own business in the Juice Plus Company. I have been taking the Juice Plus products for 10 months now, and have loved them not only for myself but also for my children. This is why I decided to look into the business behind the product.I have three little kids, so am not able to do much nursing work at the moment, and was looking for another way to earn an income from home, without having to put my kids into daycare. Continue reading →

by Yvette Wilkins, published 11.04.2016
Gold is made affordable to even the lower income people. Did you know that a gram of gold can be purchased for less than two carts of cigarettes? Karatbars has made this possible. So why not replace your old going nowhere desires with gold that can allow you to do many things. Gold can be less than one bottle of your most expensive wine. Most people do not know that they have a leakage of extra money each month in their budget. Continue reading →

by Tasha Shines, published 11.04.2016
I work for a company Younique, we sell amazing quality, popular and animal cruelty free make up, skin care and body products. We promote through networking using social networks sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and YouTube. We are trained and get amazing support every single day by other presenters and our sponsors.This company has changed my life for many reasons including my self confidence and of course financially. Continue reading →

by Carmen Marris, published 11.04.2016
Have you heard of the Herbalife24 sports line? No? Great, let me I introduce you to it.It matters not whether you like to go for a gentle nog or you are a serious, elite athlete like the one and onlyChristiano Ronaldo; the Herbalife24 sports line boasts the products that's you as an individual need in order that you prepare correctly, train correctly and recover well after.We are proud to be the first 24 hour sports nutrition line. Continue reading →

Have you ever heard of "Hydrogenized Water" before? I bet you haven't. NPUSA introduces hydrogenized water called IZUMIO to the Americans, almost every one of whom tends to have health issues. This is the whole reason that you should join our team in NPUSA (Naturally Plus USA), which landed in US in August, 2014. A brand new company with unbelievably awesome products - WHAT A SKY HIGH POTENTIAL! Continue reading →

by Jade Gustavsson, published 10.04.2016
AMBITIOUS LEADERS WANTED to pioneer 4yr US$1 BILLION Anti-Aging Company MASSIVE Global Expansion Now ON!What a way to start my business announcement right?Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Jade and I am from a country town in the middle of central Queensland Australia. You would think being in a town of only 15,000 people would have its limitations however I can tell you differently. With over 5 years experience within MLM (and my fair share of failures) I have proven to myself and the world that anything is possible growing my last team to over 350 from my home (with the help of social media and a small thing called planes). Continue reading →

by Carmen Marris, published 10.04.2016
I am looking for ten individuals who are coachable, honest, disciplined and want to work from home with a 31 year old company while getting healthy and helping people reach their nutritional requirements. Working from home offers the opportunity to work your own hours around your children, work or any other commitments. There are paid holiday opportunities, great compensation plan, fun filled events and incentives along with the chance of changing your health for the better. Continue reading →

by Debbie Garbutt, published 09.04.2016
Hi My name is Debbie and I joined Forever Living at the end of last year and so far it has been an amazing and eye opening journey.Here is my story..... before Forever I have always worked hard in sales and marketing and I enjoyed it, long hours and working under pressure where the norm and that was fine until I started a family and then things changed. I was endlessly looking for part time positions which are scarce and the pay was definitely not what I was used too! Continue reading →

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