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by Jeff Garvin, published 11.03.2017
Hi, I'm Jeff an independent distributor with Advocare. Advocare was started in 1993 and has grown since. I have been with the company since January 2017. I just started because I needed more energy and was introduced to the product. It is a health and wellness company with weight loss, muscle toning energy and vitamin supplements. When I tried the energy drink I loved it because it gave me the energy to get through my work day. Continue reading →

by Da Mascht, published 10.03.2017
Es handelt sich hier um ein Investment Unternehmen aus der Schweiz! Gegründet im Dezember von Phil Steiner er war vorher bei der Finanzbehörde tätig im Bereich Mehrwertsteuer. Die Einnahmen kommen vom Handel mit Forex , Kryptowährungen und Immobilien. Davon werden 80% an die Investoren ausgeschüttet und mit dem Rest baut die Firma weiter aus. .Dort gibt es Trader die für sie traden , ihre Einlagen werden mit einem 6 stelligen Fond abgesichert ,Sie haben die Möglichkeit zu investieren oder auch selber Copy Traden,Investment Pläne:Standard: 50-5000$, 3 Monate Laufzeit , bis 1,5% Rendite täglich, Zins wird direkt reinvestiert ,nach den 3 Monaten erhalten Sie ihre Einlage zurück plus RenditeStandard Simple: 50-5000$ , 3 Monate Laufzeit ,bis 1,5 Rendite Täglich, den Zins kann man sich jederzeit auszahlen , nach den 3 Monaten erhalten Sie ihre Einlage zurückSilver: 100-10000$ 6 Monate Laufzeit , garantierter Wöchentlicher Zins von 4% , Einlage gibt es nach 6 Monat zurückGold: 100-10000$ 12 Monate Laufzeit, garantierter Zins von 20% monatlich , nach 12 Monaten gibt es die Einlage zurückLifetime: 500-10000$ unbegrenzte Laufzeit , garantierter monatlichr Zins 15% , Einlage gibt es nicht mehr ZurückSie können auch mehrere Invests gleichzeitiggleichzeitig laufen lassen. Continue reading →

by Melanie Silvestre, published 10.03.2017
Those of you that are familiar with Jewelry In Candles, you will be excited to know, we have yet another kit available. That is right, two kit opportunities available to start your own business. Originally, you could join for only $99 and that was and still is a great deal, but we wanted to cater to those with a smaller investment budget. Starting today, you can enroll in your own business for as little as $49 plus tax and shipping. Continue reading →

by Shaniece Williams, published 10.03.2017
How many people you know with less than perfect? Do you need a Living Will and Trust and POA? Would you like an extra income? Would you like to achieve financial success? Let me help you!Financial Education Services offer a variety of financial services and remain committed to creating opportunities for highly motivated, coach-able individuals that pledge to offer our members a positive experience. Continue reading →

by Gïrëêsh Shåûrýà, published 10.03.2017
We all seeing in our online work that bitcoin growing quickly then our espectations . so we need to grow our bitcoins instead of USD amount . most of investment projects ,where we invest btc they return back in current USD according to current rate. . example. We invest today 1btc mean $1200 and we getting 1% daily return on our $1200 . so after 1 month we will get return $1560 . and after 1 month bitcoin rate go up to $1600 then what will we get. Continue reading →

HOW TO SAVE 20% Cashback to shop your own way, Shop at all your favorite stores, No need to adjust your shopping habits and Realize residual income between $ 20 - $ 1200 a day and plan financial security for the rest of your life. Global Savings Plan (GSP) Manual Non-MAP store: Our definition of a non-MAP store is any retail store that sells retail items and offers the customer a point of sale (POS) or purchase receipt of which is not a part of our “Merchant Advertising Platform. Continue reading →

by Robin Grayson, published 10.03.2017
What are you looking for? When researching for that perfect fit business, you should have questions. There are so many business opportunities online it's amazing what you will find. I know you have have more questions than these in your search but these two carry the most emphasis in finding and starting a new business. What down the fundamentals Who, What, When, Where and How. This is so elementary but we should be able to answer these questions to create success in our everyday life. Continue reading →

by Nathalie S Proulx, published 10.03.2017
I'm not a network marketing woman, I'm not the kind to sell products and I'm not interested at all. I do not know a thousand people around me.Overview: Our exclusive Global Savings Plan offers members the ability to save thousands of dollars throughout the year by offering discounts, coupons, and cash back on everyday purchases. What makes this membership unique is the ability to shop at the same stores without any change to your normal buying habits. Continue reading →

by Carmen Vos, published 10.03.2017
Do you know about HeloLX? Stress free health monitor. Advanced wearable technology with profit sharing. It is the only wearable on the market that will take your blood pressure and will give you an ECG report. HELOLX can also monitor your loved ones vitals. As well as the SOS and GPS locator. You may have seen something similar but HeloLX is very different. Mood sensors, calories, steps, distance, heart rate, breath rate, sleep and energy to name a few of the amazing features. Continue reading →

by John Sev Mesias VII, published 10.03.2017
☆ PRINCIPLE/ IDEOLOGY OF TBC AND ITS GAINS ☆1TBC = $3000 for only today.You have TBC already? If yes, you made a smart decision.The principle of having TBC gives you the following :1. 1-5% daily increase in value.2. Time to talk about TBC to non holders , either face to face discussions or with social media. Share the wealth message of TBC.3 . Create your TBC market for sales . Ensure you dont sell off all your TBC's. Continue reading →

by Anthony Maynard, published 10.03.2017
The more I talk to people about their futures and what they are willing to do to achieve their goals. The more I've come to realize that everyone loves the idea of financial freedom but no one is willing to do the work that is required to get to that point. Especially because no one understands that as a business owner, waiting for your customers to come in takes time. The time taken to patiently wait is apart of the "work" required to making those desired dreams come true. Continue reading →

by William F Mcgill, published 10.03.2017
We need a Funding partner. We are launching two programs that produce an ADDITIONAL income tax refunds for many taxpayers. The first is an income tax benefit for foreclosure victims. There are over 4,000,000 who qualify for the program. The ‘additional’ refund (from which we receive 30%) ranges from $1,500 to $15,000. (Visit and see the attached press release). Our consulting agreement with the taxpayer allows us to receive and deposit the refund. Continue reading →

by Jonathan E Rudd, published 10.03.2017
Every now and then an opportunity comes along that is life changing. The problem is, most networkers are not able to spot these opportunities because they treat their businesses like hobbies instead of like a business. The reasons? They are NOT leaders!So what is a leader? Is it someone who can recruit a thousand people into their opportunity? Or, someone who has tons of people following them? Here's a surprising answer for you. Continue reading →

by Rob Ragnarsson, published 09.03.2017
Hello Everyone, We will pay to start your business today! Just Launching - You could have Hundreds, even Thousands of people placed under you if you get in now. This is the MOST Powerful Home-based Business System ever developed. We will PAY YOUR WAY IN Today! Then, we'll pay for all your prospects and all their prospects. Scientists and Doctors are calling our patented, one-of-a-kind exclusive product the "Holy Grail" of anti-aging formulas. Continue reading →

This is the next, very exciting phase of the LikesXL business which will ensure fantastic growth while also building long term sustainability.In this Newsletter, we will be covering the following… New LikesXL Bids Pack Existing LikesXL PR and Reward Packs New 12-layer compensation plan New 12-layer leader’s compensation plan New and existing membership fees Ad view and commission payments New state of the art WB21 payment solution Updated LXLPro sales funnel Additional external revenue streams New LikesXL Bids Pack We realised that only a tiny percentage of LikesXL AP’s were actually using the advertising they were purchasing with the PR and Reward Packs. Continue reading →

by Ryan de Beer, published 09.03.2017
There's been a lot of talk about The Billion Dollar Coin. TBC is a community, privately based membership. Once you purchase The Billion Coin, you automatically become a member. The Billion Coin was launched March 2016 and operates almost exactly the same way as Bitcoin and was Encrypted with a simple URL web type wallet but was later upgraded due to some critical features it lacked. You have a TBC wallet tbc004. Continue reading →

by Sarah Gerken, published 09.03.2017
AMP is coming! Have you always wanted to get in on the ground floor of the 'next big thing'? Here's your chance! Two years ago, in 2015, the 2 largest App Stores made 75 Million Dollars PER DAY! This year, on January 1, 2017, the Apple Store had over $240 Million in sales. That's just one day! Don't miss this amazing opportunity to cash in on apps with what WILL be 'The Netflix of Apps! Continue reading →

by Germaine Buttram, published 09.03.2017
coverageINTRODUCING our NO BOSS LIFESTYLE, We are eliminating bosses, Get up and go through the same pattern everyday put on the same outfit, eat the same vending machine lunch like it tastes good, sit at the same desk & see the same picturesand get whatever days the bosssay you can have off, off. Sit in rush hour traffic for hours, racing to get to the grocery store to cook dinner, haven't seen your kids all day frombeing at work all day. Continue reading →

by Anthony Stewart , published 09.03.2017
I hear that all the time! New business owners really think that those who are successful in this industry have some secret sauce or magic that leads them on the road to financial independence.So what I decided to do is to teach them this special sauce.You want to learn?I am not promoting a business, i am promoting an industry! An industry that has given me so much over the years and I feel its time to give back. Continue reading →

by Patricia Varner, published 09.03.2017
I am with an amazing company that is changing lives every day. The products are amazing and the benefits that the company offers, oh where do I begin? As a product advocate trying to make a living and stay home with my son getting people to sit down and listen/watch a overview for 20 minutes can be hard. I am not a great presenter, but I love helping people. I want you to remove the toxins from your home like I have. Continue reading →

by Earnest Wills, published 09.03.2017
Have you ever noticed how your dollars buy less and less? When I first got married in 2010, my wife and I paid very close attention to our budget. One of the things wemonitored extremely closely were groceries because the amount we spent differed from month to month. Back in 2010, we purchased a gallon of milk from our local Aldi's for exactly $1.99. Seven short years later, that same gallon of milk costsMORE THAN$3. Continue reading →

by Jeff Garvin, published 09.03.2017
Hi, I'm Jeff an independent distributor with Advocare, a health and wellness company. It was started back in 1993 so it has been around for some time. I just started on this journey in January 2017. I work in a warehouse all day and needed some energy to get through the stressful day. Well, my sister introduced me to this amazing product that Advocare has called "Spark", and I found that it gave me plenty of energy and got me to moving. Continue reading →

by Tatiana Perčak-Bilynets, published 09.03.2017
Spring started on 1 March. Sun is based on earlier, birds started to sing and once again we feel heat solar radiation. Despite the above factors, many of us feel more exhaustion as in the winter period. If you feel it also, don't from the charge, you are not to yourself, 30 - 50% of the population feels the same. Whatever we call it as "spring lethargy".Precise reasons for spring lethargy is not detected. Continue reading →

by Anthony Cairns, published 09.03.2017
First: Last year my gold rose 29% and has averaged 12.4% every year since 2002! There is no wine, property, classic car, bank which could have given me a better return that that. My bank is giving me 0.01% this year and inflation is over 2% I have no idea why anyone who knows about gold, isn’t buy some. It’s affordable and easy to get hold of through Karatbars. On 20th April 2014 I didn't think I could afford gold! Continue reading →

It took a long time but finally I have discovered an affiliate program on the Internet that I can make money out of and which doesn't reek of that dreaded word 'SCAM'! A bit about me. I was made redundant from my 'day job' in 2000 from a company that I had worked for over a period of 19 years in a senior management role. Upon being retrenched It did not take long for me to appreciate that at the ripe 'old' age of 53 there were very few employers out there who were willing to take the chance of employing somebody at my age no matter what skills I had earned over the years. Continue reading →

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