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by Udo Hoffmann, published 25.02.2017
Why We're Printing Money Simply put, The Government wants to spend more money than it is able to borrow. Since the government has access to the Federal Reserve (FED) it simply directs it to print the money and then borrows it at a low interest rate. When the government wants to spend more money in its annual budget than it gets from taxation, licencing, fees it simply borrows it by selling government bonds (U. Continue reading →

by Jeff Garvin, published 25.02.2017
Are you looking to lose weight, tone your body or just looking for more energy? Then look no further, I can help you out. Come on a journey with me and when you sign up as a preferred customer you start out with a 20% discoundted rate on product and for a small fee you can start making a profit on what you sell. Advocare was started in 1993 asa health and nutrition company. It has since become one of the best in the business. Continue reading →

****NOW LETS TALK BUSINESS****Multi Level Marketing is the way of the future......there is no doubt that a residual income is the way to a better more comfortable way of life......You will be joining a Team, like no other and a company like no other.........if you are sitting there thinking you want to become a part of a winning team you can sign up NOW.THIS amazing opportunity and product blurs the line between science and magic, between fact and fiction, it usually changes the world in a very BIG way. Continue reading →

by Lynda Louis-smith, published 24.02.2017
Hi my is Lynda wife mother of two amazing boysWhich are give me the courage & strength to goIn life prospective today is to talk to you aboutA very successful & proven business that I joined beforeI joined I was very spectacle about MARKETING BusinessesI didn't want to believe there some LEGITS business out thereThrough the INTERNET:as a house wife/stay home momI've been enjoying the opportunity for the pass 13 years. Continue reading →

I was tempted by one or two of the numerous Health and Wellness/Beauty MLMs out there, after all the Health, Wellness and Beauty industry is worth literally BILLIONS of dollars every year and just keeps on growing.However a few important things held me back:There is always a start up fee (This irritates me from a multi million dollar company who will ultimately make money from me on the sales I make)Oh my GOSH! Continue reading →

by Mel Archuleta, published 24.02.2017
Hi I am Mel Archuleta From The Land Of Enchantment Here in New Mexico! Yes the land of hot chili and now hot sizzling traffic! I am a Premium Solo Ad Traffic Provider Specializing in Affiliate marketing, MLM's, Business Opportunities, fitness and health Niche's :) I started out in Affiliate Marketing for commissions And Have Now Moved to MLM's and the health Niche. Looking At all the opportunities available I noticed one thing in common to all online. Continue reading →

by Joshua Green, published 24.02.2017
I'm a new brand promoter for Le-Vel. I'm based in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. and I've done one MLM before. That was Quixtar.A little background about myself and my experience:I'm 31 years old and I live in Southeastern Virginia. I have a 3 year old daughter who, I'm trying to provide a better life for than I experienced myself... which wasn't bad. I work primarily for a web hosting and design company. Continue reading →

by Jamie Wilson Duvall, published 24.02.2017
Never will you come across an opportunity like this, that WGN has to offer! This company and these products are revolutionary! Our company is a category creator, and our vision is to be the largest Network Marketing Technology based company.No auto ships!No monthly shipping fees!No min. monthly orders!We are global, in 195 countries, with 15 offices Worldwide. 2015 we did $157 Million in SalesAAA+ rating on the DSARanked #77 Worldwide among thousands of Direct Sales Companies. Continue reading →

by Jack Holladay, published 24.02.2017
We are only 15 days away from launching our new skin care line. Kyani has is an established company, we have been in business for 10 years, our co-founders have never failed in business, sold a business or took a business public. We are here to stay and with our skin care line launch we will sure to be the next billion dollar company in the market. We keep it simple, we operate our entire business from a phone app which I will supply a link for those who will send me a text requesting the link. Continue reading →

Hi there. I'm Jessie Edwards. I've been involved in MLM since 2008. I have done things such as skincare, dietary supplements, and candles. The company I have chosen is called Wor(l)d Global Network. Two months ago, they launched a life band called Helo. So of the many features it has such as mood and Fatigue monitoring, bp, heart rate, and even calorie intake, it will one day monitor diabetes and be revolutionary to the healthcare field. Continue reading →

by Merry Conner, published 24.02.2017
How Much Is In Your Savings Account?Cash is worth less every week and that is called Inflation. With politics and the way the world is turning, we will soon be cash poor. Doing something about it needs to happen Now! Has anyone read the book, "The Richest Man In Babylon" by George S. Clason? It has been optimized for Kindle so the costs are very little. In this book, the author says: "Make Thy Gold Multiply" This was originally written in 1928! Continue reading →

by Bing Obaldo, published 24.02.2017
FUN and MONEY - Global Company Has Everything That People Are Now Buying And Will Keep Buying, From Their Favorite Merchants, Globally, Everywhere.Sh8pe now has Super Affiliate Status in more than 3800 Merchants in the USA alone and tens of thousands of merchants globally. My name is Bing Obaldo. Google me to see my extensive experience as a marketer. With my 30 years of intensive involvement in the Network Marketing Industry and as a pioneer in online recruiting starting 22 years ago, I fully believe that I can guide you to reach your goals. Continue reading →

by Elisa Obeso, published 24.02.2017
It's finally her the opportunity that we've all bee waiting for!!!For the first time inNetwork MarketingHistory.......... Wine Goes MLM!!Finally a product that need no explanation, and that we're all familiar with.>No more convincing people that your product works.>No more risks of being sued for health issues.>No more having to explain the ingredients in your product.>No more struggling invites. Continue reading →

by Anthony Stewart , published 24.02.2017
Right to the ChaseWEBSITE TRAFFIC and MAKING $$ FROM HOMEHome based business opportunities have been around for years. Whether it be Network Marketing, Internet Marketing or Marketing in general, it starts with traffic. What is traffic? How do you use traffic? How much does traffic cost?After stumbling around in this space for the past 25 years we finally got it right. You see traffic is eyeballs looking at your site. Continue reading →

by Patricia A Baker, published 24.02.2017
Once our women know better they can and will say NO!Nspire Network is one of the fastest growing home-based project in the world. Nspire Network is creating an awareness while informing men and women all over the world about the harmful effects that sanitary napkins and tampons may have on women's health. The "Now We Know Project" has been created to inform the public of the harmful chemicals that maybe crating health problems to women using a product that is commonly used by every woman from the age of 12 up to 60. Continue reading →

by Edidiong Willey, published 24.02.2017
Hi everyone i am edidiong willey by name,i'm a blogger,cryptocurrency investor and networker. they are alot of business opportunities out there were you can invest your money into and make a lot whole of money in the future or presently especially cryptocurrencies,it's the best investment ever, cryptocurrency is an electronic money that operates on a blockchain blockchain is an electronic ledger were all transactions are being screened and saved we use blockhain to view all transactions made via cryptocurrency every cryptocurrency owns it's own blockchain as it is now bitcoin is the mother Of all cryptocurrencies it laid her foundation in 2009 and many doubted it but alot that invested are big time millionaires now,people are now beginning to invest in bitcoin either for purchase of goods and the acceptance is really high now so almost every country operate with bitcoin, so here is another one call TBC,it was launched on the 21st of march 2016,i have made alot of money via TBC and I'll love every one of you reading this ti invest in TBC,local exchangers have started kicking off especially in Nigeria which is real Good news for us all,the price of this TBC elevates daily by 3% so imagine if you purchase atleast 100dollars worth of TBC your gonna be a millionaire just in 6-12months just like me, TBC is an abundance based Crypto currency which in due time will be market driven just like bitcoin and other altcoins,cryptocurrency is worth the patience and you got nothing to lose,i guarantee you for sure because alot have tested it and many are becoming rich investing in one or more cryptocurrency they can possible lay their hands on, there are many more cryptocurrencies that i cant really talk more about here such as Edinar,pesobit,rise,ethereum,dash,bitpark etc, so come grab your opportunity now,for more info contact me via my email:didicryptonews@gmail. Continue reading →

by Kevin Hall, published 24.02.2017
I recently joined World global network, why because cutting edge technology meets the medically self aware. I have spent 16 years inmlm and always helping others and natural medicine were my watchwords. I am totally blown away by this product line and the potential for you and I to be more aware of our health but to actually have some little measure of control when illness does strike. We now can all help ourselves and our loved ones and not by potion or pill which puts lots of family off. Continue reading →

by Udo Hoffmann, published 24.02.2017
The Dangerous Path of Printing Money Dateline 2008... The year's most significant event went almost unnoticed. We started printing money to pay for Obama's spending agenda. This led us down a very dangerous road and has compromised the US economy as well as the independence of the Federal Reserve. Creating money, as Obama forced the Fed to do is basically the "Last Resort" of a central bank. Continue reading →

The Now Lifestyle is all about bringing your life to a stage where you can live, love and laugh day in and day out. In early 2017, the Now Lifestyle went into pre-launch after many months of anticipated release. Joel Therien, GVO and Pure Leverage CEO, had a vision of bringing his history as a body builder to the MLM world in conjunction with his powerful marketing tools suite. Now Lifestyle combines both a fully customizable nutrition platform for you and up to 5 other family members for just $97/year and also includes over 800 fitness training videos focusing on HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. Continue reading →

We all travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. Do you like to travel rather it be for pleasure or business? than why not take it to the next level and become your own boss and do something that you love to do and own your own business as an at home travel agent, risk free for 30 days, in the $8 trillion travel Industry work with top brands like °o° Disney, Carnival, Universal, and so many more. Continue reading →

by Clicky Heaven, published 23.02.2017
Clicky Heaven offers your the opportunity to find new and unique Web content, whatever the nature of the product may be, as long as it's legal, legit, and free of scams. We earn commissions from referrals and lead generating, and we're happy to partner with companies who operate in a similar industry/Our main MO is to join affiliate programs and act as a sales rep of sorts to the company/companies that we endorse. Continue reading →

by CNazario Vizcaino, published 23.02.2017
Hello. I'm offering certain outstanding benefits for Motorists and motor vehicle drivers alike all the way to those seeking extended benefits for illnesses, while commuting in your personal vehicle, job, and at home. My name is C.Nazario (Independent Contractor). I got my start in networking and selling benefits in roadside assurance and also benefits for the entire family, that I have been involved in for some time, with many hopes to make new associations, friendships along the way and also share knowledge with other independent associates within this field. Continue reading →

by Donny Short, published 23.02.2017
LegalShieldis a 45-year old company who pioneered a powerful benefit that everyone needs but few have heard about! With less than 3% of the market, LegalShield is poised to increase its marketing penetration by 1,000% by 2020! We have over 70,000 members enrolling every month and we need motivated professionals to help us with our nationwide expansion. We have already created over 200 millionaires with our firm and have room for plenty more! Continue reading →

by juhani posio, published 23.02.2017
Need RED HOT BITCOIN LEADS? Today World Net Leads has went in to Pre-Launch phase, a company that will deliver those LEADS to YOU! Get RED HOT BITCOIN LEADS, lifetime, and generate CRAZY COMMISSIONS to your BITCOIN ACCOUNT!Sign up now, and be an EARLY BIRD: PRICE of the first package, is only 0.02 Bitcoin (around $20), and will position yourself in the forced matrix. Continue reading →

by Jacqueline Samuels, published 23.02.2017
Would you like to make a little money . . . or a lot of money? Would you like to help people become healthier and live a better life? The health and wellness industry is an evergreen niche market flowing with 'milk and honey'. Key Facts about the Health & Wellness Industry: - Health and Wellness Industry is already the next trillion dollar industry globally. - About 70% of the world’s households are projected to transfer their shopping to online within the next 3 years – i. Continue reading →

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