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by Koena Kubheka, published 02.08.2016
NHT Global is a NASDAQ listed company operating in 40 countries and growing. The company recorded sales of $2 billion in 2016. NHT Global manufactures and distributes its high premium Nobel Prize Award winning quality products through independent business builders/distributors around the world. It is one of the fastest growing companies according to Fortune Magazine 2015. Through its revolutionary compensation plan, NHT Global has created about 56 millionaires and more than 10 distributors are earning $100 000 per week in the last 10 years in operation. Continue reading →

by Millie Millington, published 02.08.2016
Do you love to watch live sports . Do you love to play sports? Do you love to play FREE APPS on you mobile/tablet? Have you heard of United Games? They are the creators of pc/xbox games such as Madden Football..NFL.NASCAR..FIFA.. They have put together an amazing new concept of combining the world of sport and free app games..As a PLAYER you will be able to download the FREE APP when it lunches in September. Continue reading →

by Lance Harkey, published 02.08.2016
Hi, My Name Is Lance Harkey..I am an ex NFL football player and I was introduced to to a business opportunity by the Mother of another ex NFL Athlete, At first i was apprehensive so I asked her to send me some Information so I could look it over. After digesting the information she sent me.. I thought to myself This is to good to be true. Upon further investigation I found out everything she was telling me was absolutely true,so quickly I gave her a call and signed up on the spot. Continue reading →

Hello Friends, Here is a fantastic opportunity. Now a days people are buying products online on frequent basis. They are not only buying products, they are also doing Hotel Reservation as well as Travel Ticket Booking online. Most of the people are reaching E-Commerce websites and doing their operations. What these people are not knowing that they can save money by simply following one procedure. Continue reading →

by Andy Casasanta, published 01.08.2016
Are you having trouble marketing your opportunity on Social Media? Maybe my little group can help. I have started a group for people who don't know where to begin or basically haven't received any help from their sponsor. We have tips, trick and awesome techniques that anybody can implement to get themselves headed in the right direction. It's free to join but please no posting of your opportunities. Continue reading →

by Vienne Gilbert, published 01.08.2016
What can you do with $ 10?I suggest you start your own business with $ 10!With FutureNet Club, a social network, it is possible! Join my team and together will seek $ 7000000!On FutureNet Club you can chat, put articles, post pictures, seek business partners for FutureNet Club turnedto business and that is a very good tool for this. One can earn money just by being active on the site, but notwith these pennies we will become rich. Continue reading →

by Ric Ireland, published 01.08.2016
Having been in the Network Marketing business for over 25 years the frustration levels had gotten high. I had been looking for the last five years for something simple yet something everyone wanted, but there was nothing. Being a baby boomer it was clear to me that it was necessary for me to find something where you did not have to go to meetings, because who has time for that, something that you could point people to a website and if they signed up they signed up. Continue reading →

by T. J. Holder, published 01.08.2016
Building Tomorrows Success All Begins With You And Believing In Your DreamsAchieving success in today’s complex and often challenging business world, while having fun and enjoying what it is you are doing, is ever entrepreneur and business owner dream and goal. For what is success? Success isn’t tangible and it isn’t always about money. It is about the lives you touch, the businesses you assist and the customer you help. Continue reading →

by John Hensley, published 01.08.2016
First, I’m not talking about “those” numbers we hear all the time, such as 97% fail and Network Marketing is a “numbers” game. I’m going to talk about real numbers, something for you to think about as you go forward in your home business. The first set of numbers I’d like to discuss is income. How much income (profit) would you like to make? Would you like to be in the top 2% income earners in the US? Continue reading →

We just moved here about 2 months ago from South Africa so i decided that i want to start on Network Marketing and looked at a couple of options and then decided to join Viridian Energy Australia as an Associate.I want to take this opportunity to share this with you so that we can together help to build a better future for our planet and children."I've been working on a launch of and direct selling/social networking business in Australia. Continue reading →

NOTE: My BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS are aimed at CHANGING YOUR LIFE.I will have at least 1 or 2 business announcement EVERY DAY....if youdo not see one on the day's listing...go back to the PREVIOUS dayand read one of the old my student and I will change yourlife..Since the title of BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS are limited in thenumber of words you can put in it....let me show you what I wanted. Continue reading →

These days, don't you find, if you are unable to market your business full-time, that it is hard to get your opportunity in front of people. Remember the good old days, when was free; so many online tools to assist us were free, and now they are hard to find without a fee. The learning curve, training, and knowing exactly what you need to do to hit your income goals can become blurred in the sea of information we all frequent daily. Continue reading →

by Norreese Haynes, published 01.08.2016
Hello friends my name is Coach Haynes, and I am truly passionate about helping others become financially independent as well as physically fit and healthy. I call this movement Team1Life because in my opinion we only have one life to live and I believe each day we should make the most of it. So, I felt like working for others and not being able to spend time with love ones and family is wrong. I have searched and been apart of many MLM business but I really truly believe is this one. Continue reading →

by Natalie Odumes, published 01.08.2016
There are so many like-minded people here in the MLM Gateway social network. I just know I’m going to get 1,000 people to join my business opportunity here! Right? Wait… There are so many people I’m connecting with and vice versa, but no one seems to be wanting to hear about my business. It seems like everyone just wants to pitch me their opportunity. Was joining this community a waste of time? Continue reading →

by Don Dwyer, published 01.08.2016
Drinking a lot of water daily is fundamental to our wellbeing. Water conveys supplements to cells, assists with assimilation, flushes out poisons, avoids cerebral pain and exhaustion, and can even help in weight reduction or upkeep. Our bodies are up to 75% water, and staying all around hydrated is basic to our ideal survival.Oxidant, by definition, is an oxidizing agent (a substance that has the ability to oxidize other substances (cause them to lose electrons), while antioxidant is any substance that moderate or keep the oxidation of another chemical. Continue reading →

by Lawrence Bishop, published 01.08.2016
Hello my fellow marketers,,Hope all is well with you & yours.I am just your average "JOE" marketing online like many others in order to gain that extra income we are all after. I have been in marketing for a long time now,made some good money here & there,but not much to brag about. I have found a program that will knock your socks off,it beats any other one I have ran across,trust me,I have seen most of them. Continue reading →

by Mohammad Azri, published 01.08.2016
For A Start-up Business.In any business they are 2 ways to startup a business1:- Making A Product.- in making a Product You Need To Know What Kind Of Product That you want To Produce? Is It About Healthcare ? Skincare? Or Digital Stuff. Weight loss.. Nutrient Food. Or Supplyment.? OR Making Ebook? They are lot of things.. in online business you can make money in anyway.. but how? That the point that you should know. Continue reading →

by Richard Wyche , published 01.08.2016
TRUSTING YOUR COMPANY VEHICLE: This is HUGE training, so I really want you to pay attention and fully understand what I’m trying to teach you. You have a vision for what you want in life and later in this guide you will learn how to set those necessary goals to have that vision come to life. But what’s really important here is the vehicle that’s going to allow you to get to where you want to go. Continue reading →

by Angela Lazaro, published 01.08.2016
I am looking for just nine more people to partner with me in the health & wellness industry. I will personally mentor you, and you will receive on-going assistance as you go through the process. I am only interested in partnering with people who are dedicated, serious and COACHABLE. This is an awesome opportunity that is exploding and you will want to position yourself now in a place to reap the benefits of all other team members I partner with after you. Continue reading →

by Timothy Miller, published 01.08.2016
In all my years of marketing, I don’t recall seeing an opportunity that had such an awesome array of products, a great pay plan, and a top notch marketing system all rolled into one. On my first day I had 99 paid Distributors and Preferred customers in my powerline. To date that number has grown to 517!The Health & Beauty niche has never really been my “thing”, but even I had to admit that the product line was absolutely killer! Continue reading →

by Steve Hawkins, published 31.07.2016
The "Greatest Free Business In America!" We are being called "The Greatest Free Business In America" because of the awesome results like these:25 LBS. and 8" lost! 121 New Members! $2000 in Sales! Only 90 days!These are my personal results and with only a few hours a week invested.90 days ago I DECIDED to do something about my weight and health.I came across and joined this curiously named diet/health companythat was also being called “The Greatest Free Business In America! Continue reading →

by Jaye Carden, published 31.07.2016
As a network marketer, we need to continue speaking to more people about our business, products, and company on a daily basis.Those who speak to more people, will have more success by default. This only makes sense to put together a 90 day blitz plan, and do it as often as possible.In this business announcement, I want to share with you some tips, resources and ideas to help you put together a 90 day blitz plan that will be very successful, no matter what company or opportunity you may be promoting. Continue reading →

by Ramesh Rathinam, published 31.07.2016
I went to a Job interview which was going well when the boss asked me what my expectations were aroundcompensation..I replied..1. I would like the opportunity to rapidly advance in the company.2. I'd like to give myself a raise at any given time.3. I need unlimited sick days and annual leave.4. When I do well I expect recognition and bonuses.5. I want to set my own schedule and work around my family. Continue reading →

by Alfred Sumawang, published 31.07.2016
I am receiving a lot of inquiries here however I dont reply since I already put the website and all the instruction on my profile.And I will do it again, you can connect me onFACEBOOKor you can simple visitHERE. Subscribe or message me there. I am not wasting time for all the tire kicker and for all those who cannot follow a simple instruction.What will you get if you joined sherlock?You will learn how to help people save time and money whi doing that, youre building your own residual. Continue reading →

by Piret Hunt, published 31.07.2016
Club Orenda has really unique compensation plan - 3 in 1.1. 2x2 matrix (fixed, follow me system, no pay of getting new matrix, no limit) Find 2 and help them find 2 and you can earn up to 1600$. 20% referral bonus on first generation, the rest go to matrix.2. Binary - 300:300 points and get 45$, 1 point=1$, points are calculated of their membership fee without activation fee.3. Hybrid unilevel - earn passive incomeCompany has taken the best version of the three. Continue reading →


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