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by Jalal Syed, published 01.05.2017
Hi let me talk straight to you as a networker I wanna ask can you you join me on my platform? as from different locations we can be very helpful for eachother I've many plans that'll help us both if we proceed together. I'm just looking for a hardcore partner from anywhere. Believe, we can make our dreams fulfilled. Now I'll give you a small intro on my companyLEO (LearnEarnOwn) the UK based company provides the ultimate platform to establish the global business of network marketing of your own. Continue reading →

by Gavin Johns, published 01.05.2017
Here it is, and there is no BS.Yes, this is a No BS Zone. so I hope you enjoy the fresh air!Here we go... There are serious threats to your financial situation online today, and there are a few great "wealth wagons" too that can take you to where you want to go.It's important to know the difference. So let's call these differences: WEALTH WAGONS AND SWAMP RATS Lets get these RATS out of the way first - it may serve to save you from being rat-eaten! Continue reading →

by Shirley Parish, published 01.05.2017
Hello, my name is Shirley Parish. I have joined a new, dynamic health & wellness MLM business called NSPIRE NETWORK.NSpire distributorsare "Mission Driven People". We areon a mission to 1)inform and arm men with products thatboost testosterone levels, prostate care, sexual enhancement; 2) informwomen around the world about the harmful effects of existing sanitary napkins/tampons and arm them with a better product; 3) provide other natural health alternatives. Continue reading →

by Helen Glen, published 01.05.2017
MLM's best kept secret is out! A company with rapid growth globally for people obtaining rewarding lifestyle, time freedom and financial security. This is an equal opportunity company opened in 141 global markets in just 6 years, winning all the awards and rank advancing up the DSA Ladder to number 14 top 100 MLM Companies in the world....Well now that says something about why jumping onboard could be magical. Continue reading →

by Frank Wisdom, published 01.05.2017
Damn!! I smile when I see these kind of statement. Now, don't get me wrong! I love education, I value academic education. I even graduated with a good Second Class in my B.Tech (many of my Facebook friends can testify to that). The problem I find with academic education is that it only prepares you to become a high paid employe of perhaps a person who never went to high school...Just like 50 cent. Continue reading →

by Vikki Lee Omeara, published 01.05.2017
How many times have you advertised your Business, Sell an item in the classifieds, look for a job on so many platforms and sometimes just selling an item online can cost us more than the item if we are paying for advertising in several places just to sell it!I know myself I have spent thousands over the years just promoting my business on Facebook to get the word out about being an alternative therapist and the gain was a lot of clients getting the chance to read about what and how my therapy works. Continue reading →

by Gudrun Maria Boehler, published 01.05.2017
Hier eintragen.Suchst auch Du endlich das perfekte Geschäft, lass Dich beraten. Die schlechte Nachricht: Das gibt es nicht. Die gute Nachricht: Du hast die Wahl Du kannst Dein bestes Geschäft wählen.So wie ich es gewählt habe. Meine Gründe sind:< Die Anmeldung war einfach und schnell.< Dann meldete ich meine Domain (craisyprices) an und konnte die Seite sofort nutzen.< Ich kann gleich Werbung ( Besucher auf meiner Seite) dazu buchen. Continue reading →

by Wendy Linder, published 01.05.2017
I'm with Jewel Scent we have Soy Blend Candles with Lux Argon oils, wax tarts, body scrubs, body cremes, hand soaps, aroma beads and BATH BOMBS :) And in every product is a jewel Valued from $15 - $7500 Discovery your scent, reveal your jewel!! Join my team and enjoy the happy customer base you get with sharing and selling these amazing products, customers get even more excited when they reveal their jewel. Continue reading →

by Deanna Jarrell, published 01.05.2017
Hello, My name is Deanna and I have found a sweet program that is FREE to join, loaded with a wealth of tools and training to help you succeed with boosting your online business. This program enables you to promote more than one business at a time, collect leads and enable other marketers to create their success. It is easy to join, a few clicks and you are following video guides to create your rebrandable links. Continue reading →

by F Heath, published 01.05.2017
I heard recently from a business mentor friend that...In 1971, burglars were able to steal records from the FBI by simply leaving a note on the front door a few hours before the burglary was to take place. The note said "Please, don't lock this door tonight".Sure enough, when they arrived, someone had left the door open - and they entered the building stole some records, and left.So simple... and so efficient. Continue reading →

by Thobani Wiseman , published 01.05.2017
My Name is Thobani Wiseman , Questra world representative, thank you for your precious time in reading my presentation I’m writing to invite and introduce you to this wonderful income opportunity. A chance to make money in 3 ways within one company which is Questra Holdings. ALTLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT/ QUESTRA WORLDAtlantic Global Asset Management Company - Questra World: is a Registered, licenced Asset Management Company, with the headquarters in Madrid Spain, that works basically like our local Banks. Continue reading →

by Shakee Murphy, published 01.05.2017
Thank you for your interest in our business. My name is Shakee Murphy, Direct Marketing Account Executive and Recruiter for TVC/MCA-Motor Club of America. Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. is a well-developed organization with more than 7 million individuals and counting. Since our origin in 1926, we have been providing on our part with the finest product and services available for cars in the motor club industry, particularly to truckers. Continue reading →

by Rapidite Delivery, published 01.05.2017
A famous artist wrote a song once about imagine, which song is still famous to many people. But what is it to Imagine? Is it not a lot like dreaming of something? We all dream of something, we all Imagine sometimes. We dream of better jobs, nicer houses, better income, bigger car, our career, our ideal life and so on. We all are dreamers at one time or another. Some of us hold on to our dreams and pursue our dreams, others leave it at just that – a dream. Continue reading →

by Thabiso Mkhonto, published 30.04.2017
Early birds catch the fattest worms.With the world economy descending , inflation so high , Bitcoins might just be the perfectest solution. Bitcoins is a Digital currency, Cryptocurrency , Internet money or the Future Money, that is transferable from peer to peer with no third party involved. Charges are very minimal when sending or receiving Bitcoins. Transactions are done through Blockchain , and are very transparent. Continue reading →

by Noel Figueroa , published 30.04.2017
Just like with any new venture, most people will have to put in more time in the beginning without seeing a lot in return. This has a tendency to create doubt and lack of consistent effort for many. Most likely you will work your hardest and spend your greatest amount of time your first year of the business. That is most likely the year where you earn the least amount of money as your business grows. Continue reading →

I just found out about a push button system that delivers daily buyer leads... and it's freakin' awesome! The system will helps you to generate more leads of any business opportunity you promoted whether in online marketing, network marketing or any industry you have. The platform already up and running since 2015.You need to have your own website of course or affiliate site that you joined in order for you to start making money and at the same time you will also earn income with this push button system. Continue reading →

by Irene Chemney, published 30.04.2017
Are you an opportunist or are truly passionate about others.In other words do you use people as a stepping stone to get what you want or do you truly care about others and want them to get what they want while you work at getting what you want. So often people sign people into their business or opportunity and never speak to them again whether by skype, email or any other method which is unfortunate as people often don’t know what to do and as a result they lose interest and do nothing but have spent their money resulting in them feeling ripped off. Continue reading →

by Irene Chemney, published 30.04.2017
As a member we provide people with an easy way to move ahead in life. Easy, Simple and OH so rewarding when you help others to succeed you too will succeed. There is nothing more rewarding than when you help other reach their dreams, the friendships you make along the way says it all. I have met so many through the club who will be my friends for life as I treat the people I meet the way I want to be treated with RESPECT. Continue reading →

Network marketers who struggle to promote their business are all missing one key element for success and that is TRAINING. There is not one issue that you can not solve with some good training. If you're not a good recruiter, you can learn to become one through training. If you're not a good seller, you can learn to sell with good training. But getting your team to attend training events often seems like pulling teeth. Continue reading →

by Ryan Kalinowski, published 30.04.2017
A brand new Industry has just been created! The merge of mobile apps and the MLM Industry!Divvee Social 2.0 has just launched 4/28/2017!I have been with the company for over 4 months. I am with the largest and fastest growing team in the company (So I have been told) I am in direct contact with one of the main 20 leaders and she is in contact with corporate constantly. I have been apart of team research and product testing. Continue reading →

by Stanley Paisible, published 30.04.2017
No what i am about to say is in no means directed at anyone or any other company. These are only some of my views and opinions. We all know their are good companies out there and also some bad ones. And that for various reasons.But nonetheless you can probably make some income on most of them even the bad ones.With that said, i want to say that myself as well was doing things the same way i am about to mention. Continue reading →

by Ray Berri, published 11.02.2017
When I joined Valentus, I was beyond skeptical. 1.5 years later and I LOVE IT to no end. It has allowed me to make money I never would have thought possible and I want to help others not only make money, but help friends and family get healthy again. Its truly a blessing to belong to such a wonderful company. I train and help others realize that there is more to life than a 9-5 job. I didn't even know the benefits of having a home based business until this year. Continue reading →

Hi I'm Roger Miller I live near Warsaw Indiana, and I've been in theNetwork MarketingIndustry fortwenty years, I've had some good success. I have also been involved in some companiesthat wasn't so good, as I'm sure most of you have experienced.I have also owned my own Flee Market, and had great success with that. This year will be the best by far, I have finally foundtwo of the fastest growing companies, and they have the best compensation plans, I have ever seen. Continue reading →

Hi there, Your about to discover how regular people like you and me are using this breakthrough system to easily bank $1000-$5000 a week.My sponsor has just made $20k in her first 30 months. I am not making that up. Proof can be provided.Introducing, The Big Profits System. The only system that combines top Tier Direct Sales with complete done for you advertising Packages. You order your high converting traffic package and let the company take care of the rest. Continue reading →

by Jennifer Willams, published 29.04.2017
Oriflame was founded in 1967 by two brothers ROBERT and JONAS,In Oriflame we don't do PONZI scheme or PYRAMID scheme,we only do two steps break away plan,it have been tested and trusted for decades.oriflame products are organic,suitable for all skin without cancer or irritations,purely from plant stem cell.oriflame have been paying people for 50yrs now without crashing or going bankrupt.Oriflame has help many people fulfill their dreams of traveling abroad all expense paid by Oriflame,Oriflame have been rewarding people with d following incentives::cash awards,monthly payment,recognition,cars awards,in January 2017 some of d qaulify directors travel to Miami ,Florida, USA for diamond conference,all expense paid by Oriflame,let me talk about the 2018 free trips to 2CONTINENT,4countries,PARIS 2018 in August. Continue reading →


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