The Amazing Truth About Protein

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The venom of the snake, also known as snake venom, is the main component of the poisonous protein, which is a strong acid toxin produced by the organic conversion of high protein; this is also the natural instinct of the snake.

Why does high protein turn into a strong acid and toxin?

In fact, this is a natural chemical reaction of certain substances in nature during the conversion process. For example, as we can see in daily life, many foods will become sour in the process of deterioration, and then they will smell, rot or mold. When we accidentally eat this sour food, it will cause diarrhea. This is one of the phenomena of food poisoning. Because the food becomes sour, it will produce toxins. Especially the higher the protein content, the higher the toxicity of the food. If an egg is naturally deteriorated, it can even be poisoned. a cow. Quoted here, you may already know the cause of food poisoning! We all know that food poisoning is most likely to occur with seafood food. The reason is that because the protein content of seafood food is higher than that of meat, the higher the protein content, the more likely it is to deteriorate, and the more it becomes worse, the more poisonous it is. As long as you eat spoiled seafood, it will immediately cause food poisoning.

If the protein of an animal or seafood deteriorates and becomes a toxin, then the plant protein should be less!

In fact, regardless of animal or plant protein, as long as it deteriorates, it will produce highly toxic.

For example, the protein content of melon seeds is very high, so the toxicity is high after metamorphism. Therefore, some people with poor constitutions only need to eat one metamorphic melon seeds. Will cause abdominal pain or diarrhea.

The human body consumes a large amount of protein food every day, although it does not cause illness or death immediately, but these cooked proteins, that is, dead proteins can not be consumed, absorbed and utilized in the human body, will gradually become Acidosis, when these acid poisons accumulate more, it will seriously affect the survival of human cells and cause various diseases. In ancient times, modern diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and cancer were rich diseases. They were diseases that only the rich people could get, because people in ancient times could hardly eat a piece of fish or meat in their lifetime. Only the rich people could have three meals. Big fish and big meat, mountain and seafood, so they will get these diseases; and the more these high-protein foods eat and the more problems, because protein is not the nutrients actually needed by human cells, but the high opinion of nutritionists. Therefore, there was a saying in ancient times: "The rich cannot be separated from the pharmacy, and the poor cannot leave the pawnshop."

The above quotes only give you a new understanding of protein. If you want to know more about it, you may wish to make a fuss about the chemical reaction process of these proteins in metamorphism, such as the chemical equations and changes of the protein machine to the acidosis process. Perhaps you will be the winner of tomorrow's Nobel Prize! At this point, do you still have doubts? If you still want to eat protein food, I suggest that you eat the raw food, such as Japanese eating sashimi, European and American people eating bloody steak, because the uncooked protein is an active protein, even though this active protein When it is not absorbed by the body and used, it is easily excreted from the body, and it does not form acidosis in the human body. If you do not dare to eat it, it is better to eat less, but the protein food when you eat it must be very fresh, otherwise it will Immediately cause food poisoning, not careless. Therefore, "protein is the source of human disease"
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When a food is cooked, the amino acid becomes dead, they coagulated to becomes dead hard to digest protein which has to be broken down into Amino Acids before it can be absorbed and used.

Amino Acid to Protein is like water to ice cube.

Ice cube must be transformed, melt into water only then it can be absorbed and use.

All raw fruits and vegetables contains high amino acids.

Hopefully, this clears up the misunderstanding of protein.

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This article was published on 22.05.2020 by Frank Tan
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