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by Victoria Ashagwara, published 15.10.2019
Many Skyway investors do not realize the scope of the dividend associated with the (pre) shares currently being sold, also known as B shares. I made the calculations myself and came to the conclusion that I had pearls in my hands. You may come to the same conclusion after this argument.In total there are 400 billion shares. The Skyway company was estimated 5 years ago, based on intellectual property, at 400 billion dollars. Continue reading →

by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong, published 15.10.2019
Two days ago, a networker asked me of the best way to learn about network marketing and I suggested that he should start teaching people about network marketing.He was confused about my suggestion because he didn't know how to start.He was new to the industry and he had no team members to teach.He replied, "but MAC-FRANCIS I don't have any one to teach, I haven't recruited anyone under me yet and I don't have any platform to start teaching". Continue reading →

Greetings Fellow Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketers: I am a diehard network marketer with some great companies and really love what I do. I am involved with several fantastic network marketing companies and I enjoy being my own boss and most of all, an entrepreneur! No, I am not scatter bombing, I am great at multitasking and I personally feel that it's basically up to the individual on how much they can take on. Continue reading →

by Marc Drouinaud, published 15.10.2019
ACN was created in 1993 in the city of Concord, North Carolina. It was originally an American communications network. The eventually changed their name to "ACN" after they moved some of their operations overseas. ACN is a telecommunications company that also provides related products and services which depend on the Country that it resides in. The business model that is created among the realm of MLM with representatives called Independent Business Owners, or "IBO" for short. Continue reading →

by Phihello Kwete, published 15.10.2019
Business opportunity not to be missedGreenworld MLM that deals with health and wealth ,you cant enjoy life when you broke at the same time you cant enjoy it when you have lots of money but illness attacking bodyGreenworld has it all balancedAn international company which was started by Daming Li a doctor by proffession ,a scholar and a reseacher she realised that westen madication does not heal it just drugs the body after a while a person will be sick againshe came out with a solution of natural herbs from China which her grandmother used to give her when she was growing up ,these herbs deal with the root cause of illness they are just food supplements ,nutrion that is not found in the food we eat is replaced by herbsGreenworld was started in 1994 in China now has spread into 25 countries ,also having the certificates from diffrent organisations e. Continue reading →

by Pepetual Energy HR, published 15.10.2019
The earth as we know it is changing. Global warming, deforestation and climate change is happening all around the world but Perpetual Energy is in the forefront of providing innovative solutions to combat these environmental problems.Be a part of the Perpetual Energy Community and save the planet with us by supporting our Renewable Energy Company!As a green energy company, our primary line of business is supporting the Peruvian government provide electricity through renewable energy sources. Continue reading →

by Robin Williams , published 15.10.2019
You will thank me when you join and "FEEL THE DIFFERENCE" by being part of the Cili By Design Team!Cili By Design is a CBD/CBG network marketing company based in Nevada. We are in our PRE-LAUNCH stage right now and will be in full force in January of 2020! Now, Right now is the best time to join our team and start helping others "Feel The Difference"! Of course, all while building your bank account for today and your future. Continue reading →

by Turyahabwe John, published 15.10.2019
Iam a member of fastest growing peer - peer, automated crowdfunding platform in the world called UPCROWDME.The upcrowdme team is committed to creating change around the world by connecting their members to unlimited donations worldwide. Giving back and helping others is where Abundance takes 99% of the people.It's changing people's lives day by day, get 5$, 20$, 100$, 200$, 500$ and 1000$ donations directly to you through PayPal, Bitcoin( mostly recommended) and cash app. Continue reading →

by Gabriel Garcia, published 15.10.2019
Discover how to generate an additional income or maybe even completely change your life with VYVO’s opportunities. With a unique strategy, you will be able to enjoy vacations with the family, take time for your self or just have more freedom.Our products will be on top of the market on the next 5 years, technology, great product for all.Easy to do compensation plan, referral program.We are helping our members to get there referrals positions to make sure they reach the rank of Diamond in a single month, following our advice,Registration is free thru our team, no buying product required. Continue reading →

by Pat Gleeson, published 14.10.2019
I'm looking for 10-20 like minded people who want to help make a change in people's lives, as I'm passionate about sharing the benefit of healthy living to everyone around the world. I'm a mum with 2 children and a grandmother. I am a carer to my elderly mother and a lady with disabilities. Even though I love my job and the money was good it's not enough and I'm constantly tired and not been able to spend quality time with my family. Continue reading →

by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong, published 13.09.2019
Today while traveling to my neighbouring state with a friend in his car, I was enjoying the interior environment which was enhanced by the air conditioner and a mild fragrance that was suspended on the car interior mirror.I was calm and good as we went but he broke the silence by switching on the car DVD player.It was a reggae ( a form of music originating from Jamaica and associated with Rastafarianism). Continue reading →

I greet you once again.Today's training will help you remain strong even when your network marketing business isn't going as expected.Come to think of it, let's be honest here.Network marketing industry can be frustrating at times. It can be like a roller coaster.Some days you can be super excited about your business but most times too, you can be down emotionally. It's reality, that is the industry we find ourselves. Continue reading →

by Kevin Harrison, published 10.10.2019
What is a good night's sleep worth?$5 $10 $100 $????Depends on who you are and how much money money you make! Millionaire business owners would pay Thousands to have healthy restful night's sleep. A new mom might pay $20 to a baby sitter and another $100 on a hotel room. BUT... what can anyone pay?Who do you know that has trouble sleeping and staying asleep? Do you? I did... until last night. Continue reading →

by Rockit N Rebel, published 14.10.2019
In the TV series Breaking Bad, Walter White (aka Heisenberg) starts a meth-cooking operation to stash some treasure so his family can live large after he's dead.He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and didn't have a lot of time to pull it off.Turns out he's a natural. His career as a high school chemistry teacher gave him all the skills necessary to launch his meth operation and dominate the market. Continue reading →

by Rockit N Rebel, published 14.10.2019
Passion doesn't guarantee a profit.In fact, it doesn't make a profit easier. It doesn't add anything at all to your bid-niss expertise.It does sell a lot of useless junk to clueless noobs, though.I read a story once about an entrepreneur who owned a successful hunting guide service. Hunters from all over would contract with him to lead them out into the wilderness to shoot at animals. (it's a good story whether you like to kill your food for yourself or not)Anyway, the guy in question didn't hunt. Continue reading →

by Lebogang Lebowa, published 14.10.2019
ADDaBIT Travel Buddies is a simple social saving network. You are encouraged to save monthly R200, you share the business with others and you get paid. The money you pay monthly is nothing compared to the one you will receive. You can get 7 benefits from ADDaBIT. You get a Absa Visa Card and swipe for free. Invest as little as R200 and get 5 to 8% interest pa with Sanlam Travel Discounts. ce off R500 for introducing a member Monthly earnings for as long as your team are contributing their monthly R190. Continue reading →

by Marc Drouinaud, published 14.10.2019
Create A Routine: Every day and night I do the same thing. I wake up, wash my face and brush my teeth, eat breakfast. Every night I do research on how to improve in business and then prepare for the next morning. By knowing my routine, it keeps me grounded and consistent. The world's most successful entrepreneurs build daily, weekly monthly routines which allow them to stay sane, happy, and productive. Continue reading →

by Veronica Artis, published 14.10.2019
As an Independent Paparazzi Consultant I strive to help women feel empowered and confident to be able to achieve anything. With a little boost of confidence bringing out the beautiful person you already are can help you reach dreams you can’t imagine. Building relationships, friendships, building each other, helping each other as team is one of our mission.Paparazzi company is one of the best companies I have work for. Continue reading →

by Natasha Haas, published 14.10.2019
I am a travel business owner, I get to help plan and book, cruises, packaged holidays, Disney holidays, theatre tickets, rail and so much more. I also get to take advantage of being a travel Agent by getting reduced rates and of course getting paid the commissions instead of the online vendors. I work my business around my commitments so it’s hugely flexible and can fit into the pockets of time you have, to earn as much or as little as you need. Continue reading →

by Bijana Jovanov, published 14.10.2019
The best business concept on the internet! A am talking about the proven, safe and legit ways to earn money online. We're inviting you to check and see for yourself!Don't miss to Make money online with our CompanyThe company In Face Invest Group Ltd (IFIG Ltd.) was founded on the 16th of March 2000 year. Since then it operates in the fields of IT technologies and Internet possibilities. As a result of this work and experience owners launched this new project through the Company IFIG Ltd IFIG (In Face Invest Group Ltd. Continue reading →

by Sarah Jones, published 14.10.2019
Be Part of the Exciting, Glamorous world of TravelWe have a turn key business in the single largest industry in the world.The No 1 word searched on the internet Travel!Welcome to PlanNet Marketing. A place where time freedom, financial freedom and personal freedom go hand in hand.Earn more, Travel more, save and experience more.Earn lucrative Travel commissions. Our exclusive Travel partner Inteletravel, the original Home Based Travel Agency 27 year's old, one of the most trusted name in Travel . Continue reading →

by Christine Boon, published 14.10.2019
Are you 18+ and living in UK?Do you love the thrill of the next big sale?Looking for a full time or part time income that gives you more time with your family?Do you enjoy meeting new people and helping people look great?Are you a hard worker and have the drive to succeed?Could you hold a party at home or at a friends home to introduce them to some amazing new products?If you answered yes to at least 3 of the above then this is the part time/full time opportunity to grow your own business your way for you. Continue reading →

www.binarypayu.comBinarypayu PLAN REVIEWSBinarypayu plan reviews is discussed as the best bitcoin trading base billionaire plan which gives real money to peoples who eagerly work in this concept . The Binarypayu plan is a great business promotional plan makes you more attractive to the distributors who will drive your growth. Binarypayu plan is that concept which beats every concept in terms of earning as the company Binarypayu plan mainly focus on all types of people whether it is poor or rich. Continue reading →

by Don Evans, published 14.10.2019
It is simple, easy and affordable. You gift someone $35 ONE TIME to qualify to receive your own $35 gifts over and over again. For as long as you want to promote it. That is your VIP gift Enrollment (see below). There is no limit to how many gifts you can receive. AND that’s really just the beginning. It gets better. A whole lot better! You can earn some really big paychecks a little later on with the Smartz Teez Project. Continue reading →

by Sam Ayeni, published 14.10.2019
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (2nd Timothy 1:7) You are probably clicking away after reading the first statement. There's a reason for that: I only want certain people to read this business announcement. So, if you are still reading, then you are one of the few who will benefit from what I have to say.So, you have tried everything but yet you are yet to break into the level of financial abundance you desire and dream of. Continue reading →


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