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by Alex Coltea, published 19.02.2017
Good and well I found my name ete Alex Coltea, today I want to tell you a story, my povesstea. I was young, 30 years ago, not now I would be old ... I was a sportsman, lack of time and money, neglecting personal preparation, the in documents, diplomas, maps, but I never stopped learning in all time becoming self. Now I have discovered a way to learn and also to earn money, VIP Team gives me teaching materials in various fields, I can choose my study period, hours of study, field of study . Continue reading →

by Tim Murphy, published 19.02.2017
The Gorilla Marketing Pro is a brand new Marketing System, filled with Marketing Training and Marketing Tools to help everyone to use the System to grow their Primary Business, as well as a few other well chosen Business Opportunities.The Gorilla Marketing Pro System was built by Randy Thomas and Tim Sebert, 2, 7 Figure Earners in the Network Marketing Industry, who have both come out of retirement to give back to the Industry they both love. Continue reading →

by Robert P. Johnson Ii, published 19.02.2017
Hello, Thank you for bestowing your time. My name is Robert P. Johnson II, and I've been out of the networking business for almost 4 years . I have found the next major player in the industry.Dallin Larsen ( former CEO of Monavie ) is launching Vasayo.Vasayo wants to transform lives spiritually, financially, physically, and socially in the community. Vasayo has five pillars of legacy: world class leadership, disruptive science and products, the right timing, generous rewards, and a proven system. Continue reading →

by Jeffery Whiten, published 19.02.2017
When you hear about a opportunity, what is the first thing that goes through your mind?I have a qualification list I use to short cut making the decision to join any opportunity:Is it trending - Are people talking about it?Is it practical - Could you see you or the people you associate with making use of it?Is it something alot of people use - Young, old, male, female who would use it the most?Is it consumable - Is it a one time sale or do people have to come back, as a customer ? Continue reading →

7 STEPS TO RESULTSFor all of those who have tried and tried, and are tired of theory, complexity and overwhelm - introducing...7 STEPS TO RESULTS . Absolutely the simplest step-by-step guide to making money online. Training is by a documented 7 figure earner who is offering this training ($997 value) for No Cost right now! You will be blown away and will not find a more comprehensive program anywhere on the internet! Continue reading →

by Mona-lisa Hanisi, published 19.02.2017
I would like to offer a business opportunity to anyone who’s looking at earning an extra income or working from home by simply helping other people achieve their goals whether it’s weightloss, being more energetic or having great skin. The company is called Total Life Changes; it has been around for 17 years in the industry. We have: • Weightloss • Skin • Sexual enhancement • Energy products There are 5 ways of making money in TLC 1st Retail Commissions (50%) You get a free website for as long as you are with the company. Continue reading →

by John Pearson, published 19.02.2017
Did you know my company has a patent on the mangosteen fruit? Meaning we are the only company allowed to use the entire fruit! Mangosteen is a botanical from Southeast Asia and is the best all natural anti inflammatory known to science! Mangosteen contains xanthones to fight off free radicals from the body.. On there are over 1800 articles about the benefits from xanthones and mangosteen! Continue reading →

by Udo Hoffmann, published 19.02.2017
Do's and Don'ts of Barter and Trade (Final Chapter) Stop, Think and Pay Attention The probability that in near future, for those who wish to live independently, and not be enslaved to meager government handouts will need to make a radical change, is becoming urgent. The current lifestyle of governmental dependency and immediate gratification and excess must be transformed to one of self-sufficiency and skilled trade. Continue reading →

by Natasha Martineas, published 19.02.2017
Hello Everyone! This company has over 7 million members in the US & Canada and counting. Motor Club of America is a great company that provides $150,000 in benefits. They pay their members $80 per person that you refer to this company. If can give out a flyer and talk to people then this is the company for you. If you get 5 people to join that is $400 whether you do it part time or full time. Extra money is always great. Continue reading →

by Helio F Gomes, published 19.02.2017
Come and be part of the Daily Gains evolution! About Bitorpedo Bitorpedo is a registered trademark of PHOENIX FINANCIAL GROUP LLC, holder of an international SMS provider. Bitorpedo's strategy is based on 2 simple pillars: 1º) - Offering a range of unique and differentiated services, for companies and individuals at the level of validations, certifications on digital platforms using SMS. Continue reading →

MILLIONS4SUREFOUNDED IN DECEMBER 2016Mission –Help entrepreneurs promote their businesses at the ultimate level.ONE DOLLAR AND SIXTY FIVE CENTS........YES $1.65 USD WILL START YOUR JOURNEY TOFINANCIAL AND TIME FREEDOM..........CAN YOU USE 1 MILLION US DOLLARS?EVERYONE CAN......AND MOST DEFINITELY......EVERYONE CAN AFFORD $1.65THIS PROGRAM WILL MAKE YOU A MILLION DOLLAR OR MORE...HERE IS THE CEO, Sheila Coplin said:Two months ago I was put in the position of CEO of MIllions 4 Sure when I asked an acquaintance of mine to start his own MLM. Continue reading →

RAIN COMPENSTION PLAN EXPLAINED (1) PREFERRED CUSTOMERS: When Rain partners signs up individuals who choose to be part of the company only to make purchase directly from the company for product use, but not to be a Rain partner, these individuals are considered as PREFERRED CUSTOMERS (2) FIRST ORDER BONUS: This is the bonus paid to Rain partners for signing up a new prospect which is 40% of the points (PV) of the first purchase of the prospect if the Rain partner (Sponsor) is either on the Basic, Builder or Pro pack. Continue reading →

You may be asking yourself... "What is the FASTEST way to 3 and $400 days?!"Whether your looking to join a new business, or looking for a mentor to help. I can show you how to build any business, and add an additional income stream, or maybe even more!I will show you how to build your business up the right way!My name is Cody Turner, I am here to introduce you to what I refer too as CODY'S WORLD. Continue reading →

FORTUNE FORTY MEILLEUR BUSINESS A MATRICE LINEAIREFortune Forty (FF) est une toute petite matrice 2x1 à 40$ (20.000FCFA) avec seulement 2 filleuls si vous voulez parrainer. sinon payer 120$ et votre compte est qualifié pour la matrice linéaire et vous obtenez un Gain De 40$.Après cette étape vous migrez dans une Matrice linéaire Gold 2x4 pour un gain de 300$ selon le principe de l'algorithme d'attribution de New Destiny 30, LLC (ND30). Continue reading →

by John Innes Macleod, published 19.02.2017
Hi, my name is J. Innes MacLeod and I am an Internet Entrepreneur-MLM Online Coach. I would like to introduce an exciting new $10 business that we have just launched that can build multiple income streams and earn-as-you-learn coaching. It is called 'INFINITY RELOADED'This is going to be MASSIVE so don’t miss out! I have included links at the bottom of this introduction which explain the product and business model in more detail to you. Continue reading →

by Komolafe olawale paul, published 19.02.2017
Hello there, I have great news for you!There's a powerful investment package going on right now and believe me this is the Goldmine we have all been looking for. I don't know if this maybe a good fit for you but i just have to reach out to you because the minimum profit you make after your initial investment of 140k (€220) is one million Naira (€1,890)Yes you heard me right!I have done all due diligence and this business has changed a lot of people's lives within a 30day period. Continue reading →

by Denise Hendershot, published 19.02.2017
Are Your CosmeticsSafe? Thousands of years have gone by since we began using cosmetic and personal-care products, be it in the form of body paint or eye makeup..Scented oils to clean and soften the skin might have even contained toxic chemicals with lead and arsenic being common ingredients..It takes about 26 Seconds for a chemical to enter your body through the skin..and according to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the average person is exposed to 126 toxic chemicals each day, just from their personal care products. Continue reading →

by Toyin Moss, published 19.02.2017
There is money to be made in the travelindustry! Who Is Ready To Take Massive Action To SecureTheir Spot. Now is the time to invest in another source of income and surround yourself with people who challenge, push and motivate you to achieve your dreams and goals. If money and time were unlimited, what would you accomplish? Would you travel, live comfortably or send your kids to college with no worries? Continue reading →

by Cristina Anderson, published 19.02.2017
The UBER of taxes is here. Brand Manager/Brand Ambassador positions available. No cost to get started. Not MLM. Earn more in 4 months than in 1 year without learning tax codes orquitting your job. Time is of the essence in this small window of opportunity during the current tax season. WHY VTAXIf you are seriously looking for the next BIG challenge, consider this: Earn money by simply sharing the benefits of our brand, Vtax with your personaland social networks- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Continue reading →

by Scott Moore, published 19.02.2017
Proverbs 27:19 : "As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart."I hate to see people quit network marketing too soon. As long as there is a passion for the profession, even if people haven't really found momentum, keep looking for a way to succeed. I also believe in praying about this daily.If the passion disappears, that's one thing. Network marketing is begun part time by most all people, but that doesn't mean the passion is "part time". Continue reading →

by Herman Friesen, published 19.02.2017
True Health and Wealth, Is your health important to you? Can you spend an hour every day to improve your financial situation. I do not promise any get rich quick system. Yes one must work and perservere but if you could double your income in 2 or 3 years would it be worth it? Do you want to work with something that is scientifically proven to improve health interest you? Would you like to be able to spend more time with your children or Grandchildren. Continue reading →

by Rose Muhima, published 19.02.2017
Don't Risk One More Penny On Another "INCOME OFFER" Until you get to see these Incredible Business opportunities. Build a residual Income and see immediate you been looking forward for a way to Financial "FREEDOM?"This is the right Platform, don't be destructed, you've got to sit down and watch how this is going change many peoples lives and you will be next. Continue reading →

by Tim Murphy, published 19.02.2017
Everyone in the world today knows the rising trend of Online Shopping or E-Commerce. Stores like Amazon, eBay, and Alibabato name but a few. Maybe, you have even tried Online Shopping and purchased goods from Online Merchants. You must admit, it is easier, sometimes cheaper, but a lot less hassle that Offline retail shopping.But, a major problem that has existed in the E-Commerce World and that is it has always been impossible to make any money from E-Commerce, without buying your own stores, then purchasing all the required inventory, then hiring a Website designer, then doing all the required legal documentation and the list goes on and on. Continue reading →

by Thomas Stallworth, published 19.02.2017
TLC Director Thomas Stallworth from Pittsburgh, Pa. Tom is a Christian, an Air Force veteran, and successful IT Project Manager (Government Consultant). Happily married for 26 years to Karla, his wife whom is a TLC Director, son whom is, a Penn State alumnus, successful Commercial Claims Specialist and TLC IBO, and a 14 year old daughter in private school. We decided it was time for a health change. Continue reading →

Firstly, let us clear up the meaning of the term E-Commerce, as there still exists confusion over this term. E-Commerce put simply, is Online Shopping or buying things online or for a Business, conducting Business online, the sales of goods online. For example, eBay, Ali Baba, Amazon are all E-Commerce Companies.Now, I am certain that we all know that E-Commerce is here to stay, the revenues of these Companies grow each year, and it will continue to grow, as more and more people discover the ease that is Online Shopping. Continue reading →


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