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Karatbars International

What is Karatbars? 

Karatbars International is an “E-Commerce” business that offers small gold bars and gift items in gold bullion (unique, affordable, and practical products with few real competitors). Karatbars was founded in 2011 and is a legally registered company based in Germany catering to the global market. Through its affiliates, it is now represented in over 120 countries and that number continues to grow. There is virtually no limit to the growth potential or demand for the products offered. 

Karatbars offers its products through a network of independent affiliates  who participate in a network marketing compensation program. This program, although similar to multi-level marketing (MLM) is not the latter. Nor could the plan be categorized as a pyramid, Ponzi, or other type of scam system. It is now open in 121 countries as of preparing this document. No such plan could operate successfully in 120+ countries if it were not legal, pyramided, or so categorized. Here some key reasons the Karatbars affiliate based marketing system is so unique: 

     • Anyone can join without purchasing any products or paying to  become an affiliate & still receive a commission for referrals. 

        • The reasons and benefits for purchasing Karatbars gold for one’s own future savings is clearly laid out & the basis is well established in fact.

        • There are no inventory purchase requirements for the purpose of  reselling to others; nor is purchase of any other products required. 

       • The methods by which one can become an affiliate and receive  commissions are clearly laid out. An easy to understand plan of action is provided with reasonable examples of what can potentially be earned with greater effort and if future referrals do the same. Karatbars International does not offer promises of high cash returns on investment at some future date. 

      • As with any position as a commissioned sales person, or  entrepreneurial venture, time, effort and money must be invested to obtain maximum results. 

    • Although similar to an MLM, Karatbars affiliates do not supply products to customers. Customers buy when they wish, in amounts they wish, directly from Karatbars for their own benefit. 

     • The product acquired (gold) is a timeless commodity/real asset,  which retains its value. 

    • Simply put, affiliates show others how to open their own gold saving accounts, and when these affiliates or customers use their portal to exchange their paper currency for real gold money, a commission is generated to all upline.

Product Description

What are Karatbars?

Karatbars are pure gold bullion in small, usable/portable quantities as a  means of personal wealth protection. Karatbars are 999.9 pure gold (24K), that is heat sealed (laminated) into a card similar to the size of a credit card. The card itself acts as the certificate, which aids in proving authenticity. Karatbars are produced in 1gram, 2.5 gram and 5 gram weights with a security hologram. 

Why Karatbars?

Anyone with knowledge about our current economic condition and the devaluation of the dollar (or the fiat currency of their own nation) can see that gold is a valuable asset, which serves as a hedge against inflation 

• Every paper currency in history that was not backed by silver or gold, has eventually gone to zero. 

• Since 1969, gold has outperformed every other asset class.

• Gold is up +300% since 2003, even after its fall in 2012 and 2013,  whereas your paper currency is at least 20% down in spending power in the same time frame. (Where would you be today, if you had regularly acquired gold over the last 10 years -when it was $300 to $400 per ounce back in 2003, up until now?) 

• Gold is a liquid, tangible asset that has had value for over 5,000 years: everyone wants it…from natives in the Amazon, to the ancient Egyptians everyone has valued gold throughout history.

• Karatbars are certified in four ways for your protection:  1. Assayers signature - for weight, millesimal purity and fineness (1 g cards are actually 1.01 g) 2. Hologram (Kinebar) 3. Serial Number (with QR code unique to that serial #) 4. LBMA Stamp - means the gold is produced by a refiner who is on the LBMA gold delivery list; may be used as settlement of debt in the bullion markets. 

• Karatbars are good as money. (Some might say they are “currency-grade,” but only paper money is considered currency.) Karatbars gold is produced by an LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) accredited refinery and is on the “Londen Good Delivery List”. The refinery must adhere to strict standards to achieve this accreditation (+3 years of zero issues). Only 73 refineries worldwide currently meet this standard.

• Karatbars are privately issued. They are produced and minted by a private refinery exclusively for Karatbars International. 

• Karatbars contain gold that is guaranteed the highest quality grade  gold you can purchase and can easily be resold. (K-Exchange Center, merchant market place and Karatbars offers a best buy back price.) 

• Karatbars gold is NON-seizable under the current International  Bullion Laws and U.S. Law. 

• Karatbars are packaged and assembled under the strictest surveillance, and are unable to be counterfeited. The card itself is a globally recognized certificate guaranteeing that its contents are genuine. 

• Karatbars are “double insured”: 1. By SecureLog: all packages are videotaped and all card numbers are logged 2. Insured through Fed Ex during shipment

• Karatbars are considered “green gold” - no mercury or cyanide are  used in the extraction process. 

• Karatbars can be used as a savings plan, gifts, barter, and incentives for product purchases and employee performance.

• Karatbars International does not report any transactions under $10K to any government entity.

• The free vaulted storage option helps to offset the expense of  shipping - store your gram gold cards and accumulate with piece of mind until ready for shipment. 

• Karatbars International does not apply to FTC or BBB or any other  jurisdiction not held under the International Bullion Laws. 

• Karatbars are 1.01 grams and above the legal limit for the VAT tax.

If you’re interested then please watch this 3min video which explains what I am doing with Karatbars. I encourage you to also watch the full presentation.

**Getting paid to acquire gold is better than  buying it at any price** 

This article was published on 01.03.2016 by Matthew Marshall
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