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Is Path To Success Fighting Or Striving?

It seems "fighting" is a norm in today's lifestyle.  When you are at work, that you are in fight to show how you are better than others.  When you are with your friends, you are fighting those who gossiped about you.  You are fighting with your in-laws for various reasons.  You are fighting with your spouse for not loving you enough.  You are fighting within yourself for not having enough money.  You are fighting for your rights- whether you are a man, a woman, a black, a white, an immigrant, a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, You are fighting for attention whether you are at work, at a party, at a meeting, or at a gathering.  You are fighting to meet people's expectations of you. You are fighting to please everyone. You are fighting inconsiderate people.  You are fighting to please everyone.  You are fighting to prove people were wrong about you.

It is just fighting and fighting.  Then question arises within me, is this what life is about.

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Interestingly, politicians have picked up on the fighting mode of people in general.  So they are saying, "they are fighting for us". Really?

I do not have it in me to fight. Don't get me wrong, sometimes fighting is necessary.  Most fight are not worth your time. You must choose what you fight wisely. It is just that fighting need not be a norm in a routine of normal life.

You need to leave fighting to those who have nothing else to do.  You need to start striving for being healthy, being wealthy and being happy.  You need to strive your visions, your dreams, your destiny, and your ideas.

What does the narrative have to do with online business?

Simply put, one needs to strive for being healthy, wealthy and happy.  That is where your business must focus on- helping (mind you well- not fighting) people strive for being healthy, wealthy and happy.

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It is no secret that financial freedom is attained when you have limited debts and substantial earnings.  It is to be noted that success in online business takes time.  Therefore, you may want to consider to start with services while grabbing some online business on side.  Here are some ideas that you can start earning with no investment and possibly drift into a successful business venture.

People Sitting- Loneliness is devastating, yet people experience. There are many souls who are lonely who would like to meet with live human being.  Arrange get-togethers with four or five folks so they can have good times. So can you and earn at the same time.  If you are successful, you can network your people sitting business nationwide by "uberizing" it.

Clutter Consultant- Most people are really good at have clutter.  You can help them to get rid of clutter and regain their living space.  Once you are successful, you can network clutter consultant service nationwide by organizing network of clutter consultant nationwide.

This article was published on 25.07.2019 by Prakash Kunjeer
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