My Story: How I Shifted my Mindset & Began Creating an Empire.

Hello All!

As someone who has been in the restaurant industry for twelve years and an independent contractor in the New York Metropolitan area for eight years , I realize the importance of establishing multiple streams of income in order to live a decent life. About six years ago, I was living with my parents while serving tables at a restaurant with no desire to get promoted or do anything else. I was also overweight, lazy, and very unhappy with my own life yet I had no desire or drive to make a change. I wanted more energy; a healthy, fit, capable body; and a mental state that would push me to dream of bigger and better aspirations. I was invited to attend a Tony Robbins seminar at the end of that year with a few family members. I unwillingly went, not grateful the ticket was paid for already but still hoping it would bring me some inspiration.

It was there that I met a dear friend that introduced me to a program that changed my life. If you were to compare my current credentials with my past self, you would definitely see the positive effects this program has had on me. Now, I wake up every morning excited for all the possibilities that lie ahead in the day. I make sure I learn multiple new things daily to ensure I am on the right track towards accomplishing my current goals. Right now, I just started the process of expanding a few business ventures that I plan to grow into a successful empire. I'd like to invite you to join me.

My main mission is to help positive entrepreneurial-minded people realize their own potential and support them in achieving their health & business goals. I realize that we have two main choices in life; we can either hope or wish for things to change in our lives OR we can BE that change we wish to see in our lives. We can actively choose to be part of a greater plan and make a difference.

Everyday we wake up, we are given the opportunity to make that decision. We can choose to settle for what is given to us and live a life full of regret/resentment/bitterness, blaming others for our own problems OR we can commit ourselves to building the life that we deserve to live with our loved ones by our side, enjoying great health/wellness, countless opportunities & financial freedom. The first option is what most people end up doing because it requires a lot less work. Every day, I choose the second option. I choose to commit my entire self towards accomplishing my goal of creating that empire. Why? Because I deserve it, and you do too!


Below are two opportunities that both have the potential to change your life. One is in the Health & Wellness Industry; the other in the Lead Generation & Automation Industry. Feel free to check out both. You won't regret it!

PS. I'm sharing with you the 1st tier FREE version of the lead generation system! So nothing to lose there! If you want more access to great features, you have the option to upgrade if you wish.

Health & Wellness Opportunity

Free Leads & Marketing System

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story! Wishing you much success!

This article was published on 30.06.2020 by Ryan M Colon
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Isagenix - Wellness/Opportunity, 100 USD to join

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Johann Leitner Interesting program, like mine, where I have a passive income every day, perhaps I will also have a look at your programs...  3 days ago

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