Right Attitude

I believe that the first thing to do to get people to accept a business plan is to deal with their general negative thinking. An unwholesome mental attitude will incapacitate the prospect  from seeing  the opportunities within the presentation. When this foundation has been laid then what the future holds can be appreciated .We must understand that the primary obstacles in the way are not the circumstances facing the person  but the individual's unbalanced perspective .In view of this truth those prospecting must possess an adequate amount of motivation, drive, passion ,and information. They must be able to reach out and pull out the prospect from the valley as it were. In most economies harsh living conditions has preconditioned people's minds to resist any move to change their status quo. Marketers and networkers must understand the plight of individuals' and treat the situation with empathy. The individual must be made to see the  possibilities in the company. Every prospective member has two major challenges, maintaining the right degree of motivation and obtaining adequate technical knowledge. Even with minimal level of education but with the right quantity of passion, success is very possible. This understood, organisations must devote appreciable resources to tackle this menace. Having looked at attitude on the part of the prospect, it is expedient to also consider behaviour on the part of the presenter. The major inhibitions facing the marketer are , exaggeration, outright dishonesty, lack of patience, procrastination,amongst others. The list is quite formidable however, recognizing and dealing with them would prove to be a worthwhile venture. The level of information available within organizations determines how successful the members of that company will be and as they say,attitude determines altitude.If a person does not see an opportunity he can not go for it. One  other aspect of business behaviour is in mentoring. Many leaders are eager to get to the  top  without considering the issue  of duplication , which is an indispensable ingredient in network marketing. Furthermore, when we realise that this industry has single-handedly changed the personal and collective economy of thousands then we looking at the solution for the future. Attitude is  the most powerful ingredient in net-work marketing. The compensation plan of many companies is worthwhile but the delivery by marketers may often fall short of companies

This article was published on 06.12.2018 by anietie ekure
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