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How To Prospect Without Your Offer?

Surely you have heard of expression, “To know you is to love you”.  There is lot of truth in that expression.

In marketing similar concept applies but a slight variation, “To know you is to deal with you.”  Simply put, your potential clients will buy from you on a regular basis when they know you or they know of you.

It is to be noted that not all sales prospects are created equal.  That means your promotions must be focused on your marketing methods.  If your marketing needs to be so sound, that you can market any product or service anytime and anywhere.  I cannot give you better examples than Amazon and Uber.  They have created unique marketing platforms that can be accessed and used effectively by the consumers as well as product/service providers.

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Times have changed.  Earlier, when people needed a product or service they went to the seller or service provider directly.  Now people seek information on the product or service first, then they will investigate the price and then they will go the seller of their choice.  It is due to the internet.  Now people can seek information from home (Oh yes! Some while working at their job!!!)

Interestingly, there is good news for sales prospecting if you are online business.  Now you can find out about prospects before you opt to make your offer.  As a matter of fact, you can pinpoint exact factors to promote your product or services- age, gender, income, location, buying habits, etc.

Unfortunately, most folks are still pursue more chasing than catching. This outdated mindset leads to continuous frustration and disappointments. The old ways of dealing with prospects need to be stopped.  Stop calling, stop emailing, stop begging, stop being desperate.  Learn to attract those who want to do business with you.

Reverse your marketing method. That is instead of talking about why your product is so good or why your opportunity is so good, find out if your prospect is any good.  The moment you start qualifying people you can easily turn down who do not want to do business with. them.  Simply put, if you must convince them to join you, they are NOT worth it because they are not going to produce for you or do business with you.

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In many instances it is best that you do not try to impress a prospect how good you are or how good product is.  It is usually done by making claims that you make $10,000 per month or how your product has helped over a million people.  That may be true or not.  That does not matter. Prospect wants to know how he or she will benefit.  You need to market such way to establish your credibility, so the prospect is already impressed.  Your marketing needs to be such that you are providing value to your prospects.  Ultimately, you are so valuable in providing products/services they need that they want to deal with you.  Do not seek to impress, seek to be impressed.

This article was published on 07.09.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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