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What about time?

What is more often heard as an excuse for many people is that they lack time to do something for themselves. That is almost always an excuse  for starting a business and ofcourse in MLM. This is an easy way off for some people. It is an excuse though. Nothing but an excuse that has nothing to do with reality.

The truth is that you choose where to spend your time. And where you spend it, that shows what is important to you. So when you hear people complaining about time it means that they are not serious about doing business, and you do not need those people, at least not now. By planning and thinking about your challenges, you get things solved.


First of all, you can stack many things in the same time. For example, listening to an audio tape with training while driving. When in subway, read something or write something for your business.While working at your day job, squeeze something for your business that needs to be done. Call someone instead of writing an email, it saves time. There are many tricks like that that can get things done without having to spend extra time for them.

Next, you can divide your day into these areas: spiritual time, social time,working time/transportation and biological time. Then write next to every section all the minutes and hours you spend each day doing all the things you do. At the end of the day you will see where the lack is and what you need to fill. It will also give you how much spare time you really have without ever noticing it.

It all comes down to planning. When people give you the "time" objection, tell them that you can help them organize their life and help them make some money doing it. Although in our age it is normal that people have many distractions and that leads to a mindset that tells them they have no time. If you put aside all the time you spend in front of a screen in all forms, you will see that there is plenty of time to consider all aspects of life and yes run a business too.

Running a business is in accordance with running your life. If there is chaos in one field, there will be in others too, one cannot come without the other. Keep that in mind and pass it on to your team.
This article was published on 17.11.2015 by Milos Pavlicevic
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