Why not add some magic, joy and wellbeing to your life? :)

Hi! I am Maria Kristina from Estonia. I am a mother of four, working from home as a doTERRA wellness advocate and business builder. I invite you to learn more about doTERRA products and opportunity to see how these could empower and serve you.

DoTERRA is a direct sales company established in 2008 mostly known for their essential oils which are sustainably and responsibly sourced from all over the world. You can use essential oils in so many ways to manage your mood and support your health and wellbeing. Quality is the most important thing in choosing the oils. DoTERRA essential oils are probably the best - the purest, most tested and most potent high quality essential oils you can find on the market today. More than 10 million people have put their trust in doTERRA already. doTERRA also offers a range of other natural wellness products like vitamins, probiotics, supplements to support your health and also skin care and household products to help you replace possibly hazardous products in your home to help you make your life toxin free.

The doTERRA opportunity is really simple, it's basically living and sharing a lifestyle of natural health and wellness and empowerment. You could either be a product user or share and build your business introducing these great products to others. Compensation plan and company support are fabulous for the builders and markets are growing everywhere – which is probably quite easy to understand with the situation in the world today :) DoTERRA has a strong mission to change the world for better and they focus on supporting and empowering people every step of the way. Check out this video to learn a bit more and get the vibe: Why doterra is different

Ordering doTERRA products online is easy quite where ever you are in the world. You are welcome to use my link below for that. You can place a standard one-time order if you like, but it is not the wisest thing to do :) as joining doTERRA with your own account you can save 25% from retail prices, no strings attached. Also you should check out the enrollment kits which waive the enrollment fee (35 USD) and save you even more money on the products included. Get in touch and I’ll be happy to help you find out which kit or option would serve you the best :) 

Opening your doTERRA account gives you three amazing possibilities:
- you could use the essential oils and other products for you and your family. With your own account you get the best prices, earn product credits, receive gifts, get education and fully enjoy all the benefits.

- you could share doTERRA with your friends  – sharing oils is quite a lovely way to connect and have fun with it while getting your products for free or earning some additional income

- you could build your own doTERRA-business and reach unlimited potential in both income and positive change. It's a life with purpose where you would be blessing other people with products and opportunity to improve their life, serve them with your knowledge and support.

Talking about the business opportunity there’s no time like today to join doTERRA (and probably also some other health and wellness companies ;)). People really are looking for natural, holistic and safe solutions to support their physical and emotional wellbeing. People need hope, empowerment and simple natural solutions more than ever. The markets for essential oils have grown dramatically during the past years, but the analysts still say it’s just the beginning and in the coming years we see even more growth. So if you would consider business building with doTERRA, this is the reason I would invite you to take action now!  :)

I am currently welcoming 3-5 people from any countries to my team of business builders. These spots are limited so I could really invest my time in each of you to support and work with you so you would get going and growing. This invitation is for you if you are looking for a wonderful new challenge and you would be willing to commit. Could it be a fit for you? Who knows :) Do you love to help and serve people? Do you want to be a leader? Are you responsible and trustworthy? Would you be interested in learning more about essential oils and natural lifestyle? Would you like to change your life for better and help make positive change for others around you? Do you find at least 10 hours a week to contribute? These could be some of the questions to help you decide and you would probably have many questions for me too. Check my site below for or some further info and videos and let’s get connected! I’d be glad to set up a call so we could get to know each other and discuss things in detail! 

It’s often said that doTERRA products sell themselves, because people love them that much, we just live and share the lifestyle. And that’s another point I want to make – health and lifestyle changes for the better are the biggest win in joining doTERRA. So whatever you do for living or whatever the network marketing business you are mainly working with, you can benefit from doTERRA essential oils and other products. So even if you are not into business building with doTERRA right now, take a little time to learn more about the essential oils and give them a try to see how they fit into your life and what magic they bring :) 

PLEASE VISIT MY SITE: http://mydoterra.com/imeline to learn more, place your first order or better yet – let me know you’re interested and we’ll get you started with a FREE one-on-one wellness consult or some online education class :)

PS! If you are in Europe, there’s a wonderful promotion going on – if you enroll in January you could get Lifelong Vitality supplements pack for free (128 EUR in retail). Ask me about this promotion, if you want to know more and also we could find out what promotions are there for you if you’re not in Europe :)


Thank you for taking time to read this announcement! 

I am looking forward to connect with you! 

Take care and have your dreams come true!

This article was published on 12.01.2021 by Maria Kristina
Author's business opportunity:

doTERRA - essential oils, 35 USD to join

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