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This is a logo of the new revolutionary crowdfunding and social networking platform. SmashFund is the world first social crowdfunding network. Now is a pre-launch for this interesting project. You can read more about our fantastic business opportunity, if you will check on LinkedIn my article regarding SmashFund great money power, which will open for you a door for any your business project or start-up financing .

 Please read it here:

Pay special attention: only now ( just for start ) SmashFund registration is FREE for a limited time. You can invite up to 16000 people, who are looking for a crowdfunding of the different business projects and your friends, contacts. SmashFund will pay you each month 50 USD per person, which have been invited by you and 4 USD for a virtual contacts ( invited by your contacts). So, it's a great deal, and very good profit.

SmashFund - is the new type of the business community. You will become a part of it. SmashFund use theirs own revenue for your project funding success! 

Operating as a powerful social network, SmashFund will pay you not only for your direct invitees, but also for the invitees of your contacts. We are not like the others...

SmashFund is very close in this case to the UBER when we are talking about a pay structure. The company is sharing it's revenue with it's members. 80% Revenue Share to the Members! For better understanding of this great program check youtube videos, which you can easily find by youtube search. First of all choose "smashfund" video list.

This is not not a pyramid scheme. This is not just a crowdfunding website. This is a SmashFund and the only...

As you perfectly know many crowdfunding platforms often fails. SmashFund will not fails, because it is not simply crowdfunding platform, SmashFund first of all is a social network for crowdfunding. Big different...

Are you ready to do  incredible things ? Do you want take control of your passion ? Do you have a project or idea for financing ?

Do not miss this great opportunity ! Join us now.

Let's start from the registration. First of all, please, use my personal invitation link:

Please fill free and ask me any questions about SmashFund after your registration. Again it is free for a 
limited time. Be the first, who choose SmartFund for the business opportunities and for life changing movement...

This article was published on 10.06.2016 by Alexandr Migunov
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