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Overcoming The Objection Can I Do It?

When you are presenting your opportunity to a prospect in Network Marketing,this is what is going through their mind.

"I don`t know if I can do this!"

Earl Nightingale explains how we exaggerate the things other people can do while at the same time we minimize the things we can do. 

For the longest time i used to listen to my favorite motivational speakers like Les Brown and think "they can do it and I cant."

This is the most illogical way of looking at things, if one person can do something then so can the next person.

They first have to BELIEVE they can do it, they have to be able to see it in their minds eye, well that a story for another day.

OK so enough of the digressions back to your prospects, as you are talking about your presentation they are thinking to themselves.

"I am not a sales person, I cant do what he/she is doing." then YOU try to convince them that if they can recommend a good movie or a good restaurant then they can recommend your opportunity.

QUESTION! How is this approach working out for you so far???

WHAT IF you could give your prospects a FREE tool they can use to generate leads online, what if this tool could do the selling and the telling for them.

And then all your prospects had to do was follow up with the people who raised up their hand to say that they are interested in learning more about the opportunity.

WHAT IF your prospects could in turn give away this tool to their team, so they didn't have to do the initial selling and telling.

The primary job of a distributor in any network marketing company is to point prospects to the direction of tools and resources that will HELP them to make an informed decision to buy.

Eric Worre says " Network Marketing without DUPLICATION is just a job."

You can leverage the power of list building in order to duplicate your network marketing business and ensure that every prospect goes through the exact same process.

Click HERE to claim your FREE List Building Website.

This article was published on 20.05.2021 by Angela Peters
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