I Like Being My Own Boss!

I like being my own boss! I decide how often I want to work my online business, how much time I want to work, and at what time of day I want to work. It is flexible and I love that. On some days, I work in the mornings, and other days I work in the afternoons. Because everything is streamlined, I typically only work one to two hours a day. That time does not include time that I may need to train a new partner.

There are no caps on how often my business grows or how much. There is no ceiling on income. I am able to set my goals by the level I want to reach, and then meeting the criteria for that level.

A huge advantage of this business is the cost. If you were a doctor or lawyer, you would spend years going to school spending thousands of dollars to learn your trade. With ClubShop Rewards, your cost is minimal and you earn as you train.

I meet people from all over the world, as my business is international. Anyone from any country can do what I do. The business is set up to be duplicated. We have a training manual, as well as coaches to train us what to do.

Additionally, I save money when I shop. We have over 4 million members, so our store merchants give us great prices for our group buying power. I also earn cash back on each purchase. I purchased a book from one of the stores for $25, and here in town at the same company store it was $45. So I saved $20 purchasing through my mall.

I remember years ago when my granddaughter was young, I wanted to purchase her a Barbie. She collected them and that’s what she wanted for Christmas. So of course, I went to my ClubShop Mall. I found a store that carried Barbies and ordered one I thought she would like. Later that month while shopping in town, I saw a Barbie like the one I had ordered. This was in the same store that I had ordered it from through in the mall. In the store the price of the Barbie was $20 more than I had paid in the mall.

I also earn cash back on all my purchases. What many of us in the business do, is let the cash back funds sit all year until Christmas time. It is like having a Christmas fund. Then that money can be used to make purchases for Christmas.

We also have a fantastic fundraiser for nonprofits. It is what I call a win-win. The nonprofit signs up for free. All the members sign up for free. Family and friends of the members can also sign up free. Then when any of them make a purchase through our mall, the nonprofit makes money off each purchase. Once you get your members signed up, this fundraiser runs on its own. The only administrative work needed, is when you want the money to be sent to you.

Here is the link to sign up free: https://www.clubshop.com/cgi/appx/1316764/tp

This article was published on 17.11.2016 by Deb Ling
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ClubShop Rewards - online shopping mall, Free to join

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Deb Ling Mel, The initial start up is $99 for USA sign ups. It covers the month you sign up and the following month. Then the monthly fee is $32, This is an online mall. See Link above.  1 year ago
Mel Garza Deb What the fee to start n whats the monthly fee? Also is this a online store?  1 year ago

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