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Living Life In Abubundance

As  an Intuitive  Massage Therapist, I've worked on thousands of broken down, stressed & overworked individuals who all share common interests in varying degrees. The majority of everyone I've seen are in pain, failing health, stressed from work, family & life, living on pharmaceuticals having a desire to rid themselves of their medications which are destroying their bodies at a rapid speeds. My clients have chronic back, neck and body aches, riddled with carpal tunnel. They have all types of illness relating to inflammation from their foods (diet) lack of exercise & stress including different forms of Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Spine Fusions, Diabetes, Heart Attack & Multiple Strokes just name a few.

Keeping it simple, I assist people in restoring their body's natural ability to heal. Helping them to regain vitality and life force energy not only with massage & Reiki & vibrational shifting, but with natural solutions from high end botanicals and certified pure & clinical grade essential oils from companies with a long track record of quality, efficacy and sustainability when it comes to their team force and products.

I'm here on this platform, not only to learn what other state-of-the-art healing practices are available to help my clients, but to build a team of leaders who want to make a substantial impact on their communities, family and self on a part or full time basis while creating an income that will allow you to free up more time for the kids, family and travel to secure their financial future. Healing is not only physical. It includes emotional, spiritual and financial stability as well. Let's help other's to regain their zest for a healthy well rounded lifestyle with FREEDOM to live life naturally.

doTERRA has been in business since 2008 and emphasizes empowerment through knowledge about essential oils by hosting and educating other's during one on one's or group workshops.

Zija International has been in business since 2012 and has an overwhelming track record of providing whole food nutrition in a malnourished society where people are no longer receiving nutrition through their foods due to the toxicity  in the soil, air, water and production of fast food/no food eating habits.

I have had much success with both companies and my clients see results almost immediately and that makes me smile with enthusiasm.

Please contact me for more details:

This article was published on 29.02.2016 by Rita Ross-Joyce
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