For all those who did not take part in igniter100, do not despair as you can join in on igniter200. Remember that the igniter100 (i100) program allowed individuals to purchase equity shares of Igniter100(a U.K based company) through Solmax Marketing Group. Those shares can be traded on the London Stock Exchange once the listing period is over.

With the launch of igniter200, old and new investors alike have begun making money from bringing other forward-thinking individuals into the business. This lucrative business opportunity is one for every Multi-Level Marketer to key into as the compensation plan in this Organization is nothing like that of other MLM companies.

You may ask….

How can I make this money?

Well once you come into the business by purchasing a choice package, you will be awarded Loyalty points and will also receive 1% of the amount of the package for 150 days.

And then you can start making money in the following ways:

Direct/Referral Bonus

The direct bonus is 10% of the package for a person who used your referral link to sign up. It is paid instantly into your cash account under commission once a package has been bought by your refferal. It is not only paid on initial investments but also on every upgrade done by a direct downline/first generation. This means of earning is available to all investors on any package.

Team/Binary Bonus

The team bonus is paid on weekly basis, and it is 10% of an investor's weaker leg as I will explain.

If you Mr./Mrs. A bring in both Mr./Mrs. B and Mr./Mrs. B with packages of $250 and $500 respectively within the same week. And in that same week your direct downlines were able to reciprocate your actions creating a pyramid structure with the following accumulative business volume.    

On the Right Leg: 250 + 100 + 500 = 850

On the Left Leg: 500 + 250 + 500 = 1250

At the end of the week, the total accumulative business volume has to be calculated for each leg and then 10% of the weaker leg (right leg) will be credited into your cash account i.e. $85 of $850. At the beginning of the new, business volume on the right leg will be $0 while the business volume on the left leg will be the difference between the stronger leg and the weaker leg (1250 - 850) which is 400. This means of earning is all investors on any package.


To qualify for this bonus, you must be on the $250 package or higher and also have to at least two direct downlines/first generation on at least the $250 package. These two direct downlines must be positioned on separate legs for you to qualify.

On qualifying, investors will earn percentages of their first to the fourth generation weekly earnings depending on the investor's package as described below.

Starter Package ($250) - 1% of first to fourth generation weekly earnings

Executive Package ($500) - 2% of first to fourth generation weekly earnings

Premium Package ($1000) - 3% of first to fourth generation weekly earnings

Professional Package ($2500) - 4% of first to fourth generation weekly earnings

Elite Package ($5000) - 5% of first to fourth generation weekly earnings

Great stuff right….

There is more to be discussed in part 2 of this business presentation as the business very lucrative and fast-growing.

For those who maybe really excited about this business opportunity you can contact me

Whatsapp: +237051096048

This article was published on 07.04.2021 by David Ogbaji Ujah
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