Always Guarantee New People Who Join You A Certain Income Weekly

Hello Folks this is Cedrick Harris and I wanted to make one quick point.

If you can't guarantee someone who joins your business they will make money

then you are not yet experienced enough. I don't mean to be rude to anyone but

its very important that new people who join your business be sure that your biz

opportunity is going to make them money if you can't guarantee that then you need

to learn more about the business. After an initial interview with your new prospect

and after taking into consideration his or her talents and what you are going to teach

them, give them a estimate of how much they are going to earn weekly. Make sure you

yourself have the knowledge to make sure they do earn that amount of money. Too many

people are asking folks to join them in business and they can't make for certain any type of

certain income they will earn and this makes the entire industry a gamble for most. Other people

see new people not making money and it puts a bad thought in their mind about the entire home based business industry. When I start a new person in my business I make sure they know the exact amount of money they will earn and I give them a set amount I will pay them if they don't earn that amount.

Its vital to set income targets for your new person. Remember if you can absolutely guarantee they will

make money then please don't sign them up in the business. My name is Cedrick Harris and I am a multi

millionaire in the network marketing/affiliate marketing industry so I know all the vital ways to lead a new person into success very quickly. Most don't have this knowledge so the industry tends to produce a lot of people who don't succeed. If someone does offer you to join their company ask them what income am I

guaranteed to earn? If they give a certain amount ask what happens if they don't make that much and also

ask how long this income will take to earn. Ask them for a written guarantee to ensure what has been said

does happen. 

If everyone is certain about the income they will make in their new business then

the industry as a whole can have a lot more success and zero failure.

Cedrick Harris

This article was published on 13.08.2019 by Cedrick Harris
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