The history of a different kind of marketer

Hello friends of all,

                My name if you didn't already know is Robert Pugliese Jr AKA RJPJRBLUE

I grew up and still am mentally disabled, but high functioning , so I was never able to hold down a regular job and NOT end up in the hospital, the anxiety and stress always got to me. 

Just after my last visit to the psychiatric ward of a local hospital in 2009, they put me on a very new and expensive medication that started to help me function better.

During this time I worked for a nonprofit organization that helps people affected by mental illnesses and had a "sheltered workshop" where I was able to learn more interpersonal skills and experience in training and interacting with others as a certified recovery peer specialist.

Then starting in 2012 I started looking for a legitimate way to earn money online alongside my sister, but I mostly had found scams, until later on that same year, I had come across one that seemed real and had a great history in business so I joined. 

Now boy did I struggle, I was just a newbie with this shiny new object that I had never heard of before until then, Network Marketing. As time goes on I learned how to properly use the skills they taught me, and I grew into a great network marketer. 

Fast forward nearly three years till I was starting to snowball and get Active people into my business. Most people just didn't want to wait for the money to come, while several have.  

Now nearly seven years after joining our team, and only making enough money to make a few credit card payments each month and break even, I have decided to start a second business as an Affiliate of HempWorx.

I got my first sale in the same month since joining, as well as four other people who have pre enrolled wanting more information about our business. It's nice to see success ever so small, and just watch it grow!  

Now that I am working with some of the best people in this business (just by luck) I know that we'll be a great success. 

One thing I love is how fast you can get to 5k team leader and beyond with this group of people who all want the entire team seeing the same success as our top leaders are!

They have been here for me and not only having told me what works best but actually getting on their phones and supporting me then having videos  of them really doing it live, it's very mind blowing to see the top earning people trying to help EVERYONE else not just their own immediate team but people 10 or even 20 levels below them succeed financially and in several other ways too. 

Care to see what we've been building right now take my free tour and see

the Power Team difference! We won't be left in the dust! Join Today. 

Thank you for 

Sincerely yours, 

Robert aka rjpjrblue 

This article was published on 15.02.2019 by Robert Pugliese Jr
Author's business opportunity:

HempWorx - Health and wellness, 97.95 USD to join

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Robert Pugliese Jr Thanks Jaye I am always looking at things on the brighter side... Things DO get better, just have to give it time!  1 month ago
Jaye Carden Hey Robert, I know you are involved in a good opportunity, as I see it's the same one I am involved with. Hope the best for you, and things continue getting better!  1 month ago

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