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KARATBARS INTERNATIONAL: A Stuttgart Germany based distributor (of 1gram, 2.5 grams and 5 grams gold bullion) was launched in 2011 by Visionary, entrepreneur Harald Seitz.  His Vision ?  To get gold (real money) in the hands of ordinary folks, who might normally find gold in larger sizes and weights more financially challenging to acquire.  Within just a few years, Karatbars International grew into a truly international company with an affiliate base of over 500,000 affiliates in 120 countries. Its Business Model: an Affiliate program with Free membership; members regularly exchange their declining dollars for gold bullion (1gram, 2.5 grams or 5 grams). Affiliates recruit other affiliates and teach them to do the same and earn commissions for doing so; with earnings based on level of affiliates (eg, bronze, gold, platinum, Vip etc).

Within seven years, by 2018, Karatbars International, already a very successful company and leading distributor of gold bullion, expanded into the crypto space with its first ICO (initial Coin Offering) and raised one hundred million, (100,000,000) dollars; with its token becoming shortly thereafter its  KBC Coin (Karatbar gold backed coin). 

Karatbars International with its continuing successes and expansions has grown into an Ecosystem of several departments or sections: (ownership of gold mines and mining, a payment system referred to as CashGold, crypto coins K BC and KCB, Karatbit, its trading platform,  a point Of Sale system, its Karatnet blockchain, its K1 Impulse voice over blockchain phone and WIM voice over blockchain laptop);  all designed to earn money for the company as well as more earnings for affiliates. 

While there are numerous coins and payments systems in existence, Karatbars International coins KBC and KCB the only coins backed by physical gold (a commodity, something of value supporting its coins); similar to the "Gold Standard" that supported the US dollar from 1882 to 1933.  In 1971, president Nixon took America, off the Gold Standard; which today renders the US dollar as Fiat Currency; without anything of real value backing  or supporting the US currency.

At Karatbars International, we are of the belief that gold as it functioned during gold standard era, represents real money and always will. Under the Gold Standard, printing of money was based on the value of gold held in storage (at Fort Knox. Kentucky), and thus served as a measure of control; unlike printing fiat money today; where to much printed fiat money often results in Inflation.

For further about Karatbars International and its life-changing opportunity ollow this link: Karatbars International

This article was published on 01.12.2019 by Melvin Clifton
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