Cashflow is KING! EARN as you learn!

How do the millionaires, politicians is the most recognized now because of the pending election, only pay 12-14% taxes on billions of dollars?  Lots of people get mad.  Don't get mad, get smart!  They control and/or own Real Estate.  That allows them certain tax advantages the average person does not have.  

We can help you EARN as you learn Real Estate Investing.  NO you don't need a license.  We can teach you how to start without have lots of money.  Most people today don't have money to invest.  That scares them and they stop.  You might want enough to be able to retire or travel.  Everyone's reasons are different.  We want to help you get there!  You have to have mentors that care about you personally and you can call when you need them.  

Financial literacy, how to get our of debt and stay out of debt is so important today!  These things you take with you for the rest of your life no matter what business you chose. Knowledge is power now and you need to know so you can prosper.  I pay my individual investors 12-15% interest gladly when we do deals together.  They don't get those returns at their bank or with their 401K.  And we do it over and over again most of the time within 3 months.  I had rather make a friend money than a bank.  

Corporate America does not care about the average person anymore.  Years ago your parents or grand parents preached to you to get a great education, find a good company and work hard.  I wish we were still there!  The system changed and there is no stability no matter how many years you have with a company.  The closer you get toward retirement age, the more concerned people get.  Can you retire on what you have in your 401K now?  Do you have one????  There are lots of companies that don't offer them.  There are no more retirement pensions, most all are 401K.  You need to maximize what you have.  The average person will not get rich playing the stock market or investing in the stock market.  How many people have lot their life saving when the stock markets dipped or crashed???? 

Looking for those that have that entrepreneur spirit and are tired of being told what you make per year.  Free info, so you know everything about what we do and who we are first.  I will present the information, answer any questions, but I am not here to sell you.  If you like who we are and what we do, let's talk more.  If you don't, we wish you all the best and we can still network.    

Look me up if you have questions and we can talk.  Yevonne Baird JOY Homes and Property 770-312-0814

This article was published on 26.08.2016 by Yevonne Baird
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