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What is?… Part I

YOUR PLAN? Do you even have one that is compelling and closes prospects?

Is it realistic and affordable for the average person to implement and simple enough to duplicate? Or is it wildly complicated, time consuming, financially draining, and technically challenging?

Have you seen the new tequila commercial?

There's a commercial on TV now by a popular brand of tequila. During the commercial, there's a statistic given that out of every 100,000 people who hate their jobs, only 48 are deciding to walk out.

It got me thinking about how people would rather live with dissatisfaction and tolerate something that they actually despise, rather than do what is necessary to change their circumstances in life.

Your antenna goes up when you hear them vent to you< and you automatically think that you have the ideal magic bullet solution to solve their career troubles.

So you stumble through your hyped up unbelievable pitch about how you can show them a way to fire their boss and be relaxing on an exotic Beach 6 months from now.

Why aren't these people joining MLM by the scores?

They complain to you about how they wish things were different, or better, or they made more money… but they recoil in horror after they see that your offer is actually for them to join your network marketing program.



You gave them unrealistic expectations about their chances of success being high and the brief amount of time it takes for this to happen. They can't believe you because it isn't true, and if you've been doing it yourself for longer than 6 months you've dis-proven your opening statement to them as well.

(Guys, I know that everybody doesn't do this, but I see it far more than I should)

This was on my facebook feed today:

"Just got off a corporate update call with our president and chief sales officer and OMG, I'M SO PUMPED. Anyone who gets on this ride now are going to be in prime position to excel and will most certainly be holidaying for free at our 6 star all inclusive incentive trip next March!
Did I say I was excited!?!"

You project your own hopes and wishes upon these poor souls because you've heard the Rags to Riches stories too many times at corporate dog and pony shows. The reality about this industry is that it takes most people years to be successful and only those who are committed to working at it on a consistent basis over several years are usually ever statistically successful in the long run. I can tell you from experience because that's how it worked out for me.  I started at Ground Zero in 1994 when I was 31 and it took 3 years to reach $1000 a month while I held down a full-time job.

The level of commitment most network marketers are exercising for pennies is worse than slave wages! People know this because the internet is saturated with real stories of heartache and bankruptcy caused by participation in MLM.


There is something in your approach, your offer, and your business plan that is not attracting or convincing your prospects that what you have is  workable or even profitable. They already have a job they don't need another one where they make far less per hour and on top of that have to fund it with their own money by borrowing against their credit cards to buy products.

If you want to see a plan that eliminates all of the obstacles and objections I mentioned, send me a connection request.

Stay tuned and be looking for Part II ...What Is...YOUR ROADMAP?

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This article was published on 04.09.2019 by Kevin Harrison
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Louise Dickson Love this article It is realistic and exposes the truth.  3 years ago

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