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Wow! I’m saving up to 30% on things I buy everyday – and, I’m getting paid “cash bonuses” when I use my FREE CB Id card… it’s the perfect business for a busy guy like me…

      Imagine receiving a discount on all the items you buy everyday plus being rewarded shopping points that can be converted to cash in your bank account or you can use them on future purchases, saving you even more just for using a FREE Cash Back card you can get at NO cost.

    Wow! Savings galore, and if you want to build a great business too (that also costs nothing to join) the timing is “perfect” with this 18 year old global giant that has recently become a ground floor opportunity in the US market.

    You’ll be saving up to 30% (I’m averaging 23% so far) on all your ordinary purchases such as groceries (Wal-Mart, Kroger etc.), gas (virtually all the great brand names), restaurants (Applebee’s, Cracker Barrel and more) you know, things we all do and buy during our normal routines.

  How does it work?

  It’s as easy as 1-2-3. You sign up for free as a shopper, a merchant and/or if you want to earn some great extra money while saving money on all your purchases, become a marketer… all at no cost to join. Crazy right?

   Here’s a thought, when (and if) you get your stimulus check, for say $600 or whatever it may be, you can turn it into even greater buying power which would turn your $600 into about $718 in buying power as an example. That’s another $118 in your pocket.

   Here’s another one of the benefits of this program that really made sense to me...

   When you share this with your family and friends (everyone wants to save money) you’ll receive extra Shopping Points (SP) every time they use their savings card on all their purchases. These points are added to your account and can be converted to money in your pocket or use the points for added discounts on your next purchases.

  Simple – FREE and yes, it’s a great business opportunity that’s proven on a global stage, but right now it is ground floor in the US. Imagine saving money on virtually everything you buy and getting paid too, Wow!

   Is anyone earning any real money with this program?

  Yes, in fact my upline sponsor from Chattanooga, Tennessee is making a strong six figure income that continues to grow. His team of shoppers, merchants and marketers is already over 47,000 strong and … he couldn’t stop it from growing if he tried!

  For those who want to reach for the stars, there are hundreds of people in Europe and other foreign countries earning six figure “monthly” incomes… really crazy, right?!

  How is he doing so well with this program? He has created a simple and easy system that he will give you for FREE when you join. When you think about it, if he gives you his system and shows you how to use it, his team and your team keeps growing, a win-win for him – and us.

  You should take a serious look at this too, after all there is nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

  So how do you get more details about this new ground-floor opportunity and how can you get your FREE ID card so you can start saving money right away?

  Just head on over to my site,( ), watch the 2 videos. Sign up for free with your Smartphone (No Credit Card or Soc. Sec is needed) to get your CB Shopping App. Then, if you have questions contact me anytime – we’ll walk you through the easy steps and help you get plugged into our system that could make you a six-figure income too!

P.S. When you join (for free) you’ll get your savings card immediately so you can begin saving up to 30% on all your purchases right away, just in time for Christmas. You can save on lots of online stores and websites too, such as Zulilly, Lowes, Walmart and many, many more!

Now you have covered the three marketing steps:

1.What you’ve got

2. What it will do for you

3. How to get it

that not only SAVES you money on all your ordinary purchases, such as gasoline, groceries, restaurants, So what does everyone who can; do daily? What is it that, to survive, we all need and want?

If you wanted to develop a business. Would it be prudent to find a product that is wanted and will be used by most everyone? And what if that product also was able to take your $600 Stimulus Check and Turn it into $718 worth of buying power on the things that you buy. WoW! Saving you on average 23%., and you can do this day in day out.

Now on the business side: What if this product was free?

What if you could give this to everyone. This leads to the good part.

What if you could get paid every time everyone you gave it to use this product.

So just what do I have?

First of all, I have a perfect home-based business.

Just what makes this perfect? You ask.

Well, the best part... IT IS FREE!

It is free to join. You can join freeas only a consumer or: As a business, it cost nothing(free) to become a Marketer.

Just what is the product?

Well, this product is a free product that can be used daily because it saves money. A person can make tons of income by shopping and giving this product away to all people who shop and it consists of an APP on your phone and/or A printed card. This is so simple. This is like the grocery reward card. You show and pay. Collect your rewards.

I wish I could go to all the fine points as to why this program is great If you just want to shop and save money. You will also discover why this Truly a marketer's dream if you want to easily market this.

So what is the next 2 easy steps to get started?

Ok, so just go to my site,( ) and watch the 2 videos. Sign up with your Smartphone (No Credit Card or Soc. Sec. number needed) to get your Shopping App. Then contact me so I can answer any questions you may have.

This article was published on 22.12.2020 by Richard Mccurdy
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