How to cash in bitcoins passively is very simple.


*1. How Can I Join Bitclub Network?*

The person who introduces you will provide you with a link to register (you cannot register without a sponsor’s link). After that, you will need to pay a once off membership fee of U$99 to become a full member


*2. When Can I Start Mining?*

There are 2 steps to complete before you start mining- 1st pay membership fee of U$99, which is like buying a mining licence. To start mining you need to choose and pay for one of the pools offered by Bitclub 

(U$500, U$1000, U$2000, U$3500, ). Paying the once-off $99 will not allow you to start mining. After paying membership you must choose and pay for a pool. You can only start mining once you have purchased a pool, which comes with machine to mine to for you

*3. We Heard That I Can Only Start Mining And Getting Daily Mining Profits 30 Days After Paying For My Pool, Why 30 Days?*

There are only 3 main crypto mining hardware and equipment suppliers globally and Bitclub Networks works with some of these companies. Bitclub needs time to procure your mining machine, set it up and add it to the rest of their facilities. After 30 days mining output is paid daily at 9pm into your wallet on the BCN website, which you are free to withdraw out

*4. If I Am Getting A Machine To Mine, Will Bitclub Network Send It To Me So I Can Start Mining?*

As a mining pool, Bitclub Network will mine for you. You are part of the larger community of miners that help mine more bitcoins. As part of this pool, you will get a share of daily mining output profits. All you need to do is pay your pool, still back and wait for daily pay out at 9pm every evening.

*5. When Am I Able To Sign Up People?*

If you want to sign up other people, you need your referral link. You will only get your referral link after you have paid your once off U$99 membership. So if you have not paid membership fee, you are not a member yet. After you have paid your membership fee, you can find your referral link and personal website/landing page under Resources- Marketing tools

*6. How Long Am I Given To Buy Pool After Paying Membership Fee?*

There is no timeframe- it is about when you are ready and have the money however note that membership is not investment and hence 

recommended to at most purchase the pools in the next two to 4 months at length from date of payment of membership!

*7. How Many Pools Am I Allowed To Buy?*

You can have as many pools as you want. It is all based on what you can afford. So you can also open multiple accounts to buy more pools. 

The Duration Of The Mining Pools Is 1000 Days (2, 7 Years) 

*8. Do I Only Get Paid After This Period?*

Many people think one will only get paid after period indicated above. The days above are the number of days that Bitclub Network will mine for you and pay you. So you will get paid everyday at 9pm during this period, based on pool purchased and beyond this period only if you were buying more mining computing power/machines in the form of partial shares (repurchases)

This article was published on 15.02.2019 by Evelina Nama
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