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I am a mum with 3 kids and it seriously wasn't easy for me financially as my husband and i just came into canada in search of greener pastures. As it were it wasnt as green as we envisaged.  I got a survival job where i was kicked out in the first 2 weeks reasons not understood till now. I still got into another survival job but i noticed i worked to pay for my childrens child care as such i wasnt getting any money to take care of other things and so you know, my husband's survival job had nothing to offer. so i decided to stop the job and stay home with the kids. but staying home was the most boring things i had ever done, with nothing to spice up the day or keep me busy then i delved into searching for something i could do from home. I started looking for business opportunites to invest what i had into it, also searched for something i could do that will allow me enough time with my family. i saw a lot but this opportunity struck me most. funny enough i had not enough to invest in it, but i knew the prospects in the business was worth the try. so i asked a friend who loaned me some money to start up. Let me share it  with you. 

I met a team of network marketters that had produced 60 people who earned in the highs of 3000dollars in 60 days and i was amazed at the team work.

They networked for swissgolden and i deccided to give it a try. i invested all i had and gave it my best shot. 

It demands diligence and patience but at the end you will smile with your cool cash and the residual is something to consider.

I made the best decision of my life because my eyes have been opened to self development and other things aside the money.

So are you looking to be involved in a vast growing team partnering with swiss golden to market its Gold? 

Are you looking for residual imcome?

Are you looking to work from the convenience of you home?

An opportunity is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I belong to a team that has produced 100 people who earned in the highs of 3000"s in 60days with swissgolden

you can be one of them 

kindly email me using to indicate your interest.

I look foward to hear from someone who is willing and ready

This article was published on 21.04.2017 by Blessing Alikwi
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