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What is this?

Data Monetization, In Your Pocket

What does it offer?

Many affiliate programs out there promote the big money tease to get people to stop and take a look. There are however very few programs that, not only help the opportunity seeker earn some extra cash, but also offer a business model under $4 a month, that can earn more in tax write-offs than the entire yearly cost of managing the business itself.  Think up to $1500 in tax deductions.  Add to that the feature of feeding the hungry every month with each paid subscription.

Can most people afford $3.99/mo.? Yes. We spend much more than that on coffee, junk food, and other simple habits every day. If each $3.99 subscription could provide 5 meals every month, would everyone who has compassion for those less fortunate agree that this business is a win for everyone involved? 

Now take that $3.99 app and keep it on your mobile phone and share the idea with several friends and family. What if doing just that simple task can earn you a great income? Or, just pay off bills?

What Kind of Pay Are We Talking About?

Small bits at first, however, it grows as quickly as you want it to. How big is your circle or network of people you know who need a side hustle, a lifeline, or simply want to start a business but don't have start-up cash?  Can you find ten people looking for help in this tough economy?

What Does The App Do?

Watch this video that explains the program:

If you have a mobile phone, most likely you have chosen an app or two that knows your location via GPS.

Do you have a social media platform that allows you to go live, or can tell your family or friends where you are at a given moment in time?   

Have you seen ads on your phone about products you may have searched for on your home PC days or weeks ago?  Yes?  Advertisers are paying for your data

Why our Data is Important

Advertisers pay for your data, your buying habits, and where you eat and shop. Not paying you, but paying Google, Apple, and others.

The free app installation stores the locations you choose. All for good reasons. The difference is this. When you subscribe within the app to the affiliate program for $3.99/mo, they pay YOU. Even then, It only uses your location if you have it turned on.  

When you go to a restaurant for example and want to share or remember the name of the place, or when you last visited, you can pull that up. You get paid. If you don't use it at all, you get paid. Just keep the subscription turned on.

What Is The Catch? 

Not one catch. Already mentioned that you install the app for free, then subscribe to the affiliate program for $3.99. mo. to get paid through the Gpoint payment app. Share the data app. Share the video and zoom links.  Passively earn money and feed the hungry. I am looking for those who believe this is worth a try for under $4. No doubters please. Again, it's just $3.99/ mo. ($48/yr.)

How Do I Get Details? How do I Join This Program?

Connect with me. I will send you a link to our Monday night, Thursday night, and Saturday morning zooms.  This business model includes a free landing page and a free QR code using your personal referral code that can utilize to promote this plan to anyone, anywhere.  

After that, this simple opportunity should not be at all complicated. If you don't earn back your monthly fee by the third month, just cancel. What have you lost?  $12.00.  I will pay you $12 if after month three, you have not at least began to earn back your monthly subscription. Just email me that you have canceled, and once off my member list, I will contact you via your email and set up the method to send you $12.00! I will do this for a limited time for the next 15 people who sign on. (As of 12/31/22)

Here is my link:

Contact me with your email address.  

Just Do It!

At this time this program is not available in Africa

This article was published on 18.05.2022 by Marina Jacobs
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LGM Enterprises, LLC - Mobile App Income, 3.99 USD to join

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