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Leadskimmer review - Free lead generation funnel that works

If you work online as a network marketer or an affiliate marketer you will need a free business lead lists and that is a fact

Considering that you are using this forum you all understand the importance of having a ready made and functioning system that help you achieve that goal.  That goal normally means building your warm leads list and sharing your product line, your services or your business opportunity.

For the network marketer, that meant speaking to family and friends, which nobody wants to do. The alternative is working your business online with a lead generating service or platform. 

The latest one I have found is a FREE platform called Leadskimmer. Even though it is free to join, there are possible upgrades that are worth looking at in the future. 

If you have read enough, you can sigh up straight away or scroll to the bottom of this page and read the full review on my blog.

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But what is Leadskimmer and how will it help you?

Leadskimmer is a very effective free leads list generating system for anyone working online. It has a high-converting lead generation funnel that converts targeted traffic into leads. 

One interesting elements is that  Leadskimmer allows  the user to integrate their own auto reply system into Leadskimmers front end. This make the lead gathering method streamlined and very effective. 

Is it possible to make money from Leadskimmer?


I will not go into full details, but simply, if someone in your Leadskimmer leads list becomes a premier member you will get $25 or makes any other purchases within the Leadskimmer system. The income from Leadskimmer won't make you rich, but in my opinion the main goal is to gain new leads for your business.

Full Leadskimmer review


As a free lead generating system it is worth using and a part of your system. I personally  believe that if you are new to online marketing Leadskimmer may be the thing you are looking for, because if you haven't got your personal website or blog yet the Leadskimmer lead capture landing page will do the trick.

So, try Leadskimmer, its FREE

This article was published on 28.05.2021 by Steven Jackson
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Leadskimmer - Lead generation, Free to join

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