I picked a new mlmgateway business

I just recently joined MLM Gateway and already I’ve been turned on to a new business called Noble8

Revolution. My new friend  Jimmy Diggs invited me to take a look and after a little researching I finally signed on. It was a no brainer since it only required a 1Time $25 payment to  have a shot at some huge income and the gradification that the company plan is to raise billions of dollars through philanthropy for various worthwhile charities. Plus they have put together s knock out compensation plan that has a feature where you buy back into the program with part of your profits which allows for some huge downline payouts for those who put the work in. I don’t know about you but I love interesting comp plans. I invite you to take a look at this ...even if you are working another program. I would even share this with any of your current downline since it’s only a one time $25 charge. And it’s packed with self help and betterment programs that will build confidence in your group to become top  performers in anything they do. So...give it a look. It won’t hurt. Soaking in information from everywhere is good for you. Here’s the link...https://www.noble8join.com/RCI

Diggs is working from the Pasadena area, Trojan country and I’m working from the Austin Texas area, Longhorn country. But this is a world wide enterprise and they’re looking for leaders from around the world. Come on folks

...it’s a $25 ONE TIME payment to have the opportunity to make a bathtub full of money. As your probably beginning to understand, with a lot of programs you can “spend” a bathtub full of money and not have a lot to show for it.  MLM WORKS 100% of the time as long as people do what they are supposed to do...100% of the time. It’s simply mathematics. 1 +2+4+8= 15. If you sponsor 2 and they sponsor 2 anthey sponsor 2 you’ll have 15 people in your group. If someone doesn’t do what they are supposed to do than it breaks down. It’s not s pyramid scheme where you run out of people to sponsor. People die and are born everyday so you never run out of people to sponsor.  The only reason MLM fails is because people fail, BUT... everyone has the same equal opportunity to succeed and some will do what they are taught todo and those people make it big. They started with the same equal opportunity as those who didn’t make it. So, was it the program that failed the people or was it the people who failed the program? Folks, it’s $25 one time. That’s 8 cups of coffee at Starbucks. 

This article was published on 11.07.2018 by Ron Brown
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