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Candlelight Storytime All Night Story #9

Candlelight Storytime All Night Story #9 Candlelight Storytime all night with daily stories, recorded kind of like a candlelight dinner only better! Made a commitment to myself, all our higher powers, I will post on social media frequently, original content forever, our higher powers will be with us through the process forever! It’s just begun, so buckle up, get ready for the most incredible experience ever, channeling content until I die, the best original content from our eternal infinite energy source, projected from the main vein, through my brain, to the world! I have been listening to the 432hz meditation all day everyday to raise my body’s vibrations getting in harmony with our higher powers, getting connected on a higher frequency level, channeling infinite knowledge! Sacrificing my body for greater mankind’s womenkind’s good, to save the world, to save all beings around the universes, with all dimensions, becoming perfect beings! WORLD PEACE!

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"YouTube channel" videos with all my original content creating articles, recordings, book processing system, videos from becoming a master, from master secrets to the best trainings, just for you! Including all the best exclusive original content on the planet! Let's learn all about how you too can become a master with whatever you love to do! It is my 8 + year commitment, learning from the best personal development world leaders, masters, the best worldwide speakers, authors, coaches, mentors, famous gurus, all intertwined, the most amazing training series ever! Like, subscribe, share, type comments, our community cares! Our main goal, saving all beings, saving all planets, making ourselves perfect beings holistically! All worlds becoming perfect! I know no one is perfect but I think we all should have a goal to become as close to perfect as possible plus make all planets as close to perfect as possible for the next generations coming to replace us, you know what is right, make right choices! Visit to keep up with all the current "World Peace" activities!

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Who's funds will be donated! Who is going to donate funds? Truth is to become financially free; no we don’t do illegal activities, to become financially independent. We must do what financially free people teach, we must find out how they learned how to become financially free! They learned how from the bible, from principles taught with books like, “Riches Man In Babylon,” with principles taught by the best self help mentors like “Robert Kiyosaki,” “Grant Cardone,” plus “Dave Ramsey!” They teach important systems, like the 4 the step system to become financially independent which is step 1 tithe 10% from your first increase, step 2 invest the next 10%, step 3 only buy what is needed, step 4 invest the rest! This is a true simple financially free system we can all do!

Give More To Receive More

Have you ever wanted to become a more successful? Do you wonder if sharing new ideas, creating your own original content is a clever way to become more successful quicker? Well, I am here to tell you by putting your new ideas plus original content out to the world without think about what you will get back, good things will unexpectedly happen to you! It is a fantastic way to make the world better too, sharing freely without putting any restrictions on yourself! Our goal here is to make the world more valuable, with new innovative methods! Make the world plus ourselves the best it can be is not as easy as you might think. Here are a few tips to help you get started! Remember the social media sharing box says "share what is on your mind," not "share what you think other people want to read." Be honest, let out how you really feel, release your built up tension and feel better, it works! Begin building up you own network, it is a smart goal by starting to network with people who you are familiar with first! Network with friends and family that care about you, friends and family that will help you grow your network by liking, subscribing, and resharing all your great ideas, all your amazing original content with others, always asking others to like, share, and subscribe also. It is up to us to use our imaginations, becoming more creative, inspiring others, plus motivating each other to win, god wants us all to be victorious! The reason we should start with friends and family

is because once you start your journey up to the top of mount victorious by achieving your short and long term goals, achieving your dreams and aspirations, things tend to become less easier. The good news is with the right mindset plus a strong positive support group we will simplify the process of becoming the best most successful people on the planet.

Using your past experiences to get better will help us to keep getting better until our dreams and wishes are manifested. Now, is a suitable time to say it again to yourself say it out loud, those words sound so good don't they, "we will become the most successful people on the planet!" Now yell it, yell it again, and again! Yes this is our world!

I get excited every time I think about being a part of a world with unlimited potential, we are a part of a world with unlimited opportunities! What is even more exciting is it keeps getting better all the time!

We must focus on becoming successful first to earn the rewards the world has waiting for all thoughs that presist through all challenges, set backs, failures, with a wide variety of knowledge, so we can easily bounce back becoming like a successful palm tree. That's why I like the song, "nothing can stop is now we're on the move," because with this information all people become unstoppable. We keep progressing, moving forward, taking life by the whores day by day, solving problems, trying our best to keep a positive attitude! If we slip and lose our temper getting angry maybe yell at someone, it's alright, it's not our faults, we are all not conditioned properly. We are all learning to progressively control the tools we have to work with.

Well, enough about what I think, let get back to some serious tips. After you created a small network, becoming fluent with posting on social media, making your own social media videos, get people to visit your websites, you can branch out from their and quickly start creating more campaigns, getting more likes, more shares, more subscribers, growing your following plus growing your network, you can ultimately help more people.

Always stay on track, be strong minded, with a main goal of building bigger teams. Do not misunderstand, this process takes time, effort, determination, you will have to dedicate your life to yourself. I said dedicate your life to yourself because in most cases, people work for others without any goals for themselves, without any goals for creating multiple passive incomes, without plans of ultimately gaining time and financial freedom! We must work on making ourselves better everyday holistically!

What is one of the ways to become financially independent and keep your bank accounts on the positive side? Tithe the first 10% of your income, invest the next 10%, finally spend the rest on what is needed. Setup multiple sources of income right now. Here is my income definition for everyone, ready; it is time for everyone to get up, stop making excuses, encourage people who are making an effort to help others, get to work on creating your future! The truth is everything works if you work it, if you put in enough time, work, effort, put in your dedication, make a commitment!

The people who are making excuses, the people who are discouraging others, are normally the people that are not making progress and the people that are busy creating, training, learning, studying, helping others, doing the work they are supposed to be doing, reaching new goals are the people who will gain time and financial freedom!

This is going to take a ton of your energy and resources, I am talking possibly years of total commitment, at least 5 years, but when you make it to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you will be able to look back knowing that it was all worth it! Thanks for reading, keep progressing toward a bright new future! Earn more by helping others earn more! Get more by giving more! For world peace people! Thanks for reading this article! World Peace!  

This article was published on 29.05.2023 by Juan Michael
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