Pruvit - Ketones (2019 Game Changer)

This is a game changer.  

It’s not a supplement to help you get to Ketosis in 5 or 6 days.

It is Ketones that you are drinking and getting to Ketosis in 60 minutes.

For full effect, eat a Keto friendly meal.  

Avocados � eggs � skip the carbs and bread.

1. Increased Energy

2. Weight loss 

3. Mental Clarity

The ketogenic diet is the hottest weight loss health conscious trend today.  The problem?  It is very hard to follow and takes 5-6 days of grueling and uncomfortable dieting to achieve a state of Ketosis.  What is Ketosis?  It’s when the human body creates its own energy source called Ketones.  Ketones are a super energy source and all of our bodily systems are optimized when we use Ketones over the standard energy source Glucose.  

I’m fact most cancers can survive with a glucose energy source.  So when we are in Ketosis we starve many cancers of it fuel source.  If you or a loved one has ever been screened for cancer a PET scan is usually taken to look for higher concentrations of glucose.  Where they exist, cancer is usually not far away.  

The only way to find out. Try it. The product speaks for itself.  

As a business opportunity the comp plan speaks for itself.  11 levels deep and plenty of opportunity for growth . Pruvit is the first to market and has the scientist who was able to capture the ketone molecule beta hydroxybuterate.  The original research for capturing this molecule so it can be ingested rather than just produced was a research grant by DARPA for Navy Seals .

The great part about this Direct marketing opportunity is it’s really at the ground floor.  The company has been around. 3 years and the top producers are $1m plus in revenue.  If you want to talk to them directly we can arrange that as well.    But for you MLMers this is he main selling point.  The product sells itself .  Get samples give them out and tell your downlines get back to me.  They will wanting more.  It’s a product you will use and and whoever tries it will be repeat customers.  

If you want to be on the ground floor of a global movement contact me on how to become a promoter. But remember.... you heard it here first. ; )

This article was published on 14.03.2019 by Thomas Conley
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Pruvit - Nutrition and Health, 37 USD to join

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