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Your SMARTPHONE...this ONE App...and 5 cents a day = UNLIMITED INCOME POTENTIAL!

You've heard it all before ...UNLIMITED EARNINGS!  All you have to do is INVEST this...SELL THAT....get people to BUY THIS....etc, etc, etc.....

There is a company now that will PAY YOU every 30 days....just for running their FREE app on your smartphone.   JUST  RUN IT IN THE BACKGROUND..   Live your life, pursue other business projects.    This program quietly collects its data, and the company pays you for  allowing them to run their app on your smartphone.  A simple business arrangement.

Remember these initials:, it's not what you think.  These are the three steps necessary to succeed in this business.  INSTALL the App on your smartphone;  allow the app to RUN in the background; SHARE the app with others, so they can complete steps 1,2, and 3.  That's all there is to this business.

OK...what is the business?  Everyone carries smartphones today.  There are 300 Million smartphone users in the USA alone.  And, like you, they all use Google Maps, right?

Google Maps is probably one of the most important apps on your phone, right?  Everybody uses GPS to find businesses, restaurants, residences.  It's one of the primary uses for a smartphone.

But it also tracks you daily.  What most people don't realize, is that Google pings your smartphone every 3-5 minutes, to determine your location.  Google, Facebook, and about 3500+ other apps, which you may or may not have on your phone, have the ability to track your phone, collect this data, and sell it.  This is known as GEOLOCATION DATA, and it is BILLION DOLLAR industry.  The data they collect is anonymous;  they're not tracking you, they're tracking your smartphone.

The irony here is that you and  MILLIONS....HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS  of smartphone users are providing the data that these companies are making BILLIONS with....but these companies don't share the profits with you!  

Tapestri ( ref code: snap333)is changing all that.  Tapestri is a new app, just celebrated its FIRST birthday, Oct 7.   Tapestri is the ONLY geolocation app, that will PAY YOU if you run its app on your phone.  

Tapestri collects the same geolocation data as Google;  the difference?  Tapestri will pay you monthly for allowing them to use your phone to collect their data.

As you travel around town, Tapestri ( snap333) quietly collect location data....where you go, how you get there, what landmarks you may have passed.  All this info is available for you to monitor, if you so desire;   otherwise, no further interaction on your part is necessary.

There is an affiliate program available;  the cost is $19.95 per year.  That works out to 5 cents a day!

As an affiliate, you are paid for referring others on two levels;  the people you refer directly are your Level 1;  the people that THEY refer become your Level 2

You can get a full description of the program at my website:

IMPORTANT:   Understand this;   this data is being taken from your phone daily; whether you get paid for it or not.  If you have Tapestri running on your smartphone, you are paid for the data collected.  Wouldn't you rather get paid for data that YOU'RE providing?

This article was published on 25.10.2022 by Jim Farnsworth
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Tapestri - Smartphone App, Free to join

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