I've been looking for it for over 30 years, and now I have found it !

I've been looking for it for over 30 years

and now I have found

a serious and permanent passive income!

Hello friends and (still) strangers!

I have been looking for over 30 years, to find a chance, where I can get a passive income from home. Here I would like to send you information in a bundled form. I am happy to answer any further questions. Thank you for your interest!

My name is Johann Leitner, I am 53 years old (but feel like 39) and I live in the heart of Austria, at a beautiful lake named "Attersee". I have been self-employed in the education sector since 1996, so for 24 years now, and I can assure you that this really means being yourself and constantly, committed, fighting and never giving up. ... and in order to overcome this situation, I was actually always looking for a serious and permanent passive income.

Now I have found it, and if you want, you are welcome to participate

Arbitrage trading

Wikipedia says this:

Arbitrage (from French arbitrage, from Latin arbitratus "discretion, free choice, free discretion") is the risk-free exploitation of price, interest or price differences at the same time in different places for the purpose of taking profits. The opposite is speculation, which is fraught with risk.

Thanks to a very well-known personality in Spain, who enjoys a very high reputation there, namely Mr. Gonzola Garcia-Pelayo with his international team of experts from mathematics, business and technology, we, and you too, have the opportunity today after 3 years of positive experience to enjoy a passive income from day 2.

Mr. Garcia-Pelayo founded the company Mind-Capital, developed his own BOT (software), refined and tested it for 3 years, so that from 2020 we can all share it if we want to.

By the way, to the question to Mr. Garcia-Pelayo: "Why do you let other people share in your success, if everything goes so well, you could enjoy it quietly and quietly with your family, right? "

The answer from Mr. Garcia-Pelayo: "Well, I could, but I'm not entirely unselfish, I prefer to earn a few percent from a few hundred million than a lot from two million"

So what is arbitrage trading with mind capital?

Very simply explained: It means the exchange of different currencies against each other, both the conventional currencies known as Fiat currencies and the digital cryptocurrencies, of which there are now over 2,000 different ones.

The profit is generated by the fact that the currency exchange is carried out on different exchanges in a fraction of a second. The chance that a trade can be made a profit is calculated beforehand by the Mind-Capital Software and you can track this very transparently in the back office on your platform, both the previous opportunity calculation and the subsequent executed trade.

By the way: About 99% of all trades made are positive, i.e. Completed at a profit and the best thing about it, you don't have to do anything yourself or do anything here, the company Mind-Capital will take care of everything for you. Just register for free, deposit a minimum of $ 40, a maximum of $ 100,000 and your profit share will bubble into your wallet from day 2.

Here you can withdraw your credit from $ 50 at any time within a few minutes. Your invested capital is blocked for 3 months, after which you can withdraw it at any time.

What do you think, how much fun it is when you turn on your computer in the morning, log in to your back office first and see: Oh, the return from yesterday in my wallet again! I tell you: "Every day starts with a joyful "

I do it every day!

Here are the absolute highlights, summarized for you as a member of Mind-Capital!

- Proven daily (working days) profits in the last 3 years always between 0.5 and 1.5% (in the month 15 - 18%)

- Simple and easy-to-use platform, everyone can do it

- The platform is integrated in the blockchain, so that deposits and withdrawals take place automatically and in a few minutes

- Daily profits can be paid out from $ 50, or automatic reinvestment can be stopped from $ 100, which of course leads to a steadily and rapidly growing investment amount due to the so-called compound interest effect.

- You don't have to recruit new partners or sell anything.

- Anyone can participate in profitability, experience and technology from $ 100 by credit card or Bitcoin

- Daily payment of winnings to the wallet

- All amounts, both the investments and the wallet credit are held in USDC, so there is no currency risk.

- Profit in 2020: January 18.9%, February 15.4%, March 15.9%, April 13,4%

Now start enjoying your passive income

it is your decision and only yours!

From the very first moment, you will receive your share of the return that the system generated the day before in your wallet. Incidentally, the system distributes 65% to you and 35% remains with Mind-Capital to cover costs.

There are no other costs for you. Here is another legal note: Although historically it has achieved a daily return between 0.5 and 1.5%, no minimum return is guaranteed, since the profitability achieved depends on a large number of variables.

In your back office you can always see in real time how the algorithms for artificial intelligence work and find ways to make profits.

Total transparency and openness for your security, no hidden costs and no small print!

Meet the company Mind Capital on this Exclusive Tour


Ready? Then register here for free:


Of course there is also the possibility to recommend this opportunity, if you are interested, just contact me.

Any questions? Then please report!

Have a good time!

Johann Leitner

ID: 4h93NZ0X2b

Tel .: 0043 664 22 61 019

This article was published on 30.06.2020 by Johann Leitner
Author's business opportunity:

mind.capital - 0,5%-1,5%/day, 40 USD to join

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Sandiso Ndawana Sounds good to add on my basket, currently Cashfxgroup.com is still doing me well and very transparent. Will think about it   3 days ago

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