Free Business Loan For Promoting Clean Green Energy and Crypo Mining!

With the government providing incentives for Clean Green Energy, Gosolarmining is also offering potential promoters to start with a loan choice up to $500k.

With a Gosolarmining Business Loan, a potential promoter has the opportunity to start earning from day one with zero investments! All you need to do is choose what size of a business loan you wish to have and the returns will be based on Gosolarmining's government's contract with the power grid and the returns generated through using Clean Green energy to power Crypto Mining farms. Returns of 8% to 15% per month are realized through renewable energy and much high returns are achieved through Crypto mining, the choice of programs is up to you!

Each renewable energy contract has a life span of either one month, three months, six months or twelve months. Your choice of business loans should be based on the what time frame you believe that you can bring in enough people to pay off the business loan. Keep in mind even if you choose the twelve month plan, you start to earn from day 1!! This is the beauty of the business loan.

Gosolarmining has been in business for 10 years in the renewable energy sector and has in the last 3 1/2 years added the Crypto Mining to our business model.  

Our promoters love the fact that they can start promoting and earning from day 1! The option of promoting renewable energy or crypto is also a great addition and the fact that thy can even promote a hybrid model of both is also fantastic.

With the world starting to focus on the damage caused by fossil fuels, now is a perfect time for promoters to start to promote a green clean energy program generated by solar,wind and water. It is also much easier to promote a program like this as the media and major world bodies are constantly advocating and promoting green clean energy. In addition subsidies are given world wide for companies such as ours, hence the reason gosoalarmining has already expanded to over 5 countries worldwide.

For promoters looking for a new product/program to promote, nothing could be easier than a program which earns money from day 1 and help the environment all in one! 

Three levels of commission are available in addition to the business loan and for Super Promoters we offer additional bonuses and monthly salaries! 

Contact me today Marshall Graham and find out how we can build a great partnership by promoting a great cause and earning a great income in doing so!

Start today! You can contact me directly via whatsapp or telegram or viber on +351915649029 or email me directly on

This article was published on 09.10.2019 by Marshall Graham
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Gosolarmining - Clean Energy, Crypto, Free to join

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