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A Crypto Hedge Fund Earns More Than Banks In Today's Bear Market! Paid Weekly!





Anyone familiar with hedge funds will remember in most cases only a number of nonaccredited investors can participate, while the rest of the fund’s investors must be accredited investors, (Individual investors with a net worth greater than $1 million, not including the value of the investor's home value, or, an individual who earns more than $200,000 per year ($300,000 jointly with a spouse) will also generally be considered an 'accredited investor.'   Do you qualify? You probably would not be here on MLM Gateway if you did. 

   Don't Count Yourself Out Just Yet!

Here is an opportunity for anyone with $99 and a willingness to open and learn a crypto wallet. This exclusive quality cryptocurrency hedge fund allows participation for most anyone. In general, hedge funds have great benefits and this one is unique as I will explain below.  I have an offer for the $99 entries that I will share later in this announcement.


This company is called Novatechfx. Some of you may have heard of them but passed on any real due diligence. I have not. I have checked them inside and out. They were established in 2019 by the CEO, whom you will meet in the video link below. For three years straight, this registered MetaTrader broker platform has provided profitable ROI (return on investment) for all involved. This is done using Artificial Intelligence plus human monitoring and intervention when necessary.  

Why THIS Forex Crypto Hedge Fund?

The program's perks:    Profits in rising and falling markets - Balanced portfolios reduce risk and volatility -  Several investment options to choose from  -  Several levels of security  -  Managed by top investment managers -  Withdraw when you choose  -  Option to self-trade on this platform  -  No earning caps or limits   

All investments carry some risks, and this is no different, however with Novatech, full accounts are never traded all at once. If the market is highly volatile on a certain day, they won't trade that day.  No matter what platform, never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Passive! If You Choose

Passively, someone can possibly retire and leave a legacy for generations.  I can't give numbers, ROIs earned weekly, or make financial claims here because we have to comply with SEC rules online,  but if you attend a zoom, presenters will blow your mind with the details of what can happen with just a small amount invested one time.  There is also a great team-building program you can take advantage of here. 

Have you seen the '30 day penny growth' calculation? Take a penny on the first day of the month and double it every day for that month and see how much would you end up at the end of the month.  This is similar to that concept but over a monthly or yearly time frame as the rate of returns will not double in 30 days, but even after one week, earnings could be substantial compared to banks' yearly (APY) rates. Your deposit can double in 6 months. Then you can take it out and earn on 'house money.' 


Withdraw every week if you like, or, If you want to greatly increase your earnings weekly, just add the accrued earnings back into the account and you will see balances increase exponentially week after week, month after month. In five years....! Well!  Still, withdraw now and then when you need funds.   

Fear of Crypto? 

Don’t be afraid if you don’t know anything about crypto. It’s a digital world. We all have to plug in and learn. Begin learning within this opportunity while investing in an automated forex exchange that uses crypto to earn gains for you.  Don’t let the start stop you!   Novatech operates its own trading platform, so experienced traders can trade on their own through this company and initiate a free demo account to test their trading skills.

Let's ALL Make a Decent ROI

If $99 is where you are able to start, I have a deal for you.  This minimum won't allow for much ROI the first couple of months since there is a $25 monthly service fee taken out of your accrued earnings monthly, so I have a gift for the first 5 people who come in with me at $99. Once you are all set up and have funded $99 - $150 max,  I will send you $100 worth of bitcoin to your deposit address or cash app so that you can add to your account within 30 days and have enough funding to cover the first month.  

This is ONLY for those who really want to be involved but funds are low right now. Higher funded accounts don't need this perk. I want to help someone get started at a little better advantage if they really need help. 

Contact ME

Connect with me for the zoom links and schedule to see the exciting details on what you could potentially earn with this crypto hedge fund program.  Watch the video below from the CEO of Novatechfx for a condensed explanation of the program. She is often sending out encouraging messages regarding growth, objectives, and goals to help the global community. 

Meet the CEO For a Short Presentation

The platform is not available in the following States

Texas   South Carolina  Hawaii  Alaska  Montana

There is a way to tackle that issue if you live in those States. Ask me how. 

Please do your own due diligence!

I wish you a life of many blessings! 

John 3:16 

This article was published on 09.07.2022 by Marina Jacobs
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LGM Regal, LLC - Crypto Hedge Fund , 99 USD to join

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